Green’s Dictionary of Slang

American adj.

SE in slang uses

In compounds

American business college (n.) (also ABC) [initials A.B.C., which are also those of the Alcoholic Beverage Commission]

[1940s+] (US black) a liquor store.

American card (n.)

[1930s] an erotic picture postcard.

American culture (n.) [the supposed blandness of Middle American lifestyles]

[1960s+] sexual intercourse in the face-to-face ‘missionary position’.

American lad (n.) (also the lad) [lad n. (2)]

[20C+] (Irish) unpopular fatty bacon, imported from the US.

American trombone (n.)

[1990s+] group sex between one woman and two men; the woman simultaneously fellates one man while being taken from the rear by the other.

American workhouse (n.) [the hotel’s many American guests; it is, of course, far from a ‘workhouse’]

[1910s–30s] Park Lane Hotel, London.