Green’s Dictionary of Slang

absoballylutely adv.

also absobloominglutely
[SE absolutely + bally adj./blooming adj.1 ]

an intensified version of absolutely, very much indeed.

[UK]Windsor Mag. 4 32: There certainly was something rather — well — surprising. It was the first time Mr. Buffum’s hand had ever controlled machinery. ‘And that's abso-bloomin-lutely nothing to when you first feel her start’.
Longman’s Magazine vol. 45 n.p.: And he was so full of thinking what Old Fireproof would say to him about it, instead of remembering to think only of the work till he was abso-bally-lutely finished, that he nearly lost all .
B. Reynolds Makeshifts and Realities 36: Just to keep her in luxury whilst she does absoballylutely nothing.
[US]Day Book (Chicago) 18 Oct. 11/2: ‘So the ship news reporters slunk away, properly chastened.’ ‘Oh, absoballylutely chastened!’.
Las Vegas Optic (NM) 24 Mar. 7/2: ‘Are you sure you can win?’ ‘Absobloominglutely’.
[UK]W.L. George Making of an Englishman III 299: Oh, don’tcher care, it’s all over, absoballylutely.
[US]Leon Reporter (IA) 15 June 12/1: It was ‘top hole’ absobloominglutely perfect.
[Aus]Aussie (France) 8 Oct. 14/2: A man could multiply instances where bluff failed to work abso-bloomin’-lutely. In fact, you’ll find that the Shrewdies who try to get along in the army by bluff and guff generally crash in the end.
[UK]Motherwell Times 19 Aug. 1/2: Could they do it? Absobloominglutely. And they did.
[UK]O. Onions Peace in Our Time 25: Again Kenneth’s mouth was pursed. ‘Absobloominglutely final.’.
[UK]Kipling Limits and Renewals (1932) 367: ‘Did it cure him?’ I asked. ‘Ab-so-bally-lutely,’ said Keede.
E.C.R. Lorac Bats in Belfry 89: Sure, certain, honest to God abso-bally-lutely certain [...] There can't be another beard like that in London.
[Aus]Argus (Melbourne) 7 Dec. 8/1: There’s abso-bally-lutely no extra charge on medium glasses, ponies, or pixies; yet that doesn’t silence ’em up, at Junee, where men are men and a beer means a schooner.
K.L. Roberts I Wanted to Write 403: Absoballylutely not! Why, it’s like dropping a bit of carrion in Westminster Abbey.
[UK]G. Wagner Dispossessed 55: Absoballylutely raving, I mean.
B. Cleeve Triumph of O’Rourke 211: Right at the window absoballylutely STARKERS!
R. Billington Woman’s Age 40: Unfit for absoballylutely all.
posting at Salamandastron scroll [Internet] I say, chaps, absoballylutely top hole web page.
posting at Druids Grove [Internet] They absoballylutely refuse to look past their own greed and selfish desires to look at the overall picture.