Green’s Dictionary of Slang

patootie n.

also patoot
[? SE potato, esp. sweet potato]

1. [1910s+] (US) an attractive young woman.

2. [1920s] (US) the penis.

3. [1920s+] (US, also rooty-patootie, tootie) the buttocks; the anus.

4. [1950s] an effeminate man.

In phrases

hot patootie (n.) [hot adj. (1a)]

[1920s+] (US) an attractive young woman.

sweet patootie (n.)

1. [1910s+] a woman, a girlfriend.

2. used as a risible, semi-approving description .

In exclamations

sweet patootie!

[1900s–20s] (US) a general excl.