Green’s Dictionary of Slang

bunnow v.

[Hind. बनाओ (banāo), imperative of बनाना (banānā) to create or make]

(Anglo-Ind.) to counterfeit, to fabricate.

[Ind]in Yule & Burnell Hobson-Jobson (1886) 99/2: Young Grant and Ford the other day / Would fain have had some Sport, / But Hound nor Beagle none had they, / Nor aught of Canine sort. / A luckless Parry came most pat / When Ford – ‘we’ve Dogs enow! / Here Maitre – Kawn aur Doom ko Kaut / Juld! Terrier bunnow! [lit. ‘Mehtar, cut his ears and tail, quick! Make a terrier!’].
[Ind]N. Cheevers Manual of Medical Jurisprudence for India 86: As we are not writing a work on evidence, but merely desire to show reason for cautioning medical jurists in India not to be too easily satisfied with specious evidence, we shall be satisfied with choosing for illustration, out of many, one kind of benowed or prepared evidence, which Goodeve designates The too perfect.