Green’s Dictionary of Slang

gin n.1

[Dharuk diyin, woman; also (quite coincidentally) the abbr. for Aborigine]

1. (Aus., also black gin, ginny) a black Aborigine woman.

[Aus]P. Cunningham New South Wales II 16: He once looked into one of their gins’ (wives’) bags, and found the fleshy part of a man’s thigh wrapped up therein.
[Aus]R. Dawson Present State of Aus. 152: A proposition was made by one of my natives to go and steal a gin (wife).
[Aus]Mrs C. Meredith Notes and Sketches of New South Wales 93: The unfortunate Gins perform all the labour.
[UK]C. Reade It Is Never Too Late to Mend II 182: Jacky on this administered three kicks among the gins and sent them flying.
[Aus]J. Rogers New Rush 46: The females would be comely looking gins, / Were not their limbs so much like rolling-pins.
[Aus]C.H. Eden My Wife and I in Queensland 118: The gins are captives of their bow and spear [...] All blacks are cruel to their gins.
[Aus]A.C. Grant Bush-Life in Queensland I 63: A middle-aged, not uncomely-looking black ‘gin,’ sat roasting a bullock’s bone.
[UK]‘Aus. Colloquialisms’ in All Year Round 30 July 66/2: A ‘gin’ is a female aborigine .
[Aus]‘Rolf Boldrewood’ Robbery Under Arms (1922) 44: A ‘gin’ showed ’em the track down, and where to get water and everything.
[Aus]G. Boothby On the Wallaby 137: She belongs to a bêche-de-mer boat [...] manned by black Gins.
[NZ]Eve. Post (Wellington) 9 Apr. 1: Once he carried off two young gins.
[Aus]Bulletin (Sydney) 24 Aug. 32/1: In the early morning the black-gin Haidi, otherwise Ada, was found saddling the bay pony. ‘Hi, ginny!’ cried the stockman, off to the out-station, ‘what for you saddle Booby?’ / ‘Silly Missus ride um,’ grumbled the gin, sulkily.
[Aus] ‘Sam Holt’ in ‘Banjo’ Paterson Old Bush Songs 71: The Warrego gin, with the straw through her nose, / And teeth like a Moreton Bay shark.
[Aus]H. Lawson ‘The Lily of St Leonards’ in Roderick (1972) 800: The original ‘Lily of St Leonards’ [...] was an old black gin.
[Aus]C.H. Thorp Handful of Ausseys 217: ’Ad some wine — vin blong — but it tasted like gin’s ’air-wash.
[Aus]K.S. Prichard Working Bullocks 46: Combo’s what they call a man tracks round with a gin.
[Aus]X. Herbert Capricornia (1939) 58: She was a full-blooded blackgin and not entitled to franchise. [Ibid.] 228: Says his mother’s a Javanese, does he? Ha! Ha! Ha! Don’t you believe it. She was a Capricornian gin!
[Aus]I.L. Idriess One Wet Season 250: I reckon Chuckling Annie is about the ugliest gin in the Kimberleys.
[Aus]F.B. Vickers Mirage (1958) 186: She was his gin, and he was a nigger.
[Aus]‘Nino Culotta’ Cop This Lot 161: ‘So put that in yer pipe an’ smoke ut.’ ‘I wouldn’t put ut in an old black gin’s pipe an’ let her smoke ut.’.
[Aus] in K. Gilbert Living Black 27: The police would pull up and say, ‘What are you doing with that spook?’ or ‘... that black-gin?’.
[UK]B. Chatwin Songlines 34: Yer dirty Gin! You couldn’t excite me. I got me missus.
[Aus]G. Seal Lingo 10: Far more derogatory expressions persist in Lingo, including nigger, boong, abo (now often shortened to ab), coon and gin.

2. (Aus.) any woman.

[Aus]K. Gilbert Cherry Pickers III ii: I get on O.K. in my rightful role as your gin and your wife.
[Aus] in K. Gilbert Living Black 28: Apparently the old girls, the old gins, used to go out with the Chinamen, see?

In compounds

fancy gin (n.)

(Aus.) an Aborigine woman who is a man’s girlfriend or mistress.

