Green’s Dictionary of Slang

dad n.1

also dads
[the term flourished, like many similar euph. oaths, in the UK in the late 17C but re-emerged in the 19C in the US, where it remains in many combs., a resurgence poss. helped by the similarity to another taboo word, damned adj.]

a euph. for God, often in excls. like by dad! and adad! excl.; also used in a variety of mild verbal oaths (see dad-burn v.) and adjectival oaths (see compounds below).

[UK] ‘King William’s Birthday’ in Ebsworth Bagford Ballads (1878) I 417: By dad it would be a good job, / If we had took Foster’s direction.
[US]‘Andrew Barton’ Disappointment I iii: Dad, I’ll dress her off as fine as de Queen of Shebey.
[Ire]S. Lover Legends and Stories 9: ‘Oh, by dad,’ says Saint Kavin.
[Ire]S. Lover Handy Andy 253: A jailor, did I say – by dad.
[UK]Thackeray Pendennis I 112: ‘And there will be no noses pulled, Cos, my boy? [...]’ said Mr. Bows. ‘Dad, I suppose not,’ said Cos.
[UK]Birmingham Jrnl 12 Jan. 11/6: ‘Well then, by dad,’ laughed Paddy.
[Ire] ‘The Day that Paddy was Breeched’ Yankee Paddy Comic Song Book 2: When breeches I put on, / The gossoons all did scan, / Saying, ‘Pat, before your mother, / By dads! you’ll be a man’.
Donaldsonvill Chief (LA) 23 Mar. 1/2: Dad slam the gaul dinged dad fisted thing to thunder.
[UK]J. Greenwood Behind a Bus 104: That indade he is not, dad, for now I remember him.
[Aus]‘Miles Franklin’ My Brilliant Career 241: Wheat’s rose a shillun a bushel! By dad, I must double my crops this year.
[US]Times Recorder (Zanesville, OH) 15 June 7/7: He up and done all the work hisself, brought thet woman’s baby safely into th’ world, and with his owns hands, by dads!
[Ire]‘Flann O’Brien’ Third Policeman (1974) 49: By the Dad! Well carry me back to old Kentucky!
[Ire](con. 1890–1910) ‘Flann O’Brien’ Hard Life (1962) 7: Be the dad, Mr. Hanafin said smiling.
[UK]M. Coles Bible in Cockney 124: Hello, Dad, up there in good ol’ heaven.

