Green’s Dictionary of Slang

bacon n.1

[SE bacon; the role of bacon as the staple meat of peasant England]

1. [late 16C–17C] human flesh, a human being.

2. [late 16C–17C] a rustic, a clown; also attrib.

3. [17C] the genitals.

4. [1900s–40s] money [the rich fattiness of the meat is a metaphor for wealth].

5. [1910s+] the penis.

6. [1930s] (US) prey, synon. with meat n. (5)

7. [1990s+] (US campus) a woman.

8. [1990s+] (US black) the good life, material success [the rich fattiness of the meat is a metaphor for wealth].

In compounds

bacon bonce (n.)

see separate entry.

bacon-faced (adj.)

[early 17C–late 19C] fat-faced, heavily jowled; thus bacon-face n., a term of abuse.

bacon-fed (adj.) [the qualities of the cooked pig]

[late 16C–early 19C] fat, greasy.

bacon hole (n.)

[1940s+] the mouth.

bacon picker (n.)

[mid-17C] a glutton.

bacon sandwich (n.) [coarse fig. use of SE]

[2000s] the vagina; one of a number of terms that equate the vagina with raw meat.

bacon slicer (n.) [the occupation]

[mid-17C] a rustic, a yokel.

bacon strips (n.)

[1990s+] the labia majora.

In phrases

bring home the bacon (v.) (also bring home the gravy, transfer the bacon) [fig. use of sense 4 above/SE]

[20C+] to deliver whatever is requested and required.

cook someone’s bacon (v.) (also fry someone’s bacon)

[mid-19C–1900s] (US) to ruin, to cause difficulties or unhappiness for someone else.

long bacon (n.)

[20C+] the gesture of ‘thumbing one’s nose’; thus make/pull long bacon.

make bacon (v.)

1. [1920s] (Irish) to guarantee.

2. [1970s+] (US) to have sexual intercourse [the first recorded ‘citation’ (HDAS) in 1973 is of a T-shirt picturing copulating pigs, captioned ‘Making Bacon’, but note pork v. (2); pork sword under pork n. etc].

pull bacon (v.) (also show bacon)

[late 19C] to thumb one’s nose.

rub bacons (v.)

[late 19C–1900s] to have sexual intercourse.

save one’s bacon (v.) (also save one’s beef) [lit./fig. use of sense 1 above]

[mid-17C+] to escape safely from a place or situation; thus anton. lose one’s bacon, to fail to escape safely.

save someone’s bacon (v.) (also save the bacon)

[late 17C+] to rescue someone from difficulties; to rescue a situation from disaster.

slake the bacon (v.) [assonance, but note sense 3]

[1990s+] to masturbate.

vertical bacon sandwich (n.)

[1990s+] (US) the labia majora.