Green’s Dictionary of Slang

cookie-pushing adj.

(orig. US) socializing under the guise of performing a job, e.g. of a diplomat (cf. cookie-pusher n.).

J. Daniels Frontier on the Potomac 203: He undertook to refute the general charge of a cookie-pushing Foreign Service.
E.D. Balzell Protestant Establishment 280: With his new dedication to serious public service, he was hardly pleased when he was offered the cookie-pushing, protocol position.
H. Wouk Winds of War 146: Well, well, our cookie-pushing friend!
R. Marcinko Seal Force Alpha 385: Dickhead: Stevie Wonder’s nickname for Marcinko. Diplo-dink: no-load cookie-pushing diplomat.
(con. 1940s) D.L. Anderson Human Tradition in America 230: Provincial conservatives depicted the foreign service as staffed by effete, cookie-pushing, Ivy League internationalist homosexuals and ‘pinks’.