Green’s Dictionary of Slang

sky n.1

1. (US black) a police officer; a prison warder [the blue uniform].

[US]J.L. Kuethe ‘Prison Parlance’ in AS IX:1 27: sky. A uniformed policeman or guard.
[US]Monteleone Criminal Sl. (rev. edn).

2. (US black) a hat [it is above the head].

[US]D. Burley Orig. Hbk of Harlem Jive 12: His sky is righteous and hooks over his gimmers like pie crust over the rim of a pan.
[US] ‘Good-Doing Wheeler’ in D. Wepman et al. Life (1976) 73: His fabulous sky was broke so fly / That the city had it banned.
[Aus]Aus. Women’s Wkly 3 Nov. 10/4: Now that Surfie talk is flaking.
[UK]B. Beckham My Main Mother 9: Big Larson, waving his ten-gallon sky back and forth in front of his highyellow face.
[US]Ebonics Primer at [Internet] sky Definition: [a] hat Example: Y’all check out mah leopard-skin threads an’ matchin’ sky!

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In compounds

sky blue

see separate entries.

sky drummer (n.) [drummer n.3 ]

(Aus.) a missionary.

[Aus]Bulletin (Sydney) 22 Dec. 18/2: Premier Salisbury [...] practically said that many of the ‘sky-drummers’ went on the convert-trail in foreign lands with the idea that the British flag and British lyddite were in their back-pockets ready to avenge their chokers being pulled.
sky farmer (n.)

see separate entry.

sky hoot (v.) [SE hoot, i.e. blow (sky high)] (US)

1. to run off, to move fast; to act irresponsibly.

J. Ritner letter Love & Valor (2000) 372: We are on the rampage after the rebels and [...] it is fun to sky-hoot over these hills and mountains after them.
[UK]Boy’s Own Paper Summer 38/1: Something’s sky-hooted in my shoulder [...] That brute threw me on my head.
[US]Great Bend Trib. (KS) 6 May 3/1: ‘Go along, man! Divo’ce nothin’. Think I’ gwine t’ gin ’im what he wants [...] t’go sky-hootin’ roun’ ’mong dem gals? Na, sah!’.
[US]Santa Ana Register (CA) 16 Dec. 6/3: ‘Young man [...] I advise you to quit this joyriding. Sky-hooting around the country [...] leads to reform school.
[US]H.L. Wilson Merton of the Movies 7: What’s got into you lately? [...] Skyhootin’ around in here, leavin’ the front of the store unpertected.
Tampa Bay Times (St Ptersburg, FL) 13 Oct. 16/4: ‘Mebbe he’s bin skyhootin’ at night in them big cities’.
O. Sheperd Holdfast Gaines 206: An’ ez fer razor-backs, y’ oughter see them fellers sky-hoot!
A. Le May Searchers 207: It’s funny you leave a good ranch [...] to be worked by other men, while you sky-hoot the country from the Nations to Mexico.

2. to rise, to increase.

Democrat & Chron. (Rochester, NY) 2 Nov. 14/2: Almost anything can happen nowadays. One food and then another goes sky-hooting for a season.
[US] in Amer. Mercury Oct. 235/2: Jigger’s reputation as a ‘rugged’ man skyhooted from this point [W&F].
[US]Times (Munster, IN) 19 Jan. 13/1: Competiton would be calculated to sky-hoot my income.
sky-juice (n.)

(US) rainwater [note Jam. sky juice, a popular drink of flavoured syrups poured over shaved ice].

