Green’s Dictionary of Slang

snorting adj.

also hellsnorting
[snorter n.2 (3)]

a general intensifier, excellent, first-rate, very large, very unpleasant etc.

[US]J.H. Green Reformed Gambler 119: ‘That gentleman, sir, I presume to be a preacher, and its quite likely he’ll accommodate you.’ ‘You know him, don’t you? Just get him to give us a snorting sarmint.’.
Wkly News-Democrat (Emporia, KS) 7 Mar. 2/6: A cold, chilly, cheerless, chopping, hell-snorting, rip-roaring wind came down on us.
[US] in M. Lewis Mining Frontier (1967) 98: Amerriky’s a hell-snortin’ big piece of land.
[Aus]Sydney Sportsman (Surry Hills, NSW) 10 Oct. 1/1: Next to owning a ring-tail, sporting good horse, the best thing is to own a pretty good one.
[US]C.E. Mulford Bar-20 xi: Yore th’ snortingest ki-yi that ever stuck its tail atween its laigs, yu are.
[US]Sun (NY) 10 May 8/2: They have given the fellow one snorting good time.
[US]Times (Munster, IN) 9 June 9/1: In the fifth round of a vicious hel-snorting fight [...] Tremblay [...] tossed in the sponge.
[Aus]M. Garahan Stiffs 289: After a snorting supper we were dallying with black beer.
San Anselmo Herald 25 Apr. 1/1: He radiates peace [...] when everything is quiet in the forests. But give him a man-made fire and he’s a hell-snorting officer of the law.
[US]W. Blair Tall Tale America 1: From the beginning, we Americans have had a better stock of snarling, snorting, rock-ribbed hardships than any other country.
[UK]Guardian G2 18 Aug. 11: Not a snorting great debt, is it?