Green’s Dictionary of Slang

upper adj.

SE in slang uses

In compounds

upper apartment (n.)

[19C] the head.

upper benjamin (n.) (also upper ben, ...benjy) [according to Hotten (1873) an acknowledgement of the large number of (? Jewish) tailors called Benjamin]

1. [late 18C–late 19C] (orig. UK Und.) an overcoat, a greatcoat.

2. [mid-19C] in pl., a pair of trousers.

upper crust

see separate entries.

upper deck (n.)

see separate entry .

upper miserys (n.)

[2000s] (US black) the state of feeling physically sick.

upper shell (n.)

[mid-18C–19C] an overcoat.

upper stock (n.) [SE upper stock, the upper part of the stockings]

[late 18C–early 19C] breeches.

upper storey (n.) (also upper garret,, …story,

1. [mid-18C+] the head, the brain, the mental capacity that resides within it.

2. [late 19C+] (US) the female breasts.

upper ten

see separate entries.

upper tog (n.) (also upper togger, upper toggery) [SE upper + togs n.]

[early–mid-19C] a greatcoat, an overcoat.

In phrases

have one’s upper storey unfurnished (v.) (also have one’s upper garret unfurnished, …story…)

[late 18C] to be a fool (cf. garret n. (1)).