[US]Wilmington Morn. Star (NC) 1 Oct. 1/3: ‘When upon the “move” to day / Sky-juice on your traps shall play / [...] / Please sir, call your water home!’.
[US]Hawaiian Gaz. (Honolulu, HI) 17 Apr. 1/6: At present Hilo is wel supplied with sky juice.
[US]Boston Wkly Globe (MA) 5 July 2/8: The Sky Juice. Reports of damage by floods continue to come in [...] In the East we still prefer to call rain, rain.
in Saskatchewan History 30 (1977) 48: One May 1904 news item reported succinctly that ‘our streets are muddy — about two inches of sky juice fell Monday’.
[US]Delaware Co. Dly Times (Chester, PA) 26 Jan. 3/3: [headline] Sky Juice puts Quietus on Soccer Games.
Nat. Drug Clerk 9 n.p.: Little Boy: ‘Please can I have a drink of water?’ Dispenser: ‘Sorry little chap but we are just out of water. We have some delicious aqua pura distillata, commonly called sky-juice’.
[US]Maines & Grant Wise-crack Dict.
[US] ‘Patois of Annapolis’ in Sheboygan (WI) Press 17 Sept. 8/3: Water is ‘sky juice.’.
H. Samuelson diary 29 May in G. Midlo-Hall Love, War & 96th Engineers (Colored) 54: A deluge of rain [...] caused my shelter roof to fall in and dump no less than ten gallons of sky juice onto my bed.
M. Greenberg Men Against the Stars 87: It’s by blood and sweat, by the last drop of sky juice and the last microvolt in our capacitors and the last thump of our engines.
Pensacola News (FL) 3 Aug. 4/6: Public spirited cooperative arrangements would provide relief from excess sky juice for some residents.
Dly World (Opelousas, LA) 3 July 17/3: She orders ‘Sky Juice on the Rocks’ [...] Bartenders are befuddled until Mrs Doucet explains that sky juice is water.
T. Fischer Thought Gang 25: The sky juice marinated me with my suitcase which had grown a heaviness that outdid its volume.
O. Bornel Something Is Holding Me Back 2: My body aches to be kissed by the cooling droplets of sky juice.
skylarker (n.)

see separate entry.

skylight (n.)

the small space between the top of a glass and the drink within it.

[UK]F. Pilon He Would be a Soldier VI i: Fill your glass higher – higher yet; I’ll have no skylights – This is a bumper toast.
[UK]‘A Pembrochian’ Gradus ad Cantabrigiam 54: day-light, or sky-light, in the easy attained science of hard drinking, when the glass is not a bumper.
[UK]T.L. Peacock Headlong Hall (1816) 74: For a heeltap! a heeltap! I never could bear it! / No sky-light! no twilight! while Bacchus rules o’er us.
[UK]Sir W. Scott St Ronan’s Well (1833) 119: Come, Mick—no skylights—here is Clara’s health.
[UK]R.S. Surtees Jorrocks Jaunts (1874) 263: I’ll trouble you to charge your glasses, ’eel-taps off — a bumper toast — no skylights, if you please.
[UK]Punch 31 July I 34: Come, no skylights; ’tis as mild as new milk; there’s not a headache in a hogshead of it.
[UK]R.S. Surtees Handley Cross (1854) 232: Bumper-toast — no ‘eel-taps, no sky-lights.
skylights (n.)

1. the eyes.

[UK]‘An Amateur’ Real Life in London II 149: Go it Kate!—Handle your dawdles, my girl; —shiver her ivory;—darken her skylights;—flatten her sneizer;—foul, foul,—ah you Munster b—ch!
[UK]Bell’s Life in London 21 Feb. 3/2: Sneezer and skylights, listeners, ribs and nob.
[UK]M. Scott Tom Cringle’s Log (1862) 71: After a long look through his starboard blinker (his other skylight had been shut up ever since Aboukir), Captain Deadeye gave orders.
[Aus]Golden Age (Queanbeyan, NSW) 4 Sept. 3/2: Tom’s fistic slang is like so much Hebrew to us, we being in a most pastoral state of ignorance as to the meanings of [...] ‘closing the skylights,’ ‘rolling in lemons,’ ‘drawing the vermillion,’ ‘tapping the claret,’ ‘flinging up the sponge,’ and the various other terms with which he garnishes his narrative.
[Ire]Dublin Eve. Post 6 Sept. 4/4: Prhaps it may be that ‘plating a little ’un on his sky-lights’ sounds better than ‘committing a brutal assault’.
Montrose, Arboath & Brechin Rev. 4 Dec. 7/4: The ‘creeshie weaver’ went round him [...] darkening his skylights, ornamenting his nose [...] and making his mouth squint.
[US]‘O. Henry’ ‘The Day Resurgent’ in Strictly Business (1915) 51: Why, blast my skylights!

