Green’s Dictionary of Slang

come n.

[come v.1 ]

1. semen; thus comey adj., covered in semen.

[UK]J. Manchon Le Slang.
[US] in G. Legman Limerick (1953) 276: He played pocket pool / With his happy old tool / Till his shorts and his pants were all comey.
[US]‘Swasarnt Nerf’ Gaedicker’s Sodom-on-the-Hudson 22: A spurt or two of a thousand orgasms [...] yielding somewhat over two quarts of digested and scattered come.
[US] in G. Legman Limerick (1953) 114: In Kansas there lived a young monk / Who often was in a blue funk, / For his come always froze / On the sisters’ thick hose, / And they never would part with a chunk.
[US]H. Huncke in Huncke’s Journal (1998) 8: Sucking warm come — bodies adhering to one another — rhythmic plunge and thrust of red phallus.
[US]G.V. Higgins Digger’s Game (1981) 43: At least he won’t have to scrape the come offa them.
[UK]S. Berkoff Decadence in Decadence and Other Plays (1985) 18: He thrust and squirted fine silk jets of come.
[US]W.T. Vollmann Whores for Gloria 69: Her cunt was full of Jimmy’s come.

2. attrib. use of sense 1.

[US]N. Thornburg Cutter and Bone (2001) 42: I clean up the floor after him and his little Afro friend. Why I even wash his come towels.
[US]S. King Dreamcatcher 498: There’s a come-stain in this one.

3. an orgasm.

[US] in G. Legman Limerick (1953) 338: A gun-shy recruit from Visalia / Was an absolute infantry failure. / But he wasn’t so dumb / When it came to a come, / And he knew how to use genitalia.
[US]F. Salas Tattoo the Wicked Cross (1981) 178: The Buzzer shuffled around the aisle [...] cupped his hands over his groin, narrowed his eyes, and sucked in his breath as if he were at the peak of a come.
[US]B. Rodgers Queens’ Vernacular.
[US]S. King It (1987) 915: This wasn‘t going to be just a come; it was going to be a tactical nuke.
[UK]I. Welsh Filth 127: This is what makes the job worthwhile [...] It’s like two comes with one stroke.
[UK]N. Griffiths Grits 188: Av ad my come lahk sor ah just let im get on wi it like.

4. (also cum) vaginal secretions.

[US] in USMC Marianas Collection n.p.: With cum running down my legs [HDAS].
[US]B. Jackson Get Your Ass in the Water (1974) 99: She said, ‘I wouldn’t let him suck the come from my drawers.’.
[US]‘Iceberg Slim’ Mama Black Widow 108: The raw odor of ‘come’ wafted from her.
[UK]S. Berkoff Decadence in Decadence and Other Plays (1985) 24: My pants have come galore.

5. energy, spirit; esp. in phr. young, dumb and full of come.

[UK]Guardian G2 16 Sept. 11: Blink 182 [...] are young, dumb and full of three-minute come.

In compounds

come-bucket (n.) (also cum-bucket) [lit. ‘a bucket of ejaculate’]

1. (US) a repellent person.

[US]J. Wambaugh Choirboys (1976) 25: ‘Scumbags?’ ‘Naw.’ ‘Cumbuckets?’ ‘Too long.’.

2. a sexually unrestrained individual.

S. Tate Do Me Twice 92: He wrote that he had ejaculated onto the paper and said I had become a ‘come bucket’ for whatever man I was probably sleeping with.
[US]J. Stahl Pain Killers 122: Make me your virgin cum-bucket!
[US]J. Stahl Happy Mutant Baby Pills 139: We weard the sounds of what [...] used to be called ‘torrid lovemaking.’ If part of romance involved screaming ‘filthy whore’ and ‘cum bucket’ from the bed of passion.
come-dump (n.)

(US) a promiscuous woman.

[US]‘Iceberg Slim’ Mama Black Widow 177: The ‘come dump’ that had led poor dumb Bessie to ruin.
M.B. Sycamore (ed.) Why Are Faggots So Afraid of Faggots? 93: How did I go from uptight hooker to wannabe cum dump, giving it away for free?
come-freak (n.) [-freak sfx]

1. anyone who is obsessed with physical sex and the delights thereof.

[US]M. Braly On the Yard (2002) 331: Maybe I’m turning into a come freak.
[US]Milner & Milner Black Players 41: A humorous designation for a woman who cares more for sex than for money is come-freak (also used as a verb), a term sometimes also applied to men.
[US]J.L. Dillard Lex. Black Eng. 89: Slight value is attached to the prostitute who is a come freak (multiorgasmic) or a fuck freak.
[US]J. Sayles Union Dues (1978) 180: It was cold. Body have to be stuck with a mean case of horniness to even think about it in this weather, much less do anything about it. Have to be a stone come-freak.
[US]A.K. Shulman On the Stroll 146: Another one thinks, only reason you’re on the street is you love that dick, you’re some kinda come-freak.

2. (US gay) a fellator.

[US]B. Rodgers Queens’ Vernacular 51: come freak (early ’60s).
come-juice (n.)

1. semen.

[US]Taboo Topics ‘Tennis Fuck’ on Nifty Erotic Stories Archive [Internet] He was really coming, a blow-out of sperm, and his boner spurted hot come-juice in long, thick arcs.

2. vaginal juices when orgasming.

[US]Randy & Tracy ‘Aerobic Fantasty in Blue’ on Nifty Erotic Stories Archive [Internet] She felt her come juice covering her hands. Her thighs quivered as her leg slowly fell to the bed.
Adeline ‘Shenna and Sharon’ at [Internet] ‘Eat, Eat!’ insisted Sharon, grinding her pelvis right into Sharon’s mouth. Sharon did her best to swallow the whole load of come juice, but there was so much of it that some flowed out of her mouth, and dribbled down her neck and cheeks, spilling onto the floor.
‘Lady Lynxx’ Ambassador’s Daughter 146: The faster his tongue flicked, the more of the sticky clear come juice Minty leaked.
come-licking (adj.)

(orig. US) vile, disgusting.

[US]J. Wambaugh Choirboys (1976) 155: If I’d been there I’d a grabbed that come licking, do-gooder little cunt and CHOKED HER OUT AND MADE HER DO THE FUCKING CHICKEN! YOU HEAR ME!
come-pot (n.)

a general term of abuse.

[UK]P. Larkin letter 23 June in Thwaite Sel. Letters (1992) 17: These men are shit-pans, come-pots and toss-bottles.
come-stain (n.) (also cum stain) [lit. a semen stain]

(US) a general derog. term.

[US]Alt. Eng. Dict. [Internet] come stain (noun) [...]. Someone who is a real jerk. [...] ‘Fuck you , come stain.’ Also may be spelled cum stain.
[US]T. Fontana ‘Medium Rare’ Oz ser. 4 ep. 9 [TV script] All they got is this fool Poet - he’s a complete come stain.