Green’s Dictionary of Slang

adad! excl.

[dad n.1 ; note adod! excl.]


[UK]T. Killigrew Parson’s Wedding (1664) II v: wild: I must see the Wench. capt.: You cannot, a dad, a dad you cannot.
[UK]Otway Soldier’s Fortune I i: I had rather all the relations I have were dead; a-dad, I had.
[UK]T. Shadwell Squire of Alsatia I i: An you mutter one word more, adad I’ll mince you.
[UK]R. Estcourt Fair Example III iii: Adad, I think this Wine makes my Head a little giddy.
[UK]Vanbrugh & Cibber Provoked Husband V ii: Adad! I have a Thought in my Head, Madam.
[UK]Richardson Sir Charles Grandison (1812) VI 541: ‘Adad, adad,’ said he, ‘I do not know what to make of myself.’.
I. Bickerstaff Love in Village 37: Why, you look as fresh and bloomy to-day. Adad, you little slut, I believe you are painted.
[UK]T. Chatterton ‘Memoirs of a Sad Dog’ Misc. (1778) 197: Adad, thou art in the right.