2. spectacles.

[Aus]J. Furphy Such is Life 268: If you’d a pair o’ skylights athort your cutwater, you’d be set for a professor of phrenology.
sky-parlour (n.)

a garret; occas. attrib.

[UK]S. Foote Roman & Eng. Comedy Consider’d 40: How often that lucky Circumstance has recommended him to the Approbation of the Sky-parlour Gentry, I submit to the Critics on the Ground Floor.
[UK]Grose Classical Dict. of the Vulgar Tongue.
[UK]Lex. Balatronicum.
[UK]Egan Life in London (1869) 311: Bob and the party, chaffing, proposed to see the Author safe to his sky-parlour.
[UK]Dickens ‘The First of May’ in Slater Dickens’ Journalism I (1994) 168: Now ladies, up in the sky-parlour; only once a year, if you please.
[UK]Western Times (Devon) 10 Oct. 6/6: One bed [...] being unfortunately situate up in the rafters — it was literally a sky parlour.
[US]J. Brougham Basket of Chips 400: Hup stairs [...] we found ourselves right smack up at the sky-parlor.
[UK]Dickens Little Dorrit (1967) 127: She has a lodging at the turnkey’s. First house there [...] First house, sky parlour.
[US]O.W. Holmes Professor at the Breakfast Table 208: On asking him what was the number of his room, he answered, that it was forty-’leven, sky-parlour floor.
[Aus]Bell’s Life in Sydney 4 May 3/4: On entering the ‘sky parlour’ he twigged the skylight open.
[UK]Morn. Post (London) 28 Feb. 7/3: It was no use [...] to take proceedings against a ruined man in a sky parlour in Pimlico.
[UK]Birmingham Dly Post 30 Apr. 7: In the sky parlour of a house in the Rue des Martyrs, Paris, lives a venerable dame.
[UK]G.A. Sala London up to Date 143: The guests’ lift takes you up to your sky-parlour on the sixth floor.
Eve. Teleg. 3/6 (Angus, Scot.) 14 Nov. 3/6: Rose Laurier went home to her sky parlour with the revolver.
[US]S. Ford Torchy 178: I didn’t know which sky parlor was vacant until I [...] finds my things out in the hall and a new lodger in my room.
[UK]Derby Dly Teleg. 19 May 6/3: Grisleda Blake called her ‘sky parlour’ a delightful little flat, high up ina tall grey building.
sky-piece (n.)

1. (US) any form of headgear.

[UK]Nottingham Eve. Post 27 Aug. 2/6: His skypiece quite eclipsed anything by way of novelty ever seen upon the head of a human.
[US]F. Hutcheson Barkeep Stories 32: [He] gets insulted w’en everybody in de place didn’t take off der sky-pieces w’en he come in.
[US]T.A. Dorgan in Zwilling TAD Lex. (1993) 74: Say boy. Kindly ast de mag ta remove de skypiece.
[UK]Sheffield Wkly Teleg. 28 Sept. 7/2: She lately owned a dream of a ‘sky-piece’ covered all over with violets.
[US]R.A. Wason Happy Hawkins 304: A sort of kettle turned upside down an’ covered with feathers for a sky-piece.
[US]Ade ‘The New Fable of the Speedy Sprite’ in Ade’s Fables 24: She came out at 10.53 with her Sky Piece badly listed to Port and her toes flattened out.
[Can] ‘Thieves’ Sl.’ Toronto Star 19 Jan. 2/5: HAT Skypiece.
Arizona Dly Star (Tucson, AZ) 11 Dec. 18/4: It was once the regal skypiece of an Arab potentate.
[US]G. Milburn ‘De Night Before Christmas’ in Hobo’s Hornbook 258: W’ile out on de Pennsy, from skypiece t’ shank, / De ’boes was all freezin’, wit no Christ to t’ank.
[US]B. Conlon ‘Rope Meat’ in Wild West Weekly 22 Oct. [Internet] ‘Off with ’em, Loney! Start with the sky-piece.’ Loney dropped the gray Stetson to the ground.
[US]D. Burley Orig. Hbk of Harlem Jive 26: And that skypiece was curling, like a funnel, ole man, / As Mister Hawkins flapped it round like a hothouse fan.
[US]N.Y. Herald Trib. 28 Feb. 47/1: In the jive vein there is ‘skypiece’ meaning a hat and ‘chalkstick,’ a cigarette.
[US] M.A. Crane ‘Vox Bop’ in AS XXXIII:3 224: The cat [...] dons his [...] skypiece.
[US]E. Shepard Doom Pussy 100: Extra-wide-brimmed hats (which the soldiers dubbed B.F. Skypieces).
[US]Eble Campus Sl. Nov. 5: sky piece – hat.
Dly News (NY) 18 Aug. 42/2: ‘Why didn’t yuz just sit your skypiece on your lap while watching the movie?’.

