Green’s Dictionary of Slang

dod n.1

also dodd, edod

a euph. for God; usu. in combs., as below; see also dad n.1 and combs.

[UK]Etherege Man of Mode IV i: So, so, so! a smart bout, a very fine bout a Dod!
[UK]J. Eachard (trans.) Plautus’s Epidicus II i: Edod, I thought the Remembrance o’ your last Wife, had frighted you from Matrimony.
[US]J. Neal Brother Jonathan I 104: Dod burn his hide!
[US]J. Neal Down-Easters I 91: Dod butter it all!
[US]A.B. Longstreet Georgia Scenes (1848) 55: Dod darn his soul, if [...] he’d let any man put upon his battalion in such a way.
[US]J.H. Ingraham Pierce Fenning 78: Dods! cousin Pierce, what a race you had with them press-boats!
[UK]Taunton Courier (Somerset) 11 July 4/4: The one will be ‘darned’ and the the other ‘derned’ [...] Should this assertion require additional force, the Northen man will be ‘gaul darned’, and the Southern ‘dod darned’.
[US] ‘The Thimble Game’ in T.A. Burke Polly Peablossom’s Wedding 31: Dod-drapped ef I don’t bet four hundred and fifty one dollars [...] that it’s under the middle thimble.
[US]Manchester Spy (NH) 26 Apr. n.p.: Dod blast you let me go!
[UK]Isle of Wight Obs. 29 Oct. 3/5: I’ll be dod durned ef Reub. wazn’t eatin’ away still.
[US]Edgefield Advertiser (SC) 29 Apr. 4/1: Yeou, all-fired, dod-blasted, dod-rabbited, pesky-lookin’ little tarnel black nigger.
[US]Yorkville Enquirer (SC) 3 July 2/3: Dod forever blast your drowsy head.
[US]Spirit of the Times (N.Y.) 23 May 182/1: I sees a kinder pigeon-hole cut in the side of a house, and over the hole, in big writin’, ‘Blind Tiger, ten cents a sight’ [...] Says I to the feller inside, ‘here’s your ten cents, walk out your wild-cat.’ Stranger, instead of showin’ me a wild varmint without eyes, I’ll be dod-busted if he didn’t shove out a glass of whiskey [DA].
[US]G.W. Harris ‘Letter from Sut Lovingood’ Nashville Union and American XIX June in Inge (1967) 87: Now, Mister, dod durn me if I haint made all the apology necessary.
[US]G.W. Harris ‘Sut Lovingoods Big Dinner Story’ Nashville Union and American XXXIII Aug. in Inge (1967) 164: I’ll agree to be doddrabited, if my bristils ain’t sot this morning.
[US]G.W. Harris Sut Lovingood’s Yarns 22: He’s so dod-dratted mean. [Ibid.] 59: Ef I don’t lizzard him agin, I jis’ wish I may be dod durnd!
Wkly Kansas Chief (Troy, KS) 30 Jan. 1/4: Dod! Keep and eye out!
[US]M. Thompson Hoosier Mosaics 125: When we got to Savanny I couldn’t help letting the conductor know me, so as I passed down the steps of the car I whispered savagely in his ear: ‘Ticket! dod blast you!’.
[US]Yorkville Enquirer (SC) 27 Nov. 1/1: ‘He’s so dod-ratted mean, an’ lazy’.
Meridional (Abbeville, LA) 18 Dec. 2/2: You can smile and smile and get so dod drotted drunk that you can’t tell a champagne cork from a Saratoga trunk.
[US]‘Mark Twain’ Life on the Mississippi (1914) 186: Well, I’ll be dod-derned!
[US] in Overland Monthly (CA) July 69: I ’ull be dod-rabbit ef hit haint the biggest en peertest Jack o’ Lantern I ever sot my tew eyes on in my borned days.
[US]R.G. Hampton Major in Wash. City 49: That dod derned colt.
[UK]Boy’s Own Paper 13 May 522: I’ll be gey sorry to pairt wi’ ye, for ye’ve been a good boy to me, but I’ll no say ye nay, though dod!
[US]O.W. Hanley ‘Dialect Words From Southern Indiana’ in DN III:ii 117: dod dern, interj. A mild oath.
[US]Topeka State Jrnl (KS) 2 June 9/2: There was that dod-durned jackass busy chawin’ the string.
[US]L.W. Payne Jr ‘Word-List From East Alabama’ in DN III:iv 305: dod darn, dod rot, interj. Mild imprecations.
[US]N.Y. Tribune 20 Dec. 8/1: Twenty-fi-five plunks to git to set a hour or so to see a little ol’ dodburned fool playactin’?
[US]T.A. Dorgan Daffydils 9 Jan. [synd. cartoon strip] He was some dodd rotted con swaggler.

