Green’s Dictionary of Slang

sausage n.

also sossidge

1. [mid-19C] in pl., fetters [resemblance].

2. [mid–late 19C] in pl., side-whiskers.

3. [mid-19C+] the penis.

4. [late 19C+] a German.

5. attrib. use of sense 4.

6. [late 19C+] in joc. uses.

(a) an ineffectual, easily imposed-upon person; esp. in teasing phr. silly sausage/old sausage.

(b) an affectionate term of address to an animal.

7. [1900s-10s] (US Und.) a police-dog [sense 4 with ref. to the breed, e.g. a German shepherd, rather than sausage-dog, a dachshund].

8. [1930s] (US) a prize-fighter, esp. one with a swollen, bruised face.

9. [1930s+] a derisory amount, nothing; usu. as not a sausage

10. [1970s] (UK prison) a cannabis or cannabis/tobacco cigarette.

11. [1990s+] (US campus) a man, the male domain; only in combs. such as sausage party

12. see sausage party

In compounds

sausage-box (n.)

[mid-19C] the mouth.

sausage-eater (n.) (also sausage gorger, …mangler, -meat, -spoiler)

[mid-19C+] a German.

sausage-eating (adj.)

[1910s+] German.

sausage grinder (n.)

the vagina.

sausage jockey (n.) (also sausage jocky) [jockey n.2 (3b)]

1. [1980s+] (US) a male homosexual.

2. [2000s] (N.Z.) a sexually active woman; esp. one who prefers the superior position in heterosexual intercourse.

sausage-land (n.)

[late 19C-1910s] Germany.

sausage party (n.) (also sausage, sausage fest)

[1990s+] a social gathering where men outnumber women.

sausage sandwich (n.) [1990s+]

1. intercourse between the breasts.

2. sex between two men and one woman.

sausage smuggler (n.)

[1990s+] a male homosexual.

sausage walloper (n.)

[1910s] a German.

In phrases

eat sausage (v.)

[1980s+] (N.Z.) of a woman, to fellate.

have a live sausage for supper (v.) (also have a live sausage for breakfast)

[19C] of a woman, to have sexual intercourse.

hide the sausage (n.)

[1940s+] (Aus.) the act of sexual intercourse; usu. as play hide the sausage; thus as v.

live sausage (n.)

[mid-17C+] the penis.

not a sausage

[1930s+] absolutely nothing, usu. implying poverty.

sink the sausage (v.)

see under sink v.

slap the sausage (v.)

[2000s] to masturbate.

string of sausages (n.)

[mid-19C] a chain.

SE in slang uses

In compounds

sausage dog (n.) [its German origins and its roughly tubular shape]

[late 19C+] a dachshund.

sausage wrapper (n.) (also sausage wrap)

[late 19C+] (Aus.) a newspaper.