Green’s Dictionary of Slang

prick n.

[SE prick, a pointed weapon or implement. Although the OED, with its first citation in 1592, labels it unequivocally as ‘coarse slang’, Partridge suggests that prick was SE before becoming taboo c.1700. The OED’s citation – ‘The pissing Boye lift up his pricke’ (‘R.D.’, Hypnerotomachia) – may appear coarse to modern ears, but it should be noted that piss, certainly, was still SE at the time. In 1540, prick denoted ‘a pert, forward, saucy boy or youth; a conceited young fellow’, thus sense 2. The term is defined as ‘humorous or contemptuous’, but not indecent; it might have referred simply to the lad’s ‘sharpness’. That said, a sexual interpretation is possible, esp. given the synon. princock (lit. ‘prime cock’) alongside which it appears in cit. 1598]

1. (also pricker, prickle) the penis.

[UK]J. Withals Dictionarie in Eng. and Latine ‘Parts of the bodie’ U: The pricke, virga virilis, membrum genitale. Preputium, est pellicula, in sum mitate penis, que glandem tegit.
R.D. Hypnerotomachia 42b: The pissing Boye lift up his pricke.
[UK]Florio Worlde of Wordes n.p.: Pinco, a prick, a pillicock, a pintle, a dildoe. [Ibid.] Scazzata: a thrust, a push, a foyne, or the serving to a woman of a man’s pricke.
[UK]Beaumont & Fletcher Knight of the Burning Pestle V iii: When the yong man’s prick’s in, vp go the maidens heeles.
[UK]L. Barry Ram-Alley IV i: Bloud dost thinke I haue not learnt my prick-song, What not the coutt prick-song? One vp and another downe.
[UK]Massinger Virgin-Martyr II i: Bawdy Priapus, the first schoolmaster that taught butchers to stick pricks in flesh, and make it swell.
[UK]J. Taylor Crabtree Lectures 93: When I in the Spring ride abroad to buy ware, you can furnish your selfe in lent with pricks to serve you all the year after.
[UK]Mercurius Fumigosus 29 13–20 Dec. 227: Dick the lusty Butcher of Eastcheap [...] Who vows his price he will not raise, / But gives her in, and in, both Prick and praise.
[UK]Etherege ‘Mr. E’s Answer’ in Sackville Poems (1979) 115: So soft and amorously you write / Of cunt and prick, the cunt’s delight.
[UK]Rochester ‘A Copy of Verses presented to the K’ in Works (1999) 88: ’Tis sure the sauciest Prick that e’er did swive, / The proudest, peremptoriest Prick alive.
[UK] ‘Satire on Benting’ in Wilson Court Satires of the Restoration (1976) 219: This lady must a Dutchman somewhere get, / For they’ve huge pricks, much money, and no wit.
[Ire]‘Teague’ Teagueland Jests I 127: Mee P— ish on fire, indeed.
[UK] ‘Tom Tinker’ in Farmer Merry Songs and Ballads (1897) I 173: At his first denial I felt very sick, / And he said it was all for a touch of his ---.
[UK]N. Chorier (trans.) of Meursius ‘The Delights of Venus’ in Cabinet of Love (1739) 191: I saw his prick with active Vigour strong, / Thick as my Arm, and, ’Faith, almost as long.
[UK] in D’Urfey Pills to Purge Melancholy VI 266: At his first denial I fell very sick, / And he said it was all for a touch of his [prick].
[UK]J. Dalton Narrative of Street-Robberies 27: They being Lovers of the Sport [...] civilly saluted the Player, wishing his --- and Purse might never fail him.
[UK]Dialogue Between a Married Lady and a Maid II: Towards the upper Part of the C--t, is a Thing they call Clitoris, which, is a little like a Man’s P---k, for it will swell, and stand like his.
[Scot]Robertson of Struan Poems (1752) 256: My Lord had but one p--k To satisfy my Lady’s C-ny.
[UK]J. Wilkes Essay on Woman 19: Prick, Cunt and Bollocks in Convulsions hurl’d.
[UK]Bridges Burlesque Homer (3rd edn) 194: You are in all degrees, / A stranger to such pricks as these.
[UK]C. Morris ‘The Great Plenipotentiary’ Collection of Songs (1788) 40: When to England he came with his Prick in a Flame / He showed it his Hostess at landing, / Who spread its renown through all Parts of the Town / As a Pintle past all understanding.