In compounds

dod-bimmed (adj.) (also dod binged)

(Aus./US) a euph. for god-damned adj.

[US]R.J. Burdette Rise and Fall of the Mustache 83: It’s no wonder the dog gets lost, when he has so dod binged many names that he don't know himself.
[US]St Paul Dly Globe (MN) 11 Apr. 2/6: He did not care how of the ‘dod-binged newspaper fellers’ saw him.
[US]Witchita Eagle (KS) 22 May 4/4: I’m dod-binged ef it ain’t th’ —.
[US]Pedagogical Seminary 5 374: I’ll be [...] dad fetched, dad binged, dad snatched, dod gasted.
[US]Cape Girardeau Democrat (MO) 5 May 7/1: ‘What you caught?’ says I. ’Not a dod-binged thing,’ says the boy’.
[US]‘Hugh McHugh’ You Can Search Me 91: But I’ll be dod bimmed if I’m going to sit around the parlor and play solos on my bronchial tubes for the edification of strangers – no sir!
[US]St Louis Republican (MO) 29 Jan. 52/1: If you’ll just wait a spell, you’ll see the Rooshians beat the packin’ outer them dod-binged little Japs.
[Aus]E. Curry Hysterical Hist. of Aus. 41: Hoping against hope that they would sink and drown the dod binged ding-bats.
dod-blamed (adj.)

(US) a euph. for god-damned adj.

Rock Island Daily Argus (IL) 19 July 2/4: I just let out and busted his dod-blamed backbone into fo’ty pieces.
[US]Columbian (Bloomsbury, PA) 25 Aug. 4/5: The dod-blamed banks ’s bustin’ up ’n linin’ their pockets with the pore man’s money.
[US]N.Y. Tribune 20 Dec. 8/3: There was the dodblamedest cheerin’, yellin’, and hand clappin’ you ever heard.
dod-blasted (adj.)

(US) a euph. for god-damned adj.

[US]Edgefield Advertiser (SC) 29 Apr. 4/1: Yeou, all-fired, dod-blasted, dod-rabbited, pesky-lookin’ little tarnel black nigger.
[US]Athens Post (TN) 13 Aug. 2/4: The dod-blasted thing’s done gone up here.
Northern Tribune (Cheboygan, MI) 29 Oct. 7/1: I’ve run through ther blamed book a half a dozen times an’ can’t find a dod blasted word about metermony.
[US]St Paul Daily Globe (MN) 16 Aug. 5/3: ‘Great Gabriel,’ he hollered [...] ‘yer dod-blasted b’ar’s fetched loose.’.
Lloyd’s Weekly Newspaper 28 Dec. 5/4: If the dod-blasted hull holds together for two hourse, I’ll do it.
[US]Salt Lake Herald Republican (UT) 13 Mar. 60/3: [cartoon caption] Dod blast your evil mind! [...] Can’t you efen let der last day go bye mitout some dod blasted devilshment.
[US]C.E. Mulford Bar-20 Days 43: You dod-blasted, thick-sculled wooden-heads.
[UK]Eve. Dispatch 22 Feb. 4/1: I don’t wish little Joe any hard luck, but his presence on the battle front will terminate this dod-blasted war.
Herald & News (Neberry, SC) 30 Dec. 5/7: An officer of the law could disport himself [...] just about as he dod-blasted pleased.
dod-busted (adj.)

