Green’s Dictionary of Slang

batty n.2

[abbr./pron. of SE]

1. [1970s+] (W.I./UK black, also batti, battie) the buttocks; the anus.

2. [2000s] an effeminate male.

3. [2010s] (UK Black) general insult, ased as var. on arsehole n. (3)

In compounds

batty-boy (n.) (also batty bredda, batty-buoy) [Carib. pron. of SE boy/brother]

[1990s+] (W.I./UK black teen) a homosexual; a gay person (usu. a man).

batty-hole (n.)

1. [20C+] (W.I.) the anus.

2. used for emphasis, equivalent of bloody adj. (1), fucking adj., etc.

3. used as a personal insult.

battyman (n.) [1950s+]

1. (W.I.) a homosexual.

2. (UK black) a term of abuse for an unpopular individual, esp. juv.

batty monkey (n.)

[1990s+] (W.I./UK black) a homosexual man.

batty paper (n.)

[20C+] (W.I./UK black) lavatory paper.

batty rider (n.) (also body rider)

1. [1990s+] (W.I./UK black teen, also bati rider) usu. in pl., a type of skimpy, cut-off shorts worn so tight that they ‘ride’ up and expose the sides of the wearer’s buttocks.

2. a homosexual.

batty wax (n.) [SE wax, i.e. excrement]

[20C+] (W.I.) a stupid, gullible person.