Green’s Dictionary of Slang

brickie n.

also brickey, bricky

a bricklayer.

[UK]Islington Gaz. 14 Apr. 3/1: The Johnsville Brickey answered the shout [...] with an exultant whoop.
[UK]Siliad 82: He the ‘brickeys’ gained, whilst Squiros swore.
[UK]D.W. Barrett Life and Work among Navvies 36: Why, poor ‘Old Bricky-Ned’ as had the misfortune to break his leg.
[UK] ‘’Arry on Ochre’ in Punch 15 Oct. 169/2: Laps beer when he can, like a bricky, though brandy’s his mark.
[UK]M. Williams Round London 23: The ‘bricky’ from Edgware or Tottenham, with his Sunday shaved chin and his best bright moleskins.
[Aus]Sun. Times (Perth) 16 Sept. 4/7: Me old pot was a brickey’s lab’rer over in Vic.
[Aus]Lone Hand (Sydney) July 273/2: ‘It’s some bricky wants pa.’ ‘He’s no bricky’.
[Aus]Bulletin (Sydney) 29 Aug. 2/3: The bricky doesn’t lay his bricks, / The joiners join their task to shirk.
[Aus]Mirror (Perth) 26 Jan. 10/7: A is for Artie, a brickie by trade.
[US]P. Di Donato Christ in Concrete 289: There’s a hundred brickies and sixty hodcarriers.
[Ire](con. 1940s) B. Behan Borstal Boy 246: A bricky or a plasterer is a skilled man.
[UK]H. Livings Stop it, Whoever You Are (1962) Act IV: Four years building and nobody thought of that. What did the brickies do?
[Aus]Lette & Carey Puberty Blues 53: Bruce’s father was a brickie’s labourer.
[Aus]C. Bowles G’DAY 19: Australians are Aussies, bricklayers are brickies, biscuits are bikkies—it has never been satisfactorily explained why Australians are so fond of putting ‘ie’ on the ends of words and virtually converting their language into baby talk.
[UK]T. Blacker Fixx 146: Middle-class timer-wasters [...] dressed up like brickies.
[Aus]P. Temple Bad Debts (2012) [ebook] Came out here with two pounds and holes in his socks. Got a job as a brickie, didn’t know a brick from a banjo.
[UK]N. Cohn Yes We have No 230: He lacks the brickie’s machismo.
[UK]N. Griffiths Grits 318: Wharrer yer gunner tell the foreman? Tha yerra bríceadóir? No, uv course not — a fuckin brickie is what yull sey.
[UK]H. Mantel Beyond Black 314: Did you think I was a brickie from off the building site?
[Aus]P. Temple Broken Shore (2007) [ebook] Jesus, mate, I’m just a fuckin brickie.
[UK]Sun. Times 19 Dec. 15/6: ‘Problems with the brickie,’ ‘the sparkie has flu’ and dozens of similar excuses.
[Ire]L. McInerney Rules of Revelation 11: [S]peaking disrespectfully to brickies who made overtures in the Irish clubs.

In compounds

brickie’s brunch (n.)

(Aus.) a six-pack of cheese-and-bacpon rolls and a large red Gatorade; or, a cup of tea.

[Aus]Betoota-isms 100: Brickie’s Brunch [...] 1. Cheese and bacon rolls (six-pack) and a 600ml red Gatorade 2. Convenient smoko/morning tea purchased at Bakers Delight.
brickie’s laptop (n.)

(Aus.) a poker machine. 24 Nov. 🌐 Local labourer can't wait to play the brickie's laptop down the pub tonight.
Facebook 9 Mar. 🌐 The government's new 'brickie's laptop' initiative will ultimately empower every low income family to have a poker machine-related debt in their home by 2021, says the Premier. 6 Sept. 🌐 The only difference between the big fella and us ordinary punters deleting our paycheques on the brickie's laptop every other weekend?