Green’s Dictionary of Slang

wipe n.

1. [late 16C–early 17C] the act of drinking [? one ‘wipes’ the glass with one’s lips].

2. [late 16C+] (UK Und.) a blow, also in fig. use, a reflection, a pause for thought.

3. [18C+] (also wipes) a handkerchief; thus the wipe lay, stealing handkerchiefs.

4. [1900s–40s] (US Und.) a form of confidence trick based on persuading the victim that money can be raised to higher denomination; it is first secreted in a handkerchief.

5. see ass-wipe n.

In compounds

wipe-prigging (n.)

[late 18C] (UK Und.) stealing handkerchiefs.

In phrases

sleek wipe (n.)

[19C] a silk handkerchief.