Green’s Dictionary of Slang

fenky-fenky adj.

[? SE finicky + redup.]

1. fastidious, painstaking.

[WI]L. Barrett Sun and the Drum 20: A person who is meticulous or fastidious in appearance and habits is fenky-fenky.

2. ordinary.

[WI]Bennett, Clarke & Wilson Anancy Stories and Dialect Verse 51: For after all Race-Course is not / No fenky-fenky place!
[WI]L. Bennett ‘Gay Paree’ in Jamaica Labrish 208: Dem amount so fenky-fenky / me kean even feas me y’eye.
[UK]A. Salkey ‘Saturday in Kingston’ Jamaica (1983) 54: Costa Rica Charlie / big time banjo, / big like any piano, / under them fenky-fenky fingers / he sportin’ wit’ the gol’ ring.