(US) a euph. for god-damned adj.

[US]Keowee Courier (Pickens Court House, SC) 26 Oct. 1/4: Oh, dod-busted! that’s nuff; you has my pardon.
[US]River Press (Fort Benton, MT) 28 Nov. 1/1: The durned thing wasn’t ripe. / For it doubles me up like a sinner, / With a dod-busted sociable gripe.
[US]Witchita Daily Eagle (KS) 24 May 9/5: He’d be dod-busted ef I could have her.
[US]Yorkville Enquirer (SC) 17 May 4/1: Look, yer dod gast, yer essenshully dog-goned, dod-busted, white-livered impudence — you skip.
[US]Cairo Bulletin (IL) 6 Mar. 2/3: Her desire to know [...] together with his dodbusted pride, laid the foundation [etc.].
Le Meschacébeé (Lucy, LA) 13 Dec. 8/4: I’m going to strike [...] There’s too dod-busted much work around this place.
[US]Chariton Courier (Keytesville, MO) 3 Nov. 3/4: Why [...] are you putting those dod-busted, ding-blasted things there?
dod-fetched (adj.)

(US) a euph. for god-damned adj.

[US]T. Haliburton Nature and Human Nature II 64: I’ll be dod fetched if I meant any harm, but you beat me all holler.
Ashland Union (OH) 20 Apr. 1/5: Grand or travers jury! Dod fetched if I know.
[US]Schele De Vere Americanisms 597: Dod, for God, common especially in New England and the South, and generally used in connection with some equally vulgar form, as, [...] Dodfetched.
[US]Vermont Watchman (Montpelier, VT) 3 Oct. 7/4: Dod fetch the thing, anyhow.
Texas Siftings 7 July n.p.: Then the poet was sore grieved, and he said unto himself, ‘I’m a dodfetched fool’ [F&H].
San Saba Co. News (TX) 6 May 3/2: Gentlemen, dod-fetch it all!
[US]Salt Lake Herald (UT) 8 Feb. 9/3: I’ll be dod fetched!
dod-gasted (adj.)

a euph. for god-damned adj.

Grip 7 85: Well; I s’pose we’ have to gulp it down some way, but I’m dod gasted if it ain’t pretty tough.
Hailing’s Circular 91/1: It needed a dod gasted female idiot to think of that.
[UK]Manchester Courier 10 Dec. 10/5: A Wedding in Wyoming [...] I’ve run through the blamed books a half a dozen times an’ can’t find a dod-gasted word about metrimony [sic].
[UK]Sporting Times 8 Nov. 1/5: ‘What’s the use of that against a dodgasted shovel?’.
[US]C.F. Lummis letter 10 Jan. in Byrkit Letters from the Southwest (1989) 246: I got badly fooled on dinner which I expected to strike at the station alleged by that dod-gasted A. & P. folder to be Angell.
[US]Witchita Eagle (KS) 22 May 4/4: By gum, y’ought ter seen th’ mayor [...] He came back from th’ city yesterday a lookin’ like a dod-gasted dude, b’gosh.
[Aus]Truth (Sydney) 10 Feb. 5/7: Do you thing [sic] I am such a dod-gasted fool as to waste my time.
[US]Coconino Sun (AZ) 14 Jan. 3/2: But the most dodgasted one of all [...] Is that of waitin’ to kiss a girl ‘under the mistletoe’.
[Aus]Bulletin (Sydney) 1 Oct. 16/2: Pull, you blanketty dash asterisks. Pull, you half-baked, dodgasted blanky sons of niggerdom! What were you made for, you swarthy, sodden lumps of blooming misery? Pull, you slummocky fag ends of blanky creation!
[UK]A. Binstead Mop Fair 31: A dod-gasted betting circular from Brussels.
[Aus]Warwick Examiner & Times (St Lucia, Qld) 16 May 8/2: Their father declaring that he would show that ‘dod-gasted’ teacher a thing or two, slapped the girl’s face.
Modern Electrics Dec. 912/2: ‘But I don’t want my ears and eyes and nose stopped up with no dodgasted copper plating,’ protested Eben.
[Aus]Sun. Times (Perth) 25 June 1s/1: That dodgasted old Gift Book.
[US]P.A. Rollins Cowboy 192: Look here, you dodgasted, pale pink, wall-eyed, glandered, spavined cayuse.
[US]H.H. Knerr ‘The Katzenjammer Kids’ [comic strip] Did dey done somet’ing? Enough for a dod-gasted life-time!
[Aus]E. Curry Hysterical Hist. of Aus. 40: A pretty dod gasted ding-whanged, flim-flammin set of thieves, rogues and vagabones.
dod-rotted (adj.) (also dogrotted)

