Green’s Dictionary of Slang

tippet n.2

[SE tippet, a scarf, a band of silk or fur worn around the neck]

a hangman’s noose.

[UK] Paston Letters II 86: The seide Perys tyed by an halter... This is a presoner, ye may knowe by his tepet and steff [OED].
[UK]D. Lyndsay Satyre of Thrie Estaits II (1604) 134: Slip in thy head into this coird: For thou had never ane meiter tippit.
[UK]C. Nesse Church Hist. 143: The cart at Tyburn drives away when the tippet is fast about the necks of the condemned [OED].

In phrases

St Johnstone’s tippet (n.)

see separate entry.