In compounds

dad-binged (US)
[UK]Worcs. Chron. 2 June 3/2: I’ll be dad binged if I’ve had time to learn any more.
[US]St Paul Dly Globe 27 May 15/2: That Dad-binged cat has her head into the cream jug.
[US]Yellowstone Dly Jrnl (Miles City, CT) 13 Apr. 2/4: Blankety blank the dad binged billy be dad busted slippery old coal hole covers to stagnation, and back again.
[US]Pedagogical Seminary 5 374: I’ll be [...] dad fetched, dad binged, dad snatched, dod gasted.
[US]M.G. Hayden ‘Terms Of Disparagement’ in DN IV:iii 218: dad-binged, [...] used in euphemistic imprecations.
dad-blamed (also dad-blame)(US)
[US]W.T. Thompson Major Jones’s Courtship (1872) 189: Fun’s fun; but I’m dad blamed if there’s any fun in any sich doins.
Sumter Banner (Sumterville SC) 22 Feb. 2/2: I’ll be eternally and constiutionally dad blamed if i stand such infernal partiality.
Dly State Jrnl (Alexandria, VA) 16 Nov. 1/4: We will be dad blamed if he wouldn’t rob a dead horse of his jawbone before the buzzards.
Wkly Arizona Moner (Prescott AZ) 15 Mar. 2/1: He says he will be dad blamed if he don’t make it tolerable warm for them before he quits.
[US](con. c.1840) ‘Mark Twain’ Huckleberry Finn 298: Oh, it’s de dad-blame’ witches, sah, en I wisht I was dead, I do.
Mover Co. Transcript (MN) 17 Oct. 3/2: Thar’s [...] the dad-blamed-est dirty dirt I ever seed.
Dly Herald (Brownsvill TX) 16 Aug. 1/6: What’s the use of making a dad-blamed fool of myself at this late day?
[US]St Paul Globe (MN) 25 Feb. 6/7: I like to ride, but I’ll be dad blamed if those horses were mine I’d have them hooked up to a plough.
‘O. Henry’ ‘Hearts and Crosses’ in Heart of the West 7: Why, you dad-blamed old long-horned turtle-dove.
[US]Nashville Globe (TN) 21 Dec. 3/2: [I] felt full ob shame [...] but sez I, ‘O well, dad blame!’.
[US]N.I. White Amer. Negro Folk-Songs 323: [reported from Auburn, Ala., 1915–1916] I would n’t marry a yaller gal, / I’ll tell yo’ de reason why: / Her hair’s so dad-blamed nappy / She’d break all de combs I buy.
[US](con. WWI) H. Odum Wings on My Feet 233: Boy got mad an’ come runnin’ [...] callin’ me so many dad-blamed things.
[UK]B. Ross Tragedy of Z 20: ‘It’s a dad-blamed trick,’ growled Father.
[US]H.A. Smith Life in a Putty Knife Factory (1948) 116: I’m looking for a bunch of dad-blamed Santy Clauses.
T.D. Clark Pills, Petticoats and Plows 156: There was a sentiment that ‘a dad-blamed hog and a dad-gummed cow were the most aggravating things that ever made tracks on a piece of cotton land’ [DA].
[US]R. Coover Public Burning (1979) 97: I’m so dadblame hungry.
[US]Jackson & Christian Death Row 149: Sex is the essence, the root of the whole dad-blame thing that hurts everything.
[US]B. Coleman Rakim Told Me 14: Thus Just-Ice's ‘that Girl is a Slut’ was successful in offending everyone in Music Appreciation, the administration and the whole dadblam [sic] state of North Carolina.
dad-blasted (US)
[US]Nashville Union & American (TN) 18 May 2/3: I will be shot if any dad-blasted, long-bearded feller shall impose on gals that ar way where I am!
New Eclectic Mag. May 540: And now she is married, and what have she married? A nasty, dad-blasted, thievious Yankee.
[US]G.W. Bagby Old Virginia Gentleman (1910) 134: He wishes he may be teetotally dad-blasted into everlasting dad-blamentation if they ain’t superior to shadses.
Century Mag. (N.Y.) Dec. 249: You’re two of the confoundest, dad-blasted old eejits that ever was! [DA].
[US]W.N. Harben Westerfelt 134: I waited till I wus in my sixty-fifth year [...] ’fore I started out huntin’ fer a dad-blasted woman.
[US]Spokane Press (WA) 1 July 3/2: ‘Dad blast my Captain,’ Colonel Crust chimed in.
Anderson Dly Intelligencer (SC) 26 Mar. 4/3: It requires gas to run a newspaper. Laugh, dad-blast you, laugh.
[US]Wash. Herald (DC) 14 Nov. 10/4: Every dad-blasted member of that remarkable aggregation [...] played remarkable football.
[US]G. Rounds ‘Ol’ Paul, The Mighty Logger’ in Botkin (1944) 19–41: Build me the biggest log chain that’s ever been built, while I stake out these dadblasted blizzards!
J.A. McKenna Black Range Tales 267: Many who came into Frisco had not a dad-blasted red left to their name [DA].
‘Drylander’s Christmas’ at 🌐 As the dadblasted weather turned stormy and cold. With the trail snowed too deep / for a town gallyhoot. Their chances for Christmas cheer weren’t worth a hoot.
[US]B. Nye Forty Liars (1888) 33: All that I can remember of the dad blistered speech.
[UK]Marvel 8 Dec. 24: I’ll be dad-blistered if there’s a chance fer ordinary men ter git a look in any way.
[US]S. Ford Torchy, Private Sec. 58: I’ll be dad blistered if I’m going to end my days wallowing in medicated mud!

see separate entry.