[UK]‘Bumper Allnight. Esquire’ Honest Fellow 50: Dear Cloe [sic] unbutton my breeches, / My p—k in full vigour does stand; / Don’t be like affected coy bitches / But lake it, while stiff, in your hand.
[UK]Lex. Balatronicum.
[UK] ‘The Man Who Had Too Much Meat’ Cuckold’s Nest 23: Then Mrs. Mule pulled out a rule, / And cries, ‘O deary me, how thick, / O dear, O dear, why I declare, / It’s six inches longer than my old man’s ---’.
[UK] ‘Toasts And Sentiments’ Gentleman’s Spicey Songster 48: Here’s a prick in the lucky bag.
[UK]Old Country Side Doggerel in Halliwell Dict. Archaic and Provincial Words I 798/1: Now if Steenie Smith don’t mend his manners / The skin of his --- shall go to the tanners.
The C — , The Open C — [broadside] And never was seen such a p—k for size, / But welcome it was between her thighs.
[US] ‘The Love Feast’ T.P. Lowry Stories the Soldiers Wouldn’t Tell (1994) 58: When quite undressed, the bower of bliss / Dissolved in one warm rush of piss / Whose briny jet bedewed the nick, / Expectant of the luscious prick.
[UK]E. Sellon Phoebe Kissagen 28: Suiting her actions to her words, she wriggled and plunged under his pricker, oh! you do make me spend!
[UK] ‘The Ball of Kirriemuir’ in Bold (1979) 14: You couldna hear the music / For the swishing of the pricks.
[UK]C. Deveureux Venus in India I 9: Little did I think the last time I withdrew from thy tender passionate embrace, that between thy throbbing cunnie and my prick there were waiting for me, in glowing India, all unknown and unsuspected, other voluptuous women.
[US]‘Bob Sterling’ Town-Bull 12: I lay on my back with a perpendicular prick.
[UK]‘Confessions of a Virtuous Wife’ in Cabinet of Venus 312: His fine young prickle must have been about eight inches.
[UK]Forbidden Fruit n.p.: Call your affair your Prick; you have a grand Prick for your age, my boy.
[UK]Lustful Memoirs of a Young and Passionated Girl 22: She at once took his stiff prick in her hand.
[UK]T.S. Eliot ‘Columbo & Bolo’ Inventions of the March Hare in Ricks (1996) 318: Before another day had passed / Columbo he fell sick-o / He filled the pump with argyrol / And rammed it up his prick-o.
[US] in Randolph & Legman Ozark Folksongs and Folklore (1992) II 586: Prick and Bally ran a race / Up and down a hairy place.
[UK] ‘Rangy Lil’ in Bold (1979) 192: But the half-breed was up to every trick, / He just kept reeling out more prick.
[US]H. Miller Tropic of Cancer (1963) 5: He feels the remnants of my big prick.
[US]H. Miller Sexus (1969) 94: My prick was like an electric eel.
[UK]‘Count Palmiro Vicarion’ Limericks 21: We [...] / Pulls out our pricks and they sucks ’em.
[US]W. Burroughs Naked Lunch (1968) 59: Give me two cunts and a prick of steel.
[US]N. Heard Howard Street 138: You been suckin’ all the come outta a cracka’s prick for two years.
[US]D. Goines Inner City Hoodlum 125: Leslie glanced down at his hard pink prick and shuddered.
[UK]A. Burgess 1985 (1980) 203: Posters [...] being defaced, great pricks and dirty words spraygunned on .
[Aus]M. Bail Holden’s Performance (1989) 161: Even here he managed to sheet back his experiences to the all-embracing terms, Epic, because ‘Every Prick Is Cuntstruck’.
[UK]D. Fallowell One Hot Summer in St Petersburg 125: Having peed he sways zombishly with his fat yellow Slav prick hanging out.
[Aus]P. Temple Broken Shore (2007) [ebook] The truckies had bought their blocks when [...] they were young and paunchless. Now they couldn’t see their pricks without a mirror.
[UK]G. Iles Turning Angel 207: It’s one of the paradoxes of old age [...] Your prick gets weaker but your reasoning gets stronger.
[US]F. Bill Donnybrook [ebook] ‘[Q]uit staring at their pricks’.
[SA]Dly Vox Online 1 Apr. 🌐 ‘They put their pricks in you, didn’t they?’ jokes Memusi.