2. (US) the head.

[US]Bee (Earlington, NY) 12 Sept. 4: W’ile I’m gettin’ de jolt you’ll be gettin’ your skypiece busted. See?
[US]B. Fisher A. Mutt in Blackbeard Compilation (1977) 40: I have made a careful examination of the defendant’s skypiece and find that he has bubbles on his thinktank.
[US]Caldwell Trib. (ID) 4 Feb. 2/4: One reason [...] why I am able [...] to keep my sky-piece working in double shifts is because I am a moving picture fiend .
[UK]D. Lowrie My Life in Prison 285: If y’r ain’t careful y’r’ll get a swelled skypiece.
[US]Walnut Valley Times (El Dorado, KS) 11 Mar. 6/2: Engineers in dry dock plated the two halves together and zingo! They had a new boat. Nice work? Righto. Use your skypiece!
skypilot (n.) (also kirk pilot, pilot, sky pi, sky scout, sky-sharp, soul aviator) [he guides one to heaven]

1. a priest, a prison chaplain, a preacher, a missionary.

[UK]A. de Walden Harry Disney II 61: A man who was an accomplice was ‘in the same stable, don’t you know;’ racing not to win was ‘milking;’ a clergyman was ‘a sky pilot ’ [etc.] .
M. Davenport Under the Gridiron 43: I do not feel equal to a journey of three miles to hear the local sky-pilot hold forth.
[UK]Dublin U. Mag. 8960/1: I say, Harry, old fellow, I would not let that sky pilot have a walk over if I were you. [...] By Jove, if I'm ever in Parliament, which is not, likely, I'll bring in a bill for the suppression of curates.
[Aus]Bulletin (Sydney) 9 Apr. 8/1: For some time past the only public entertainment in that city has been that provided by the ‘Salvation Army’ [...] The chief Sky Pilot is an attractive female of some seventy odd summers.
[US]G.W. Peck Peck’s Bad Boy and His Pa (1887) 102: After the minister had gone away [...] Pa said he had got enough feeling for one family, and he didn’t want no sky-sharp to help him. [Ibid.] 146: Look a-here you sky-pilot, this thing has gone far enough.
[UK]J. Astley Fifty Years (2nd edn) II 240: I read a letter from a local parson [...] Poor dear innocent ‘Sky Pilot’!
[Aus]Truth (Sydney) 11 Mar. 1/5: Possibly the reverential sky-pilot has only just woke up.
[UK]Daily Tel. 4 Oct. in Ware (1909) 225/2: While some of the members of the Congregational Union were enquiring the way to the hall where refreshments were served, the doorkeeper shouted in a stentorian voice: ‘Sky-pilots’ beanfeast!’.
[US]A.H. Lewis Wolfville 226: [It] keeps me rememberin’ what that sky scout says at the Pra’r-meetin’ about the action a gent gets by playin’ a good deed to win.
[[UK]A. Binstead Houndsditch Day by Day 179: An ambitious and distinguished pilot to the upper blue had mysteriously ‘nobbled’ Moses].
[Aus]Bulletin (Sydney) 4 Oct. 14/3: With quips and cranks Melba enlivened the afternoon, and had even the kirk pilots won over in the end.
[Aus]Sun. Times (Perth) 23 Oct. 4/7: ‘Have you the license?’ asked the sky-pilot.
[UK]E. Pugh Spoilers 65: I dessay I could easy get a job, if I sucked up to some sky-pilot or some society for genteel ticketers.
[Aus]Sun. Times (Perth) 23 Sept. 4s/4: The thort of some other sky-pilot gettin’ the threesplicin’ fees brought ’im round ter reason.
