Green’s Dictionary of Slang

chokebored adj.

also chokebore
[SE chokebore, a shotgun of which the bore narrows towards the muzzle, keeping the shot together and increasing the effective range]

(US) (of a person) thin; thus chokebore pants, trousers that narrow towards the bottom, esp. riding breeches.

[US]R.F. Adams Western Words (1968) 64/1: Choke-bored pants – A name given the flare-hipped, tight-kneed riding breeches of the Easterner.
[US]McCulloch Woods Words n.p.: Choke-bored — A thin man, or a long-legged skinny man [...] Choke-bore pants – Breeches worn by dudes in the woods and much sneered at by loggers.
[US] in DARE Chokebore britches.