[US]Lippincott’s Mag. 16 404/1: Ef we didn’ have ther sentermentalest rain right thar on them logs last night, I’ll be dad-busted!
Yellowstone Daily Jrnl (Miles City, CT) 13 Apr. 2/4: Blankety blank the dad binged billy be dad busted slippery old coal hole covers to stagnation, and back again.
dad-fetched (US)
[US]W.T. Thompson Major Jones’ Courtship 41: He sed, he’d be dad fetched if he didn't have the seat of government moved down on the Bay.
Raftsman’s Jrnl (Clearfield, PA) 27 Sept. 1/3: I’m dad fetched if I ain’t bound to have a picter of old Eagle.
Dly Ohio Statesman (Columbus, OH) 20 Aug. 3/3: When he ain’t funny he comes as near being a dad-fetched fool as any we’ve ever read about.
[US]Wkly Kansas Chief (Troy KS) 21 Mar. 2/2: [A] music dealer presented a copy of his new temperance song, ‘To-Night You’ve Been Drinking Again,’ to a Kansas editor [who] got up on his ear [and] swore it was a dad-fetched, ding-batted no-such-thing.
[US](con. c.1840) ‘Mark Twain’ Huckleberry Finn 111: He had some er de dad-fetchedes’ ways I ever see.
[US]Forth Worth Gaz. (TX) 21 Aug. 2/5: Every dad-fetched darkey [...] that had or could borrow or steal $4, sah, is on han.
[US]Eve. World (NY) 12 Mar. 12/4: B’Gosh, I’ve tipped th’ waiter, dad fetch his skinnin’ soul.
in R. Butterfield Sat. Eve. Post Treasury (ed.) (1954) 28 Oct. 133: He said to himself in a tone of feeling that he be dad-fetched.
I. Cobb Back Home 32: He said to himself in a tone of feeling that he be dad-fetched. But immediately changing his mind stated that he would preferably be dad-blamed.
[US]Red Cloud Chief (Wesbter Co., NE) 2 Feb. 2/2: McGuffey informed him that that was none of his dad-fetched business.
[NZ]N. Hilliard Glory and the Dream 63: He had some er dad-fetchedes’ ways I ever see.
dad-gasted (US)
[US]Red Cloud Chief (Webster Co., NE) 17 Nov. 4/4: [He] also took a conspicuous part — on the other side, dad gast him.
[US]Great Falls Tribune (MT) 8 Aug. 2/3: [They] are summering in the village, to escape from the tortures of the dad-gasted Mssouri humming birds.
Salt lake City Herald 12 Mar. 11/2: I’m goin’ to spend every dad-gasted cent of it.
[US]Omaha Dly Bee (NE) 29 Apr. 2/4: I’ve had the chills for six weeks, and that’s what makes me look so dad-gasted ornery.
[US]R.W. Brown ‘Word-List from Western Indiana’ in DN III:viii 574: dad-gasted, adj. A euphemism for damned. ‘Those dad-gasted sheep were in the cornfield all night.’.
[US]Wash. Herald (DC) 23 Dec. 3/4: [cartoon caption] I seen yer dump that gal inter pond, ye dad-gasted hobo!

see separate entry.

dad-rotted (also dad-dratted, dad-ratted)(US)
[US] ‘The Thimble Game’ in T.A. Burke Polly Peablossom’s Wedding 37: You dad-dratted rascal.
[US]G.W. Harris Sut Lovingood’s Yarns 35: Yu dad dratted ole pot-head, that’s his Sunday shut.
Dallas Dly Herald 28 May 5/1: Well, I’ll be dad rotted ef dat nigger [...] ain’t de berry same nigger dat [etc.].
[US]M. Harrison ‘Negro Eng.’ in Anglia VII 257: Interjections [...] Dorg my cats, I’ll be dad-dratted.
[UK]Whitstable Times 28 May 2/5: You dad dratted skunk.
[Scot]Falkirk Herald 24 Nov. 6/6: I think that would be a dad dratted mean trick.
[US]Mt Sterling Advocate (KY) 16 Sept. 4/2: The dad dratted bill collector is putting up his usual stalwart interference.
[US]A.G. Field Watch Yourself Go By 93: Every dadratted stingy critter in the neighborhood would jes’ stan’ outside and peek in fer nuthin’.
[US]Hartford Republican (KY) 28 June 8/3: He is that daddratted stingy he wouldn’t give me [...] a drink.
[US]S. King Stand (1990) 261: I’ll never get the hang of this dad-ratted stick shift!
[Can]M. Atwood Cat’s Eye (1989) 140: Cats [...] scratching and squatting in the soft, newly planted earth, and my father throws clumps of dug-up dandelions at them. ‘Dad-ratted cats,’ he says.
dad-snatched (also dad-shaved, dad-shined)(US)
[US]G.W. Harris ‘Saul Spradlin’s Ghost’ Chattanooga Daily Amer. Union 31 Oct. in Inge (1967) 175: I wishes I may be dad shaved if I minds sayin’ any thing ’bout that.
[US] ‘South-Western Sl.’ in Overland Monthly (CA) Aug. 130: He avows [...] ‘dog my cats if you shall’ or ‘dad-snatched if you can’.
[US]Pulaski Citizen (TN) 10 Aug. 3/3: He said [...] if he was ever elected to anything he’d be dad-snatched if he’d serve.
[US]G.W. Bagby Old Virginia Gentleman (1910) 56: ‘Yes,’ says Jeems [...] ‘I’ll be dad-shim’d if that off mule has been shod yit.’.
dad-swamped (US)
[US]C.H. Smith Bill Arp 47: I’ll be dad-swamp’d if the commissary didn’t keep his flour in ’em – nine barrels to the gun; that’s so, certain and sure.