Green’s Dictionary of Slang

kennel n.1

[SE kennel, a gutter]

the vagina.

[UK]Rochester ‘The Argument’ Poems on Several Occasions (1680) 35: Twelve times I scour’d the Kennel ’twixt her Thighs, / The cheating Jilt, at th’Twelfth, a Dry-Bob cryes.

In compounds

kennel-raker (n.) [SE raker; SE kennel-raker ‘a raker of the gutter; a scavenger; also used as a term of abuse’ (OED)]

the penis.

[UK]Farmer & Henley Sl. and Its Analogues.
[US]Maledicta IV:2 (Winter) 191: Thus the mouse goes into the mousehole, the carrot is used to tempt the cunny-warren, the kennel-raker rakes the kennel.