Green’s Dictionary of Slang

balls! excl.

[balls n. (4)]

1. (also bawls!) rubbish! nonsense!

[UK]E. Pound letter 6–12 Sept. in Read Letters to James Joyce (1968) 45: I am so damn sick of energetic stupidity. The ‘strong’ work ... balls!
[Ire]Joyce Ulysses 130: Foot and mouth disease! the editor cried in scornful invective. Great nationalist meeting in Borriss-in-Ossory. All balls!
[US]C. McKay Home to Harlem 130: ‘Bumbole’ was now a popular expletive for Jake, replacing such expressions as ‘Bull,’ ‘bawls,’ ‘walnuts,’ and ‘blimey.’ Ever since the night at the Congo when he heard the fighting West Indian girl cry, ‘I’ll slap you bumbole,’ he had always used the word. When his friends asked him what it meant, he grinned and said, ‘Ask the monks’.
[US]E. Dahlberg Bottom Dogs 266: ‘Good mawnin’’ said the warden, / ‘Merry Christmas to yuse alls,’ / And as he passed back up the aisle, / The prisoners answered, ‘Ba-aals!’.
[US]J. Conroy World to Win 61: The Master of the poorhouse / Strode through the dismal halls / Crying: ‘Merry, Merry Christmas!’ / But the paupers hollered: ‘BALLS!’.
[UK]P. Larkin letter 9 Dec. in Thwaite Sel. Letters (1992) 5: I have a drumming sensation at the back of my skull. My tooth still aches. Balls & anus!
[US]I. Shulman Amboy Dukes 32: Aw, balls [...] I’ve had enough of that jerk for one day.
[US]J. Thompson Alcoholics (1993) 23: ‘Balls!’ shrieked Humphrey Van Twyne III. ‘Balls, balls, balls!’.
[UK]J. Iggulden Storms of Summer 34: ‘I haven’t thought about it.’ ‘Balls, you haven’t!’.
[UK]G. Lambert Inside Daisy Clover (1966) 236: ‘My career is over, everyone says so.’ ‘Big balls. Do you agree with everyone?’.
[US]G. Swarthout Skeletons 7: ‘A great loss,’ he sighed, making conversation, ‘to American literature.’ ‘Balls,’ I said. [...] ‘Big burning balls.’.
[NZ]H. Beaton Outside In Act II: Balls! I was sick of the lot of you.
[UK]Indep. Rev. 18 July 22: Well, balls to that.
[UK]J. Hawes Dead Long Enough 181: You think you need a huge fucking brain to get a Ph.D.? Balls.

2. an excl. of disappointment.

[US]E. Dahlberg Bottom Dogs 209: He heard a small rap at the door [...] It came again; balls, could that soused Swede have followed him, or rung a police alarm.
[US]R. Sabbag Snowblind (1978) 40: Kendricks looked at the sky and frowned. ‘Balls,’ he said out loud. It rained.
[UK]Fraser & Meadows TwentyFourSeven [film script] (1998) 66: (The fish gets away) Oh balls ... That was a bloody monster, did ya see it?
[Ire]F. Mac Anna Cartoon City 60: ‘Shit balls fuck,’ she said. ‘This always happens.’.

In exclamations

balls to...! [balls n. (1) ]

a dismissive excl. aimed at people, objects or circumstances; thus balls to you! balls to that!

[[UK] ‘The Ball of Kirriemuir’ in Bold (1979) 14: Sing balls to your partner, / Arse against the wall; / If ye canna get fucked on Saturday night / Ye’ll never get fucked at all].
[UK]P. Larkin letter 20 Dec. in Thwaite Sel. Letters (1992) 7: Balls to the war. Balls to a good many things, events, people, institutions.
[US]B. Schulberg What Makes Sammy Run? (1992) 274: Balls with that ruining-me-in-this-town stuff.
[UK]F. Norman Bang To Rights 185: Balls to them they wont see me for dust when I get out.
[NZ]G. Slatter Gun in My Hand 205: Balls to that lurk.
[US] in E. Cray Erotic Muse (1992) 339: Balls to Mister Banglestein.
[US]T. Berger Reinhart in Love (1963) 36: Balls to that.
[UK]‘P.B. Yuill’ Hazell and the Three-card Trick (1977) 186: Balls to him [...] As a capitalist he was bearable but as a small-time street grafter he’s bad news.
[UK]K. Amis Difficulties with Girls 140: Oh, balls to you. The pansy-boy act — what was that in aid of?
[UK]A. MacAndrew Bits of String 49: Oh balls to that, don't bang on!
[US]L. Stringer Grand Central Winter (2011) [ebook] ‘Oh, balls to them,’ Barbara croaks, a bit of New Hampshire crustat the edgesof her voice.
[UK]M. Upton Winners Never Lose 182: ‘Oh balls to that’ snapped Mark. ‘We need to get her sorted on her own’.
go to balls!

a general excl. of dismissal.

[UK](con. 1960s) Nicholson & Smith Spend, Spend, Spend (1978) 81: I’m going to tell them all to go to balls, especially bosses.
holy balls!

(orig. US) an excl. of shock, surprise, annoyance etc.

J.K. Bailey PlanetQuake [Internet] Or here’s an idea! Stop smoking the sticky purple passion! Holy balls, can you believe it?! That might actually WORK!