[UK]Bird o’ Freedom (Sydney) 6 Aug. 5/2: [poem title] The Storekeeper’s Fancy Gin. A Darling River Romance.
[US]Sun Kalgoorlie) 11 Mar. 6/5: ‘Bandy Bill’ (Leonora). - Your letter is decidedly ‘blue,’ and though we do not pretend to be religious at any time, still we cannot print your stuff. [...] Your poem on ‘My Bush Bride,’ commencing - ‘Satin-skinned, bright-eyed and supple / Is my fancy gin.’ Is only fit for circulation among sexual maniacs.
[Aus]Truth (Perth) 8 Oct. 5/1: A Murchison squatter affords provision of another instance of many such that might be mentioned. He made a journey of about a hundred miles to capture a fancy gin from another station.
gin-banger (n.) [bang v.1 (2a)]

(Aus.) a white man who enjoys sexual relations with Aborigine women.

[Aus]Bulletin (Sydney) 15 Feb. 14/1: The word ‘combo’ – means a ‘gin banger’, which. in turn, means a white man who descends to domestic association with the female aboriginal.
gin-boy (n.)

(Aus.) a white man who enjoys sexual relations with Aborigine women.

[UK]Bird o’ Freedom (Sydney) 6 Aug. 5/2: But gin-boy didn’t see the fun, / And wouldn’t take the bait; / His hen-pecked features wore a grin, / He said, ‘I’m fly, you bet, / I keep a shovel for the gin, / And pay for what I get!’.
gin-burglar (n.)

(Aus.) a white man who enjoys sexual relations with Aborigine women; thus gin-burglary n., having sex with a ‘gin’.

[Aus]W.E. Harney North of 23° 77: We had the eternal clash of ‘gin burglar’ versus ‘gin shepherd’.
[Aus]W.E. Harney Content to Lie in the Sun 46: ‘The downtrodden’s day will come soon, then you “gin-burglars” will have to respect the rights of the weak.’ [...] ‘Yes, and that day, both you and I, my friend, will have to pay more for the “girls”.’.
[Aus]Bulletin (Sydney) 23 Mar. 15/1: The Daly River [...] for 80 years has been a refuge for happy-go-lucky hermits with a taste for OP rum and what Territorians call ‘gin burglary’.
[Aus]K. Willey Boss Drover 46: The manager would refer to ‘combos’ and ‘gin burglars’ as though they were social outcasts. But let his wife go away for a while ... and he would be down to the blacks’ camp in no time.
Personal Glassware Gazette ‘Letters from Oz’ [Internet] I may even bring back Wayne – my personal ‘bodyguard’ – even though he is fond of a drink. In fact his passport describes him as a gin burglar.
gin-cuddler (n.) (also gin-dozzler) [dozzler, ety. unknown; ? SE dazzle; or ? do v.1 (1a)]

(Aus.) a white man who enjoys sexual relations with Aborigine women.

[Aus]T. Ronan Vision Splendid 217: That Blandings at Baritana is the greatest gin-cuddler I’ve ever seen in my life.
[Aus]T. Ronan Moleskin Midas 225: Why would blokes like Frank Heritage, who’d been a pretty good gin-cuddler in his day, turn round and get married.
[Aus]D. Stuart Drought Foal 188: You’re a thoroughgoin’ gindozzler, an’ in a year or two you’ll be a red-hot combo [AND].
gin-jockey (n.) [SE jockey, i.e. play on ride v. (1a)]

(Aus.) a white man who enjoys sexual relations with Aborigine women.

[Aus]D. Niland Shiralee 121: He hated the ignominy of capitulating to a harlot, and a black one at that. Macauley, the gin-jockey, they could say.
[UK]R. Stow Tourmaline 84: Ah, he’s a gin-jockey too, is he? Young bastard.
[Aus]K. Willey Ghosts of the Big Country 32: Those who transgressed were denigrated as ‘combos’ and ‘gin jockeys’.
[Aus]A. Weller Day of the Dog 34: You her boyfriend, you skinny little gin-jockey shit?
[Aus]M.B. ‘Chopper’ Read Chopper 4 180: Abos, spooks, coons, slopes, chows, dagos, spags, spics, greasers and wogs – and whatever other third world gin jockey or porch monkey that came along.
gin-man (n.)

(Aus.) a white man who enjoys sexual relations with Aborigine women.

