Green’s Dictionary of Slang

pipe v.1

[SE pipe, to play a pipe]

1. [early 17C; early 19C+] to talk; esp. as pipe out v., to start talking, to interrupt; hit the pipe v., to inform.

2. [late 18C–19C] to weep; thus piping n. and adj., crying.

3. [early–mid-19C] to breathe heavily, through exertion, e.g. in a prizefight.

4. [1990s+] (US black) to sing.

In phrases

pipe the stem (v.) [stem n. (1)]

[1920s–40s] (US) to beg in a city’s main street.

stretch a pipe (v.)

see separate entry.

take a pipe (v.)

[late 19C] to cry.