Green’s Dictionary of Slang

piss off v.

[piss v. (1)]

1. (also piss out) to leave.

[[Aus]W.H. Downing Digger Dialects 39: p.o.q. — go away!].
[UK]‘J.H. Ross’ Mint (1955) 155: You piss off, Pissquick. Nobody loves you, in my squad.
[UK]J. Maclaren-Ross Of Love And Hunger 176: ‘Righto, Barnes. Fall out. See you all next week,’ and with that he pissed off in his Packard.
[UK]K. Amis letter 30 July in Leader (2000) 561: She pissed off at about 9.
[Aus]L. Haylen Big Red 2: If he wasn’t drunk I’d drop him. Down like a tack. If it wasn’t for Mum I’d piss off.
[Aus](con. 1941) R. Beilby Gunner 148: ‘What do you mean gone,’ Whiteside demanded. ‘What I said [...] Pissed off. Imshied.’.
[UK]Flame : a Life on the Game 14: Piss off back to the man you’ve just been with.
[Aus]R.G. Barrett White Shoes 258: Him and KK are as thick as pig shit; they’re always pissing off together.
[UK]D. Fallowell One Hot Summer in St Petersburg 221: Then she pissed off to the Crimea.
[Aus]P. Temple Black Tide (2012) [ebook] Given it a lot of thought [...] Reckon I’ll tell him to piss off.
[Aus]T. Winton ‘Big World’ in Turning (2005) 2: I dream of escaping, pissing off north.
[Aus]P. Temple Broken Shore (2007) [ebook] ‘Rich bastards pissouta Port!’ he shouted.
[Aus]N. Cummins Tales of the Honey Badger [ebook] It wasn’t long before half the first-grade side pissed off.

2. (also piss up) to annoy; thus pissed-offness, a state of anger; thus euph. as wee-wee off v.

[US] in T. Shibutani Derelicts of Company K (1978) 197: Them fuckers piss me off.
[US]J. Jones From Here to Eternity (1998) 162: No wonder you’re pissed off.
[UK]R. Mais Hills were Joyful Together (1966) 150: You know somep’n boy, she’d piss you up. That baby she’s tough. She’d make you piss.
[US](con. early 1950s) J. Peacock Valhalla 279: Giff forced himself to [...] look down at the Kizer, seeing the red glimmer of his pissed-offness.
[NZ]G. Slatter Pagan Game (1969) 164: The selector had a snitch on me — He wee-wees me off.
[US]D. Mamet Sexual Perversity in Chicago (1994) 95: That pisses the fuck off outta me.
[US]J. Ellroy Brown’s Requiem 33: The idea of being stiffed by a golf course flunky pissed me off.
[Ire]P. Howard The Joy (2015) [ebook] [He’s] mooching around outside, too scared to come in in case he pisses me off.
[US](con. 1970s) G. Pelecanos King Suckerman (1998) 65: Dewey called Jimmy Toothpick just to piss him off.
[US]W. Shaw Westsiders 179: It pisses him off that the landlord lets them come here and rip him off.
[US]C. Carr Our Town 267: Dusty just radiated rage. [...] ‘And you know something that really pisses me off?’ Dusty continued.
[UK]K. Richards Life 27: She pissed me off because she [...] could always run faster than me.
[US]S. King Finders Keepers (2016) 293: He pissed me off, Pete. Do you want to piss me off?
[UK]in Guardian 30 June [Internet] Well he [i.e. Boris johnson] has just pissed off 17 odd million white, uneducated, low IQ racist swivel eyed loons, so best stay indoors for a while.

3. in trans. use of sense 1, to send someone away.

[Aus]R.G. Barrett You Wouldn’t Be Dead for Quids (1989) 13: If I had my way [...] I’d piss you off back to bloody stinken Queensland.
[Aus]R.G. Barrett Mystery Bay Blues 26: When are you going to piss Warren off and get with me?