Green’s Dictionary of Slang

choked adj.

[SE choke]

1. (also choked off, choked up, choky) upset, annoyed, depressed, having ‘a lump in one’s throat’.

[Aus]‘Rolf Boldrewood’ Colonial Reformer III 112: They’ve [cattle] had something to eat, but they’re pretty well choked for a drink.
[US]Eve. Star (Wash., DC) 11 Sept. 20/2: They’re there with the big-noise mitt for the goody folks and the hiss-ss-ss thing for the punkerinos and the briny gag for the choky passages.
[UK]T. Burke Nights in Town 127: Feel all choky, like, don’t you? [...] You’ll be all right in a minute.
[Ire]Joyce Ulysses 11: Have you a key? a voice asked. — Dedalus has it, Buck Mulligan said, Janey Mack, I’m choked.
[US]T. Thursday ‘Twin Lose or Draw’ in Popular Sports Spring [Internet] ‘Thanks, kid,’ I said, somewhat choked.
[US]J. Thompson Swell-Looking Babe 15: He was too choked up, blind with anger.
[UK]F. Norman Guntz 14: When I woke [...] Jess had gone and I was double choked.
[UK]E. Bond Saved Scene viii: Don’t yer get choked off.
[UK]P. Theroux Murder in Mount Holly (1999) 15: He got choked up. Something of a patriotic nature always brought rheum to his eyes.
[US]N. Thornburg Cutter and Bone (2001) 242: Just because she [...] didn’t get all choked up about stumps and scar tissue.
[UK]F. Norman Dead Butler Caper 130: I was beginning to feel choked off with the pair of them.
[UK]S. Berkoff West in Decadence and Other Plays (1985) 110: If at twelve o’clock I walk home on my tod sloan I would be well and truly choked.
[UK]Observer Rev. 4 July 12: I was choked up at the time.
[UK]Guardian G2 26 May 2: He was absolutely choked up to see the effect that the garden made on people.

2. (also choked up) overcome with laughter.

[US](con. 1936) G. Fowler Schnozzola 193: Durante choked up, and Lou lent him his handkerchief.
[Ire](con. 1940s) B. Behan Borstal Boy 266: I’m bloody choked.

3. (US campus) drunk.

[US]Eble Campus Sl. Mar.
[US]Eble Sl. and Sociability 127: Slang terms for drunkenness from just the two school years 1990–92 show great linguistic energy: [...] caked, choked, crocked.

In phrases

choked down (adj.) [the collar and tie]

(US black) well dressed.

[US]E. Folb Runnin’ Down Some Lines 111: There is even a larger vocabulary that refers to being well dressed ([...] dressed down, dapped down, choked down).
choked up (tight) (adj.) [the tight collar and tie to which the wearer is unaccustomed]

(US black) formally dressed, spec. in a buttoned-up shirt; thus as v. to dress up.

[US] ‘Honky-Tonk Bud’ in D. Wepman et al. Life (1976) 54: He was choked up tight in a white-on-white / And a cocoa front that was down.
[US](con. 1950s) D. Goines Whoreson 116: You done got sharp, and even choked up tight on me.
[US]E. Folb Runnin’ Down Some Lines 48: Dis dude, he be all choked up.
[US]N. Heard House of Slammers 86: [as cit. a.1964].