2. (also pricket) a woman’s term of endearment for a man.

[UK]Florio Worlde of Wordes n.p.: Pinchino, a pillicock, a primcock, a prick, a prettie lad, a gull, a noddie.
[UK]J. Minsheu Ductor in Linguas n.p.: Prick or Pellicock.
H.M. gent Colloquies or Familiar Discourses of D. Erasmus n.p.: One word alone hath troubled some, because the immodest maid soothing the young man, calls him her Prick . . . . He who cannot away with [i.e. stand for] this, instead of ‘my Prick,’ let him write ‘my Sweetheart’ [R].
[UK]M. Stevenson Wits Paraphras’d 131: Close by my Thighs, a gloomy thicket / Lies languishing for thee, my Pricket.

3. (orig. US, also pricker) a general derog. term: an idiot, a fool, an incompetent.

[UK]‘J.H. Ross’ Mint (1955) 80: Prick, to go bobbing round the Corp and taking things on hisself.
[US]V.W. Saul ‘Vocab. of Bums’ in AS IV:5 343: Prick—One in authority who is abusive or unjust.
[US]V.F. Nelson Prison Days and Nights 123: Prisoners who sing in the choir [...] are generally sneered at and despised by the ‘hard-boiled’ element within the prison. Such men generally are called ‘administrative pricks’ and worse names, and suspected of being informers and toadies.
[US]E. Hemingway letter c.4/11 Feb. in Baker Sel. Letters (1981) 501: If I wrote as sloppily and shitily as that freckled prick I could write five thousand words a day.
[US]J. Jones From Here to Eternity (1998) 161: You dont want to let that Bloom character get your goat. Everybody knows he’s a prize prick.
[NZ]G. Slatter Gun in My Hand 91: Got the pricker with me. Slingin off at me he was.
[UK](con. 1940s) G. Morrill Dark Sea Running 197: ‘You’re the most ignorant, dirty-minded asshole I ever knew.’ [...] ‘The world needs assholes like me for pricks like you,’ I said.
[US](con. 1960s) R. Price Wanderers 34: ‘Don’t be a cunt!’ ‘Why not, Richie, what else would a prick go out with?’.
[US]G.V. Higgins Patriot Game (1985) 112: There is no recognizable benefit to being a little prick and prima donna.
[Aus]R.G. Barrett You Wouldn’t Be Dead for Quids (1989) 38: He, you old prick [...] Where’d you find those boots?
[NZ]A. Duff One Night Out Stealing 35: Come on ya fat prick of a truckie, let’s see who breaks first.
[US] Tarantino & Avery Pulp Fiction [film script] 7: Anyone one of you fuckin’ pricks move and I’ll execute every one of you.
[Ire]P. Howard The Joy (2015) [ebook] I felt a bit of a prick [...] asking for cakes, biscuits and bars of chocolate.
[Aus]P. Temple Bad Debts (2012) [ebook] I know that prick killed your wife [...] He was always a dangerous animal.
[UK]K. Sampson Powder 53: He was an arrogant prick, but he was a winner and he’d drag them all with him.
[UK]N. ‘Razor’ Smith A Few Kind Words and a Loaded Gun 104: You don’t dictate to us, you little prick.
[US]E. Weiner Big Boat to Bye-Bye 41: Stephanie steamed. ‘Prick’.
[Aus]M.B. ‘Chopper’ Read Chopper 4 65: Silly old prick’s got one hand on the bible and the other hand on the fridge door.
[UK]K. Richards Life 62: He was such a prick, he couldn’t get along with anybody.
[Ire]L. McInerney Glorious Heresies 65: I don’t care if you never come home, you prick.
[UK]Observer (London) New Rev. 19 Feb. 7/3: ‘Even if I was the shittest prick on earth’.
[Aus]G. Disher Kill Shot [ebook] Lazar had every intention of stealing it, but not in partnership with the little prick.
[US]N. Walker Cherry 196: Everybody thought I was a prick because I was bad at hiding that I thought everybody was an asshole.
[US]D. Winslow ‘Broken’ in Broken 38: ‘You booger-eating little prick’.
[Ire]A. Killilea Boyo-wulf at 29 Feb. 🌐 I, by myself I might add, will take on this absolute giant of a prick!
[Aus]G. Disher Consolation 37: ‘That’s all any of you pricks do is sit’.
[UK]J. Meades Empty Wigs (t/s) 155: Then the malevolent prick dropped a bombshell.

