Green’s Dictionary of Slang

fucking adj.

also facking, farking, focking, fucken, funking

1. [mid-19C+] a general intensifier, e.g. fucking idiot.

2. [mid-19C+] pertaining to sexual intercourse.

3. [20C+] implying a variety of negatives, e.g. vile, despicable, unpleasant, corrupt, dirty.

4. [1910s+] as infix -fucking- e.g. absofuckinglutely adv.; fanfuckingtastic adj.; guaranfuckingtee v.

In derivatives

fuckingest (adj.)

[1920s-30s] (US) sexually enthusiastic.

In phrases

double-fucking (adj.) [note one-time use in 1910s, used by Robert Graves in Goodbye to All That (1929) in recounting a soldier’s comments during WWI ]

[1910s; 1990s+] an intensified form of sense 1


see separate entries.

In exclamations

fucking Ada! (also bloody Ada!) [the Ada is either a nonsense word or a euph. for the stronger alternative fucking arseholes!; as with fucking hell!, the fu may be deliberately abandoned; thus ’kin’ Ada! etc.]

[20C+] a general excl.

fucking Nora! (also bleeding Nora! bloody Nora!) [var. on prev.]

[1990s+] an excl. used to denote astonishment, dismay, acceptance, praise, recognition.