Green’s Dictionary of Slang

cut v.6

[SE cut off]

1. [mid-19C+] of a man, to have sexual intercourse.

2. [late 19C+] (orig. US) to stab or slash.

3. [late 19C+] to divide, to receive or take a share, e.g. of a manager who takes a percentage of an artist’s or sportsman’s earnings or of criminals dividing up loot.

4. to adulterate, to dilute, to weaken.

(a) [1920s+] to adulterate alcohol, typically of bootleggers making illicit liquor; thus cutting plant n., a place where the adulteration takes place.

(b) [1930s+] (drugs) to dilute a drug with some adulterant; thus cutting house n., a place where the adulteration of drugs takes place.

5. [1940s–80s] (Aus./N.Z.) to finish, e.g. a drink.

6. [1970s+] to give.