4. (US drugs) a hypodermic syringe.

[US]J.E. Schmidt Narcotics Lingo and Lore.
[US]Hardy & Cull Drug Lang. and Lore.

5. anything phallic, e.g. a flagpole.

[UK]B.S. Johnson All Bull 98: That night, Fortune’s ‘prick’ was still standing.

6. aggression, attacks.

[UK]G.F. Newman You Flash Bastard 57: They had owned the club along Cromwell Road which Jack Manso had taken over as his base. Between them they had stood the prick from Manso, but they were still around.

7. in fig. use of sense 3, applied to experiences.

[Aus]R.G. Barrett You Wouldn’t Be Dead for Quids (1989) 79: I had a prick of a time myself [...] Never stopped bluein’ with me missus the whole bloody time.
[Aus]R.G. Barrett Davo’s Little Something 37: You reckon I haven’t had a nice prick of a bloody day.
[Aus]R.G. Barrett Rosa Marie’s Baby (2013) [ebook] ‘It’s a prick of a day’.

In derivatives

pricky (adj.) (also prickish)

(US) obnoxious, thus n. prickishness.

S. Krim You & Me 276: Most of their crude power-plays come out of ignorance and isolationism rather than calculated prickishness.
I. Asimov’s Science Fiction Mag. 9 29: The extent of his prickishness didn't fully emerge until he twice tried to grope her under cover of his jacket during the adagio.
A.W. Schaef When Society Becomes an Addict 125: One of my friends is frequently ‘prickish’ — hard to be around, sullen, snotty, irritable.
D. Carkeet Full Catastrophe 130: Dan simply didn't seem like a prick. Occasional prickishness toward Beth did not make him a permanent prick.
G. Ranstrom Wild Justice 34: For all his prickishness, I am quite fond of Hodgeson.
rudeboy Forum 2 Sept. 🌐 I told him that I was planning to report the games but I had to turn off my game to report. He started acting really pricky with me, saying ‘its ure problem I dont care’.
[US]W. Ellis Crooked Little Vein 241: That was a prickish thing to do, Mike.
C. Romano Philadelphia Noir 19: A group of prickish frat boys slumming it and cracking racist jokes.

In compounds

prick-arsed (adj.) (also prick-nosed) [-arsed sfx/SE nose]

a term of abuse; thus as n.

[US]L. Sanders Anderson Tapes 152: I don’t like you, prick-nose. But I’m stuck with you. I needed another body and they gave me a sack of shit like you.
[UK]A. Bleasdale Scully 169: Come on, y’prick-nosed bastard.
[UK]A. Sayle Train to Hell 21: What a fucking nob-headed, shit-faced, bollock-brained, turd-shaped, prick-arsed, wanker-faced cunt!
[US]W.T. Vollmann You Bright and Risen Angels (1988) 60: You prick-nosed stingy yellowdog. 9 Oct. 🌐 Prick arsed sons of bitches. This is beneath and stooping to new levels even for a gossip site.

see separate entries.

prick-eating (adj.)

a general derog. term.

Special Instructions to Players prob. hoax doc. ‘issued‘ by US baseball authorities single sheet: Such brutal language as ‘You cock-sucking son of a bitch!’ ‘You prick-eating bastard’ ‘You cunt-lapping dog!’ ‘Kiss my ass, you son of a bitch!’ [...] and many other revolting terms.
prickface (n.)

a general term of abuse, lit. ‘penis face’.