(US) a euph. for god-damned adj.; thus adv. dod-rottedly (see cite 1873).

Baltimore Phœnix & Budget Aug. 177/1: When I was out here this morning [...] they [i.e. snakes] were too dod rotted thick for me, and I had to make tracks.
[UK]M. Reid Scalp-Hunters II 134: That’s a dod-rotted lie!
[US]H.L. Williams Joaquin 85: Give in, you dod-rotted gopher! The woman’s sold you!
Wkly Kansas Chief (Troy, KS) 30 Jan. 1/4: I’d like to know how you came to smash my mouth so dod-rottedly.
[US]F.H. Hart Sazerac Lying Club 58: Stampeded by the dog-goned, dod-rotted --- of Injins.
[Aus]J.S. Borlase Blue Cap, the Bushranger 13/1: Now you dod-rotted skunks, your purses [...] and rings.
Country Mag. n.p.: You ketch us with yer dodrotted foolin’, says he; we hain’t the kind to be fooled [F&H].
[Aus]G. Boothby On the Wallaby 231: No dogrotted woman suffrage about me.
[UK]Marvel 8 Dec. 27: If his dod-rotted liver don’t feel bad, I ain’t Zach Rawlings.
[Aus]Teleg. (Brisbane) 16 July 8/2: So the English, I think you all will agree, / Is the dodrottest language you ever did see.
[UK]‘Katzenjammer Kids’ in Sun. Express (Johannesburg) 5 Sept. n.p.: Didn’t I chust vallop der liddle swabs for making dod-rotted noises.

In exclamations

dod bust...!

(US) a general imprecation, curse, i.e. God-damn! excl.

[UK]Beds. Times 31 July 2/5: [from Spirit of the Times (NY) ]Dod bust me, if he didn’t shove me out of a glass whiskey!
[US]Richmond Times (VA) 21 Mar. 47/2: [cartoon caption] Dod-bust it! Some kind of monkey bizness iss afoot again!
[US]El Paso Herald (TX) 8 Mar. 32/2: Ding-Gast! Dod-Bust! Dum-Foozle!
[US]El Paso Herald (TX) 24 July 25/3: [cartoon caption] Vell, Dod-Bust it, If I ain’t got a screw loose.
dodgast...! (also dodd gast! dod gast it!) [SE gast, to terrify]

(US) a general imprecation, curse, i.e. God-damn! excl.

