Green’s Dictionary of Slang

kennel n.2

1. a police cell.

[UK]Reading Mercury 31 July 4/5: He was too drunk to know he had been snoring in the kennel in Piccadilly and bowed affably [...] when told he was discharged.

2. a house.

[UK]Dundee Courier 26 Nov. 4/2: This rinsing-out of a fashionable courtesan’s kennel generally brings very high prices for articles of vertue, or vice, put up for sale .
[UK]W.H. Davies Beggars 104: House – kennel.
[UK]W.H. Davies Adventures of Johnny Walker 190: [as cit. 1909].
[US](con. 1910–20s) D. Mackenzie Hell’s Kitchen 119: Kennel ... house.

3. (US) a booth, any small structure reminiscent of a dog-kennel.

[US]S.J. Perelman in Marschall That Old Gang o’ Mine (1984) 33: They [...] run an estaminet and hot-dog kennel on the Broadwalk during the day.

SE in slang uses

In compounds

kennel show (n.) [play on dogs n.1 (1)]

(US milit.) foot inspection.

[US]S.F. Chronicle 1 June H5/7: The draftees assigned to Camp Claiborne, in Louisiana, got out a glossary of slang terms to describe everyday things in army life [...] The Louisiana lads call [...] foot inspection, a ‘kennel show’.

In phrases

roll me in the kennel (n.) [SE kennel, the gutter; the drunken toper will sleep anywhere]


[UK]T. Walker The Quaker’s Opera I i: qu.: What hast thou got? poor: Sir, you may have what you please, Wind or right Nantz, [...] or Apricock-Water, or Roll-me-in-the-Kennel, or Diddle.
snoring kennel (n.)

a bedroom.

[UK]N. Ward London Spy III 49: When [...] we had made our selves tolerable Figures to appear by Day-light, we descended from our Snoaring-Kennel.

In exclamations