[Aus]B. Humphries Barry McKenzie [comic strip] in Complete Barry McKenzie (1988) 87: Don’t youse speak ill of the dead prickface or I’ll drop you.
W. Herrick Hermanos! 123: That's the diff between socialists and us [...] All a bunch of prickfaces.
‘Robin Cook’ State of Denmark 195: Sometimes, prickface, [...] madness is the only sane course.
[US]H. Rawson Dict. of Invective (1991) 310: The term may be elaborated in many ways, e.g., [...] prick face.
Morris & Cowlishaw Contemporary race relations in Aus. 43: A 33 year old Aboriginal man was charged with offensive language after referring to a police officer as ‘prick face’ and ‘shit head’.
N. Coventon Move On Up 15: ‘Morning prickface,’ he really wanted to say.
P. Marshall Pryck’s Progress 10: He was called Prickface, Prickhead, Prickarse, Prickoff, Prickless and other unsavoury soubriquets.
prickhead (n.) [-head sfx (1)]

1. a fool, a simpleton; used both derog. and affectionately.

[US]M. Kelly Assault 139: ‘Y’full name, prickhead!’ ‘Lars Christian Erikssen’.
N. Jennings Bangin’ Brothers 65: Shut up, prickhead [...] Want to make a real fuss and get the cops involved?
[Aus]R.G. Barrett Godson 309: Prickhead’s sound alseep [...] Just as fuckin’ well.
[NZ]McGill Dict. of Kiwi Sl. 88/1: prickhead term of abuse, usually male, often affectionate.
[Ire]F. Mac Anna Last of the High Kings 135: ‘Get it yourself, prickhead.’ ‘What did you call me?’ ‘Prickhead.’.
[NZ]McGill Reed Dict. of N.Z. Sl. [as cit. 1988].

2. a bald-headed man.

[Ire]J. O’Connor Salesman 92: Head on him like a billiard ball. Prick-head Dalton we used to call him, with him bein’ so bald.
prick-holder (n.) (also prick-purse, -scourer, -skinner)

the vagina.

[UK]Farmer & Henley Sl. and Its Analogues V 288: Prick-holder (-purse, -scourer, or -skinner) = the female pudendum.
prick hole (n.)

the vagina.

[UK]‘Walter’ My Secret Life in Mills (1983) 272: It [i.e. the pubic hair] continued so nearly round the division between prick hole and bum hole.
prick-lick (v.)

1. (US) to perform fellatio; thus prick-lick(er) n., a fellator.

[US]Burgess Papers in K. White First Sexual Revolution (1993) 94: There is a bunch of prick-lickers at the hotel.
[US]B. Rodgers Queens’ Vernacular 52: fellator [...] prick-licker [Ibid.] 154: prick-lick 1. a fellator.
C. Caldwell S&M Truckers 9: ‘Get sucked off ... . fuck ass ... . let some prick-licker have it at the next piss stop’ [...] Lots of cock-hungry queers on the roads.
[US]H. Max Gay (S)language.

2. as an insult, irrespective of sex.

D. Skelton Out of Innocence 167: He’s a worthless prick licker, an’ they hate ’is fuckin' guts.
M. Kalesniko Pucker Up 235: You want that fat prick-licker out there to destroy our lives and run off with Mom .
prick office (n.) [note office n. (1)]

either a brothel staffed by heterosexual male prostitutes or a group of regular brothel patrons.

[UK]Wandring Whore II 10: With the manner of Hammonds erecting of the Prick-Office at the Last and Lyon in East-Smith-field.
prick-stand (n.)

an erection.

[UK]Rosa Fielding 49: [W]orse still, he might be afflicted with that terrible complaint known in the medical vocabulary as ‘prickstand’.
[UK]Cythera’s Hymnal 27: A prick-stand he could not keep down.
prick sucker (n.)

one who performs fellatio, whether male or female.

[UK]Index Expurgatorius of Martial 19: A slanderous tongue is called ‘evil’ or ‘impure’ and so ‘impure man,’ and ‘impure mouth’ is used of a prick sucker or cunt sucker.
M. Crawford Six Key Cut 158: The man grasped the boy and pulled him to him [...] ‘The suds are for Lex, you little pricksucker, and Lex wants his suds.’.
V.P. Viddler ‘Piggy’ on BDSM Library 🌐 Fucking damn shit yeah, baby darlin’ slut daughter, swallow that stuff you fine little prick sucker.
pricksucking (adj.)

of a man or woman, performing oral sex on a man.