Grip 7 93/1: ‘Great gracious!’ ejaculated Mrs. Spoopendyke, ‘whereabouts? Where did it happen?’ ‘Out doors, dod gast it!’.
[US]Iola Register (KS) 17 Dec. 6/1: Soap, dod gast it. Gimme soap.
[US]County Paper (Oregon, MO) 25 Mar. 3/1: ‘Where did it happen?’ ‘Out doors, dod gast it!’.
Herald & Tribune (Jonesborough, TN) 3 mar. 4/1: O dod gast it! Look here, stranger, I guess you are a parson?
[UK]Sporting Times 3 Jan. 3/1: ‘What is your opinion of the spot-barred game?’ ‘Dodgast the spot-barred game, and you too!’.
[US]Wichita Dly Eagle 22 May 4/5: Dod gast it all, you dodgasting sons o’ guns.
News & Herald (Winnsboro, ASC) 28 Mar. 1/3: Dodgast yer hard-hearted picter!
[US]Flynt & Walton Powers That Prey 77: Dodd gast that squirt of a wheel.
[UK]Sporting Times 20 Jan. 2/2: Hi, dodgast! / This swine is going to lep me!
[US]Times Dispatch (Richmond, VA) 21 Jan. 4/6: If he should cry, ‘Dodgast the luck!’.
[US]Omaha Daily Bee (Neb.) 24 Oct. n.p.: [cartoon caption] Dod-gast it! Dey would leaf a man to drownd if he could’t swim.
[US]Beaver Herald (OK) 23 Sept. 3/2: He is ruinous — dodgast the stuff he’s brewing us.
[US](con. 1900s–10s) Dos Passos 42nd Parallel in USA (1966) 128: Dod gast it, this is going to be some storm.
[US](con. 1917–19) Dos Passos Nineteen Nineteen in USA (1966) 374: Dod gast it, if this is their spring, I’d hate to think what their winter’s like.
dod rabbit it! (also dadrattit! dod rabbit…!)

(US) a mild oath, a euph. of 16C God rebate it!

Oregon Statesman 13 Nov. 1/1: Dod rabbit it, there goes another ‘saw-buck,’ on the plag’uey jack [DA].
[US]‘Artemus Ward’ ‘Mr Ward Attends a Graffick’ in Complete Works (1922) 167: ‘Dod-rabbit the sworrick,’ says Squire. ‘Say no more about it.’.
[UK]J. Ware Passing Eng. of the Victorian Era 113/1: Dod rabbit it (Amer.). In Charles II’s time it was God rebate (assuage) it. This passed finally in England into ‘Od rabbit it’. Going over to America the phrase was there further changed.
[US]S. King Dreamcatcher 310: Oh dear oh gosh dadrattit number two.
dod rot it! (also dod drot! dod drot...! dod rot…!)

a mild oath of exasperation; also as v.

[US]D. Crockett Col. Crockett’s Tour to North and Down East 90: Dod drot me, if you can even get a drink of cider!!
[US]T. Haliburton Clockmaker III 232: I’ll fetch yau a kick in yaur western end that will give yau the dry gripes for a week, dod drot my old shoes if I don’t.
[US]W.T. Porter Big Bear of Arkansas (1847) 91: Dod drot it, it went sorter hard.
[US]G. Seaworthy Bertie 42: Dod rot it all, Primus [...] You triflin’ feller!
[US] ‘How Mike Hooter Came Very Near “Wolloping” Arch Coony’ in T.A. Burke Polly Peablossom’s Wedding 148: Dod rot that ole Mike Hooter!
[US]T. Haliburton Nature and Human Nature I 229: Dod drot it, you are clear grit and no mistake.
[US]C.H. Smith Bill Arp 49: The good ones are getting killed up, but these skulkers and shirkers and dodgers don’t die [...] Confound ’em, dod rot ’em.
[US]Schele De Vere Americanisms 597: Dod, for God, common especially in New England and the South, and generally used in connection with some equally vulgar form, as Dodrot.
[UK]Newcastle Courant 12 Dec. 6/6: Dod rot me! ef I don’t b’lieve a pack o' coyoats ked chase as many of ye.
[US]L.R. Dingus ‘A Word-List From Virginia’ in DN IV:iii 182: Dod drot, interj. A mild oath.