Green’s Dictionary of Slang

American adj.

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In compounds

American business college (n.) (also ABC) [initials A.B.C., which are also those of the Alcoholic Beverage Commission]

(US black) a liquor store.

[US]M.H. Boulware Jive and Sl.
[US](con. 1940s) Deuce Ofay Productions ‘The Jive Bible’ at [Internet] ABC (American Business College): n. A retail establishment specializing in the distribution of alcoholic beverages to the masses; See Happy Shack.
American card (n.)

an erotic picture postcard.

[US]‘Dean Stiff’ Milk and Honey Route 152: At one time the hobo enjoyed almost exclusively the ‘French post cards’ (called ‘American cards’ in France).
[US]H. Rawson Dict. of Invective (1991) 7: The invention of photography, made it possible to produce what were politely called French prints and French postcards (or American cards in France).
American culture (n.) [the supposed blandness of Middle American lifestyles]

sexual intercourse in the face-to-face ‘missionary position’.

Lifestyle of the Adult [Internet] american culture: Traditional guy-on-top, girl-on-bottom intercourse; ‘missionary position’.
[US]Swingers Board [Internet] american culture Man on top, the missionary position.
American lad (n.) (also the lad) [lad n. (2)]

(Irish) unpopular fatty bacon, imported from the US.

[Ire](con. 1920s) L. Redmond Emerald Square 219: ‘Did yeh get a piece a’ the lad?’ ‘The lad’, I might mention, was cheap, fatty American bacon.
[Ire]Share Slanguage.
American trombone (n.)

group sex between one woman and two men; the woman simultaneously fellates one man while being taken from the rear by the other.

[UK]Roger’s Profanisaurus 3 in Viz 98 Oct. 3: American trombone n. A horny trio of two men and one woman, who plays the spunk trumpet of one of the men, whilst the other strikes up the double bass (qv). A spit roast.
American workhouse (n.) [the hotel’s many American guests; it is, of course, far from a ‘workhouse’]

Park Lane Hotel, London.

[UK] in Herbert Hodge Cab, Sir? in DSUE (1984).