Green’s Dictionary of Slang

dad n.1

also dads
[the term flourished, like many similar euph. oaths, in the UK in the late 17C but re-emerged in the 19C in the US, where it remains in many combs., a resurgence poss. helped by the similarity to another taboo word, damned adj.]

[17C+] a euph. for God, often in excls. like by dad! and adad! excl.; also used in a variety of mild verbal oaths (see dad-burn v.) and adjectival oaths (see compounds below).

In compounds

dad-binged [late 19C+] (US)
dad-blamed (also dad-blame) [mid-19C+] (US)
dad-blasted [mid-19C+] (US)
dad-blistered [late 19C–1910s]
dad-bob (adv.) [1910s] (US black)

see separate entry.

dad-fetched [19C] (US)
dad-gasted [late 19C–1940s] (US)

see separate entry.

dad-rotted (also dad-dratted, dad-ratted) [mid-19C+] (US)
dad-snatched (also dad-shaved, dad-shined) [mid-19C] (US)
dad-swamped [mid-19C] (US)