Green’s Dictionary of Slang

bunny n.1

[SE bunny, an affectionate name for both rabbits and squirrels]

1. in sexual contexts.

(a) [17C+] the vagina.

(b) [early 18C; 1940s+] a sexually attractive young woman; also of young homosexual men.

(c) [20C+] (US black) a promiscuous woman, whose habits emulate the preoccupations of rabbits.

(d) [1920s+] (US) a male or female homosexual prostitute.

(e) [1920s+] a sanitary towel.

(f) [1930s+] (US) the buttocks, the anus.

2. [late 19C] (US campus) rarebit.

3. from stereotypes of the animal.

(a) [1930s+] (orig. US/Aus.) a fool, a simpleton.

(b) (Aus.) a scapegoat.

(c) [1990s+] a poor player of a sport.

(d) [2000s] (US black) a weakling.

4. [1930s+] rabbit fur, as used for making garments; thus the garments themselves.

In compounds

bunny basher (n.) [bash v. (1)]

[2000s] (S.Afr. gay) a homophobic male who beats up gay men.

bunny boy (n.)

[1940s+] (S.Afr.) a male homosexual.

In phrases

bush bunny (n.)

[1920s+] (Aus.) a gullible fool; used derog. for a country person.

cuddle bunny (n.) [the popular US children's soft toy]

[1940s–50s] (US) an affectionate, passionate or sexually alluring young woman.

ski bunny (n.)

[1960s+] (US) a woman who frequents ski resorts to solicit rather than to ski; orig. used of any skier.

surf bunny (n.) (also surf chick)

[1950s+] (US) a woman who associates with surfers.

does your bunny like carrots?

see under carrot n.

SE in slang uses

In compounds

bunny boiler (n.) [f. a scene in the film Fatal Attraction (1987)]

[1990s+] an unstable woman.

bunny hug (n.) (also the probable origin of the fur)

[1910s] (Aus.) a cheap fur muff.

bunny hugger (n.)

[1980s+] an environmentalist, esp. an anti-blood sport campaigner; thus bunny-hugging adj.