Green’s Dictionary of Slang

lemon (curd) n.

[rhy. sl.]

1. a piece of excrement [turd n. (1)].

[UK]R. Puxley Cockney Rabbit.
[UK]R. Puxley Fresh Rabbit.
[UK]B. Dark Dirty Cockney Rhy. Sl. 73: I realized that I’d trodden in a lemon curd.

2. a woman [bird n.1 (1b)].

[UK]I. Welsh Trainspotting 28: A fat hound has waddled out in front ay the lemon wi the VPLs.
[UK]J. Cameron Hell on Hoe Street 234: Not got your lemon curd with you I hope?
[UK]B. Kirkpatrick Wicked Cockney Rhy. Sl.
[UK]B. Dark Dirty Cockney Rhy. Sl. 73: We’ve got to go that new club. You should see the lemon curds there.
[UK](con. 1980s) I. Welsh Skagboys 350: Thir no gaunny take too kindly tae some cunt cowpin thair lemon curd.