Green’s Dictionary of Slang

prick v.1

[prick n. (1)]

to enter a woman.

[UK]Chaucer Reeve’s Tale ( 1979) line 374: This John the clerk up leep, And on this goode wyf he leith on soore. [...] He priketh harde and depe as he were mad.
[UK]J. Heywood Four P.P. in Farmer Dramatic Writings (1905) 37: But prick them and pin them as nice as ye will, And yet will they look for pinning still.
[UK]Dekker Honest Whore Pt 1 I i: You prickt her out nothing but bawdy lessons.
[UK]Pasquil’s Nightcap (1877) 43: That precious Kate with valour I may tumble. [...] Oh peirce her (pretie Cupid) with thy sting, That I may pricke her with another thinge.
[UK]Mercurius Democritus 10 1–9 June 73: On the green grass by two’s they’l fight and thrust, as well as prick.
[UK]T. Buckley ‘Libel of Oxford’ in May & Bryson Verse Libel 315: A Laundresse now whome boyes did use, / That thought to prick her husbande’s patch.
[UK]J. Wade Vinegar and Mustard B: He was thrust up his Aul into her blind creek, (with a Pox to her) and when you was prickt, her [i.e. she] was give such a kick upward, that her was threw the fellow out of the saddle all along in the dirt.
Gyldenstolpe (2) Prologue: Every little Thing pricks vp so soon That at Fourteen it Hectors up and down With ... the worst Whores in Town’.
[UK] ‘My Pretty Maid’ in Farmer Merry Songs and Ballads (1897) I 204: It is a pretty pricking thing / A pleasing and a standing thing [...] ’Twill serve to Rove, to Prick, to Butt.
[UK] in D’Urfey Pills to Purge Melancholy IV 72: It is a Shaft of Cupid’s cut, / ’Twill serve to rove, to Prick, to butt.
[UK]C. Morris ‘Jenny Sutton’ Collection of Songs (1788) 54: Her Body was a lott’ry fair, / To prick where’er it pleas’d you: / In Arse, or Cunt, or Mouth, or Ear, / She ev’ry way would ease you.
‘Miss Bella’s Pranks’ Coaxing Landlady’s Garland 8: Lawyers and Gentlemen do daily flatter me, And all to get Leave to prick in my Lottery.
[UK]‘Toast’ Secret Songster 48: That pull up their clothes, / As high as their nose, / Prick a monkey – and here goes.
[UK] ‘I Cannot Take It In’ Nancy Dawson’s Cabinet of Songs 38: I pricked her in return, / And she fairly took me in.