Green’s Dictionary of Slang

light v.1

SE in slang uses

In phrases

light a rag (v.) (also light a shuck)

[late 19C–1970s] (US Und.) to leave at high speed, to run off fast.

light into (v.) (also light (down) on, light in (on))(Irish/US)

1. [mid-19C+] to attack physically.

2. [late 19C+] to attack verbally, to criticize.

3. [late 19C+] to tackle, to attack, whether food or a task.

light off (v.)

[late 19C+] to have an orgasm [SE light off, to ignite as an explosive].

light out (v.) (also light for, light off) [? naut. use light out, to move something along, e.g. a sail]

[mid-19C+] (US) to leave, to escape, to hurry off.

light up

see separate entries.