[UK]‘Walter’ My Secret Life (1996) V 881: I have had Gabrielle with another woman together since, and see she loves licking another's cunt, as well as prick sucking.
[US]B. Jackson Get Your Ass in the Water (1974) 129: And after the end of the month rolls around and that bitch’s flag jump back in port [i.e. when she menstruates] / then keep every inch a your natural prick right down her pricksucken throat.
P. Tatchell Safer Sexy n.p.: So far as penetrative sex is concerned, fucking without a rubber is infinitely more risky than prick- sucking and arse-kissing.

see separate entries.

In phrases

act the prick (v.)

to behave foolishly.

[Ire]B. Geldof Is That It? 275: It’s just Wembley acting the prick.
[Ire]R. Doyle Commitments 90: Nobody’s goin’ to act the prick with Mickah here.
[Ire]R. Doyle Van (1998) 67: It was enjoyable in a sad sort of way, acting the prick.
all prick and breeches (n.)

a phr. describing a man who is all talk and no action, a braggart, a fake.

[UK]Partridge DSUE (8th edn).
[UK]McConville & Shearlaw Slanguage of Sex 20: The venerable ‘all mouth and trousers’ itself a euphemism for ‘all prick and breeches’ was originally applied to a man whose words spoke louder than his sexual actions.
all prick and no pence (n.)

a phr. describing a man who is all talk and no action, a braggart, a fake; also in fig,. use.

[Ire]Joyce Ulysses 411: Trinity medicals. Fallopian tube. All pricks and no pence.
[UK]‘J.H. Ross’ Mint (1955) 82: Fuck the military [...] All prick and no money.
S. Longstreet Delilah’s Fortune 36: Artists usually are all prick and no pence.
R. Barrett Dubai Dreams 193: When the subsequent property bubble finally popped, Dubai was shown to be ‘all prick and no pence’ and was forced to go cap in hand to Abu Dhabi for a ‘dig out’.
all prick and ribs like a drover’s dog (adj.) (also all prick and ribs like a shearer’s dog, a swaggie’s dog, all prick and sinew like a cattle dog) [swaggie n.]

(Aus.) lean and eager.

[Aus]F.J. Hardy Outcasts of Foolgarah 35: To see them at work, Little Tich all prick and ribs like a swaggie’s dog.
‘Outrageous Aussie Sayings’ at 🌐 All prick and ribs, like a drovers dog. Thin.
[Aus]G. Seal Lingo 163: An extended simile for a thin person — he was like a drover’s dog, all prick and ribs.
[Scot]I. Welsh Porno 316: The wee guy is, as they say, all prick and ribs.
B. Courtenay Four Fires 88: We’d heard Nancy say he'd come back like a drover's dog all prick and ribs.
[Scot](con. 1980s) I. Welsh Skagboys 43: They say that about skinny guys. Aw prick n ribs.
[Aus]G. Gilmore Headland [ebook] He was built like a cattle dog, all prick and sinew.
like a spare prick at a wedding (adv.) (also like a spare dick on a honeymoon) [the assumption is that only the bridegroom is necessary]

absolutely uselessly; often preceded by standing around.

J.A. Cuddon Act of Darkness 57: Always pottering round here like a spare prick at a wedding.
B. Glanville Rise of Gerry Logan 44: Gerry’s always going to stand around in midfield like a spare prick at a wedding.
[UK]B.S. Johnson All Bull 108: I stood there [...] feeling like the proverbial spare prick at a wedding.
[Aus](con. 1941) R. Beilby Gunner 86: For Christ’s sake! Don’t stand there like a lot of spare pricks! Do something!
[UK](con. WW2) T. Jones Heart of Oak [ebook] Look lively, you buggers — don’t stand around like spare pricks at a wedding!
[Aus]Smith & Noble Neddy (1998) 93: When I got off the plane I was lost, with no idea what to do. I was standing there, looking like a spare dick on a honeymoon, when I heard my ‘name’ over the intercom.
[Scot]I. Welsh ‘A Blockage in the System’ in Acid House 79: A polisman standin aroond like a spare prick.
[Scot]I. Welsh Filth 4: Gus Bain [...] looking like a spare prick at a hoor’s convention.
[UK]B. Hare Urban Grimshaw 95: I was a superfluous man, superfluous to society’s needs [...] I felt like a spare prick at a wedding.
may your prick and purse never fail you (also may the two Ps never fail you, may your purse never fail you )

a popular toast.