[UK]A.E. Farrell Vengeance 84: You yeller gutted bastard of a gin man, Albanez!
gin-masher (n.) [masher n. (2)]

(Aus.) a white man who enjoys sexual relations with Aborigine women.

[Aus]Bulletin (Sydney) 27 Dec. 15/1: Camp-robberies, also, were almost always due to nigs. being encouraged around camps by ‘gin-mashers.’.
gin-shepherd (n.) (Aus.)

1. (also gin-shepherder) a white man who enjoys sexual relations with Aborigine women; thus gin-shepherding n., searching for Aborigine women for sexual purposes.

[Aus]K.S. Prichard Working Bullocks 46: [of a wild horse] Combo, I call him, gin shepherder ... was bred out of an imported mare of Graeme’s went bush years ago, I reckon. Dead spit of her [...] I give him his pick of the brumby gins when they come in. Not that he sticks to one like he might for his name.
[Aus]K.S. Prichard Coonardoo 54: Sam Geary had been known as a ‘gin-shepherder’ for some time and a family of half-castes swarmed about his verandas.
[Aus]Baker Aus. Lang. 197: Gin-shepherding [...] taking to the bush in search of an aboriginal woman.
[Aus]W.E. Harney Content to Lie in the Sun 35: ’Twas here, on one cold night I witnessed my mate going for his life down a lignum ‘pad’, with an irate ‘gin shepherd’ (a white man who lives with a native woman) on his heels.
[Aus]K. Willey Ghosts of the Big Country 208: Bulwaddy was renowned as a ‘gin shepherd’, which meant he reserved the camp girls for himself.
JoyZine ‘Australian Dict.’ [Internet] gin shepherd – a white man who cohabits with an Aboriginal woman.

2. a white person who attempts to prevent miscegenation between his peers and Aborigine women; thus gin-shepherding n.

[Aus]T. Ronan Vision Splendid 111: The reason why most of them left was that ‘the Missus was too much of a gin shepherd’.
[Aus]W.E. Harney Content to Lie in the Sun 54: I returned to camp in time to hear a discussion about great ‘gin-shepherds’ — a bush term for those people who guard their flock of ‘girls’ and so keep them away from their rivals, the ‘gin burglars’.
[Aus]K. Willey Boss Drover 46: The practice of separating the women from the combos was known as ‘gin-shepherding’. [...] Most gin shepherds had an impossible task.
gin’s piss (n.)

(Aus.) any form of weak drink, also attrib.

Hogbotel & ffuckes Snatches & Lays 58: ‘May you take a swig of gin’s piss, mistaking it for beer’.
[Aus]C. Bray Blossom like a Rose 49: ‘Weak as gin’s piss,’ he said. The men laughed.
[Aus]J. O’Grady It’s Your Shout, Mate! 43: ‘Yeah, but you come from England. That’s gin’s piss country’.
[Aus]Tharunka (Sydney) 8 Nov. 27/1: ‘You truds [sic], what the fuck’s the gin’s piss?’ .
[Aus]J.J. Coe Desperate Praise 25: ‘Nope, it'll be stand to soon mate,’ replied Morrison, ‘anyway, that Black Label’s like gin’s piss’ .
gin-stealer (n.)

(Aus.) a white man who enjoys sexual relations with Aborigine women.

[Aus]Bulletin (Sydney) 6 Aug. 24/1: The news was brought to the gin-stealer by a boy.

In phrases

gin around (v.)

(Aus.) to waste time.

S. Weller Old Bastards I Have Met 36: For instance, if some old bomb shack is in the road of progress, stick the dozer in. But if anyone starts ginning around with that little church just off King George Square in Brisbane, I’ll fight.
[Aus]N. Keesing Lily on the Dustbin 149: To someone ‘flapping around’ or over-reacting [she said]: ‘Stop ginning around! You’re like a gin in bloomers!’.
like a gin at a christening

(Aus.) on one’s best behaviour, esp. when slightly nervous, socially uncomfortable.

[Aus]G. Hamilton Summer Glare 91: Don’t bloody well spar round with it like a gin at a christening.
[Aus]N. Keesing Lily on the Dustbin 149: You’re carrying on like a gin at a christenng.
posting at 7 Sept. [Internet] Amazing, how many people just don’t rate Muller. He’s like a gin at a christening in a V8 Supercar IMHO.