Green’s Dictionary of Slang

come-on adj.

also coming-on
[come-on n.]

(orig. US) alluring, seductive; orig. non-sexual, later sexual.

[UK]S.E. White Rules of the Game 109: Great country! If you listen to all that come-on stuff you may be disappointed — at first.
[UK]C. Mackenzie Sinister Street I 438: Doris is of a very coming-on disposition.
[US] in P. Smith Letter from My Father (1978) 123: A charming tidbit in a ‘come-on’ negligee.
[US]O.O. McIntyre New York Day by Day 30 July [synd. col.] A group of card sharps are reported to be trimming actors with a unique ‘come on’ game.
[UK]L. Thomas Woodfill of the Regulars 58: The goo-goos let it ferment, and then put a little red bark in it to give it a foxy flavor and a come-on color.
[US]C. Himes ‘Prison Mass’ in Coll. Stories (1990) 173: He stood up in a lousy pawn shop and let the law clip him like a ‘come-on’ doll clipping a farmer at a country fair.
[US](con. 1920s) J.T. Farrell Judgement Day in Studs Lonigan (1936) 486: He saw a baby-faced girl, giving the fellow a come-on glance.
[Aus]L. Glassop Lucky Palmer 32: Now I’ll be able to have a crack at that little redhead who’s been giving me the come-on signal as she dances by.
[US]N.Y. Times 19 June 40: Advertisements in ‘girly’ magazines were ‘come-on’ material, replies to which brought a group of pin-ups.
[US]J. Rechy Numbers (1968) 221: Two girls, young and cute, give him come-on smiles.
[US]B. Rodgers Queens’ Vernacular 54: come-on picture (early ’60s) alluring photograph of a sensual naked man ‘The covers of most fag-mags are come-on pics with little action inside’.
[US]D. Woodrell Muscle for the Wing 15: The place never echoed with come-on lines.
[UK]Observer Rev. 18 July 12: The street wannabes who give the come-on signs and then wonder at male confusion.
[UK]K. Richards Life 214: I have never put the make on a girl in my life [...] I can’t pull the come-on bit.