Green’s Dictionary of Slang

banjee boy n.

also banjee, banjy boy, bungie boy
[? bum boy under bum n.1 /batty-boy under batty n.2 ]

(US black) a gay man who dresses as if he were part of the heterosexual hip-hop culture; also attrib.

E. Xavier ‘Banjee Realness’ [title poem] in Pier Queen.
[US] Queer Sl. in the Gay 90s [Internet] Bungie Boy – Straight-acting, but gay or bi-boy.
[US]Village Voice 18 Jan. 29: Banjee boy categories have been a part of vogue balls since at least the early ’80s.
Luna Music [Internet] The B-side slows to a cantering horse like trot still very heavy on percussion, this is mainly mixed for old skool Banjy boy dancing.