Green’s Dictionary of Slang

bag v.

1. as a lit. or fig. assault.

(a) [19C+] to shoot (to kill), of animals and humans.

(b) [1910s+] to hit, to knock out.

(c) [1960s+] (US, mainly campus/teen) of a man, to seduce, to have sexual intercourse with.

(d) [1970s+] (US gay) to have homosexual anal intercourse.

(e) [1990s+] (Aus.) to wound, to beat.

2. fig. to ‘place in a bag’ for gain.

(a) [early 19C+] of an object or animal, to seize.

(b) [19C+] to steal; to rob; to hide away.

(c) [mid-19C+] to gain, to secure possession of, to win for oneself (esp. after repeated efforts).

(d) of a human, to catch, to arrest.

(e) [1910s+] to claim.

(f) [1990s+] to get something non-material.

3. lit. or fig. to hide or ‘throw away’ into a bag.

(a) [mid–late 19C] to dismiss [dial. bag, to dismiss, to jilt].

(b) [1950s+] (Aus./US) to denigrate, to criticize.

(c) [1960s+] (US) to make a mess of, to fail at, to botch.

(d) [1960s+] (US campus) to miss a class or examination; to give up a course of study; often as bag school v.; bag it

(e) [1960s+] (US campus) to neglect, to stop doing something, to dismiss or disregard an idea or plan.

(f) [1980s] to break a date, to ‘stand someone up’.

(g) [1980s+] (US campus) to throw away; to give up.

(h) [1980s+] (US) to hide something unpleasant from the speaker’s sight.

4. [1950s+] (US black) to swallow semen or vaginal fluid during oral intercourse [SE bag, a receptacle, in this case the mouth].

5. [1960s+] (drugs, also bag up) to divide bulk purchases of drugs into smaller quantities for dealing.

6. [1960s+] (US) to classify, to put into categories.

7. [1960s+] (US drugs) to inhale glue or a similarly intoxicating substance, by pouring into a paper or polythene bag, from which the fumes are sucked into one’s mouth.

8. [1970s] (US) to wear.

In compounds

bag-off (adj.)

see separate entry.

In phrases

bag it (v.) (US)

1. [late 19C–1930s] to play truant.

2. [1960s] to fake illness to get out of work [note milit. jargon bag it, to malinger].

3. [1960s+] (also bag it up) to disregard, to give up.

4. [1960s+] (US campus) to be quiet, usu. as imper.

5. [1970s] to go to sleep.

6. to have sex with an unattractive woman, lit. to place a bag over her head.

bag off (v.)

see separate entry.

bag on (v.) [1980s+] (US campus)

1. to criticize, usu. wittily.

2. to complain.

bag onto (v.)

[1940s] (US) to notice, to pay attention to, often as imper. bag onto that, take a look at that.

bag some rays (v.)

see under rays n.

bag up (v.)

1. see sense 5 above.

2. see also separate entries.

bag Z’s (v.)

see under z n.1

In exclamations

bag that!

[1960s+] (US) forget it!

bag your face! [var. on bag your head! ]

[1990s+] (orig. US) a general dismissive excl.

bag your head! (also bag your lip! ...nut!) [lit. ‘put your head in a bag’]

[mid–19C+] (US) a general dismissive excl.; give in! back off! shut up!; often as go and...