[UK]N. Ward Compleat and Humorous Account of Remarkable Clubs (1756) 283: The second, To their Cuckoldy Husbands, wishing the two P’s may never fail ’em.
[UK]N. Ward Wine-Bibber’s Wish in Miscellaneous Works IV 34: Come gossip, here’s the foresaid Health, May they have always Strength and Wealth, That the two PPs may never fail ’em.
[US]Whip & Satirist of NY & Brooklyn (NY) 10 Dec. n.p.: ‘May my purse or my — never fail me, yet one has,’ he continued.
more pricks than a pin-cushion (also more pricks than a (second-hand) dartboard, ...than a second-hand primus)

used of a promiscuous woman or gay man; usu. as she’s had more pricks...

[Aus]B. Humphries Barry McKenzie [comic strip] in Complete Barry McKenzie (1988) 73: Your little Aussie rosebud has had more pricks than a pincushion.
[Aus]B. Humphries Barry McKenzie [comic strip] in Complete Barry McKenzie (1988) 119: I bet this sheilah’s had more pricks than secondhand primus.
[UK]T. McClenaghan Submariners II i: She’s had more pricks than a pin cushion.
M. Cole Dangerous Lady [e-book] Christ almighty, she's had more pricks than a second-hand dart board!'.
[UK]C. Dexter Remorseful Day (2000) 27: Like I said, that woman had more pricks than a second-hand dart-board.
[NZ]McGill Reed Dict. of N.Z. Sl. 182: Seen more pricks than a dartboard/pincushion Promiscuous person. ANZ.
R. Lamb Atlanta Blues 52: He’s had more pricks than a pincushion [...] I, on the other hand, am unspoiled goods.
[Aus]B. Matthews Intractable [ebook] [S]he’d [i.e. a trans-sexual] had more pricks than a second-hand dartboard.
Queen & Dillon Sweet Gums 100: Rita’d had more pricks than a pin cushion.
B. Holmes Twitter 17 Sept. 🌐 At the moment I can’t get enough cock. I’m getting more pricks than a second hand dartboard.
pour the prick (v.)

(US) of a man, to have sexual intercourse.

[US] in Randolph & Legman Ozark Folksongs and Folklore (1992) II 667: But he called her hand on every trick / And just kept pouring on the prick.
T. Curzon Gift of Tongues 39: Fuck me like a big dog, Keith... really pour the prick to me.
S. Baker At His Command 21: Vivian [...] began to pour the prick to her in shorter, more rapid strokes.
pull one’s prick (v.)

1. to masturbate [pull v. (8)].

[US]H. Selby Jr Last Exit to Brooklyn 299: Mike laughed at Sal and toldim he could go home and get laid and Sal had to pull his prick.
[UK]G.F. Newman A Prisoner’s Tale 62: You might as well fuck off – pulling my prick’s more value than talking to you.
J.D. Reed Free Fall 49: ‘Why don’t you go pull your prick, Mason?’ she said.

2. (US) to promote oneself.

[US]H. Gould Fort Apache, The Bronx 94: There you go pullin’ your prick again.
pull someone’s prick (v.)

to tease, to deceive.

[US]E. Torres Q&A 57: Don’t pull my prick, Valentin. I know everything that goes on.
N. Tosches Cut Numbers 21: I could pull your prick and tell you it’s white death, but I don’t do that.
put some flick in one’s prick (v.)

(Aus.) of a man, to increase one’s potency.

[UK](con. 1940s) G. Dutton Andy 199: Merv [...] insisted on offering one [i.e. a beer] to Ian. ‘Come along, matey, it’s the best. Cascade. Put some flick in yer prick.’.
with one’s prick in one’s hand

(US) in an embarrassing or disadvantageous position.

[US]D.B. Flowers Bangs 268: [He] absconded, leaving Doherty and Roberts alone in a cheesy motel with no cash and no product, pricks in hand, as the saying goes.