[NZ]N.Z. Truth 20 June 6/7: Of course he can’t help having a sky-pilot for a father.
[Aus]Sun. Times (Perth) 30 Jan. 1st sect. 1/1: They Say [...] That Chidlow’s Well is dead weary of the local sky-pilot.
[US]A. Berkman Prison Memoirs of an Anarchist (1926) 172: You talk like a man up a tree, you holy sky-pilot.
[Aus]Truth (Sydney) 26 Jan. 12/6: We did have a devil dodger, / Pilot, who said clean and neat / That no place outside of blazes / Could compare with Whitfield-etreet.
[Ire]Joyce Ulysses 298: And one or two sky pilots having an eye around that there was no goings on with the females, hitting below the belt.
[Aus]G.H. Lawson Dict. of Aus. Words And Terms [Internet] PILOT — A clergyman.
[Aus]Townsville Daily Bulletin (Qld) 12 Dec. 6s/5: The sky pilot swore that he could not perform the service for such a small amount.
[US] ‘Jargon of the Und.’ in DN V 436: Soul aviator, A preacher.
[NZ]N.Z. Truth 14 Nov. 6/4: Canon Henry Packe [...] is well known as one of the most tolerant and broad-minded of pilots.
[UK]B. Lubbock Bully Hayes 4: That was his one and only ejaculation, after much carrying to and fro of sky pilots.
[US]A.J. Pollock Und. Speaks n.p.: Sky pi, a minister.
[US]S. Philips Big Spring 76: The sky pilots with the long coat and the whiskers and the sanctmonious look.
[US]F.O. Beck Hobohemia 22: Scarcely had the soul aviator (that was the name the mission preacher was known by) begun to hand out angel-food (and that was the name his sermon was known by) than not a few drowsed off to sleep.
[UK]F. Norman Bang To Rights 174: The sky pilot perswaded him that he wasn’t Jesus.
[Ire]F. O’Connor Only Child (1970) 78: Praying was what the natives did when there was nothing to eat in the house, instead of going after the sky pilots with horse, foot, and artillery.
[US]LaBarge & Holt Sweetwater Gunslinger 201 (1990) 203: ‘Let’s go ask the Sky-pilot to help us.’ The three pilots gathered outside Rabbi Freeman’s stateroom [...] Rabbi Freeman was the only Jewish chaplain on a carrier in the U.S. Navy.
[Ire]P. McCabe Breakfast on Pluto 30: ‘Sex Mad Sky Pilot!’ ‘Fornicator!’ ‘The Adventures of Father Benny Rape!’.
[US]J. Stahl Plainclothes Naked (2002) 123: Some sick fuckos pancaked the sky-pilot and left him for dead.

2. attrib. use of sense 1.

[Aus]Bulletin (Sydney) 26 July 13/3: Very noticeable about here at present are the Mormon elders kicking round. [...] All the other sky-pilot cadgers go to the native and ask straight out for the money in cash. Not so the Mormon.
sky-rocket (n.)

see separate entries.

sky rug (n.) [rug n.1 (1)]

(US) a wig or toupee.

[US]Kingston Dly Freeman (NY) 17 May 8/2: [cartoon caption] That life story is as phony as that sky-rug he wears to cover his skull.
[US]Wentworth & Flexner DAS.
sky-scraper (n.)

see separate entries.

In phrases

dive into the sky (v.)

see under dive v.

in the skies (adj.) (also in the air) [the image is cognate with fly v. (3)/high adj.1 (3) but antedates both]

intoxicated by a drug.

[US]A.H. Lewis Boss 373: He’s in the skies, so my plan for a talk right then is all off.
[US]A.J. Pollock Und. Speaks n.p.: In the air, full of mariahuana [sic].
reach for the sky (v.)

see under reach v.