Green’s Dictionary of Slang

act the hog v.

also run the hog
[the assumption is that animals are naturally foolish]

to play the fool.

[US]Advocate & Topeka Trib. (KS) 2 Nov. 5/2: We have always done the square by you. We don’t expect to act the hog in dividng the money.
South Wales Echo 26 Aug. 4/4: He tried to act the hog and treat me like a dog, but I soon showed him he was playing horse with the wrong man when he monkeyed with me.
I. Broome Last Days of the Ruskin Co-operative 81: If they want to act the hog, let them act it.
G.H. Lorimer Jack Spurlock (2007) 330: Why, dash it all, man, I would n’t let myself act the hog like that fo’ yo’ whole blank railroad.
D. Albert Police Power of the State and the Public School 81: Only to have the boys act the hog in wanting the whole thing.
[US]Z.N. Hurston Jonah’s Gourd Vine (1995) 67: Dis gal done provoked me [...] Ah’ll show her she can’t run de hawg over me.