Green’s Dictionary of Slang

playa n.

[player n. (2); part of the general sp. changes used by gangsta n. (1) rappers]
(US black)

1. anyone who uses wit, charm, intelligence to gain objectives, whether honestly or (more usu.) dishonestly; also attrib.

[US]College Sl. Research Project (Cal. State Poly. Uni., Pomona) [Internet] Playa (player/playette) (noun) 1. A person who can manipulate people or things to his/her advantage. [...] 2. A person with one or more relationships with a different person at the same time. [...] 3. Male or Female that kicks wit someone else even while goin’ wit someone. [...] 4. Usually a male with many girlfriends.
[UK]Guardian Rev. 23 July 13: I’m not lookin’ for no arrogant egotistical playa shit!
[UK]Guardian Guide 22–28 Jan. 28: I’m The One Tru Playa.
[US]W. Shaw Westsiders 231: There is a fashion for making ‘R’-rated videos now [...] they project an appropriate ‘playa’ image.
[US]A. Steinberg Running the Books 175: Arlo, man, you’re okay [...] You’ an undercover playa - I like that.

2. a womanizer.

[US]Eble Campus Sl. Fall 8: playa – person, usually a male, who dates or sleeps with a lot of different people at once.
[US]50 Cent ‘In da Club’ [lyrics] If you watch how I move you’ll mistake me for a playa or pimp.
[US]Eble Campus Sl. Apr.

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playa from the Himalaya (n.) [assonance, plus the importance/size of the mountain range]

(US black) one who is popular with the opposite sex.

[US]Ebonics Primer at [Internet] playa from the Himalaya Definition: a person that is popular with the opposite sex Example: I’ll hump dat hoe cause you know I’m a playa from the Himalaya.