Green’s Dictionary of Slang

bomb n.

1. [1910s+] (US) a surprise or unpleasant event, a sensational development.

2. [1930s–40s] (US prison) an egg, usu. boiled.

3. [1950s] (US teen) verbal aggression.

4. [1950s] (US) a very sexy woman.

5. [1950s+] a large sum of money; often in make a bomb

6. as a vehicle or gadget.

(a) [1950s+] (orig. Aus./N.Z./US) a dilapidated, run-down old car.

(b) [1950s+] (US) a fast car or motorcycle.

(c) [1970s] (US prison) toilet paper rolled in a certain way so that it continues to burn for a long time when set alight .

(d) [1980s+] (Aus./N.Z. prison) an illicit gadget used to heat water (for brewing tea etc).

(e) [2000s] (S.Afr. prison) solitary confinement .

7. in the context of drug use.

(a) [1950s+] a very large and potent cannabis cigarette.

(b) [1960s] any form of pill containing sleep-inducing or depressant drugs.

(c) [1960s] (Aus.) an illegal stimulant given to a racing animal.

(d) [1960s–70s] heroin or other narcotics of well-above-average purity.

(e) [1980s+] crack cocaine.

(f) [1990s+] phencyclidine mixed with formaldehyde.

(g) [1990s+] (US) a package of drugs.

(h) [2000s] amphetamine, mixed into a drink and swallowed.

(i) [2000s] swallowing a package of otherwise unpleasantly tasting drugs.

8. [1950s+] (orig. UK theatre) a major success; esp. in phr. go down a bomb.

9. [1950s+] (orig. US theatre) a disaster, a flop.

10. [1960s–70s] (US) in pl., the female breasts.

11. [1960s+] (US black/campus, also da bomb, bombness) constr. with the, the best.

12. [1960s+] (US campus) the grade of B.

13. [1960s+] (US campus) a difficult examination.

14. [1970s+] (US) a hard blow (with a fist).

In phrases

cost a bomb (v.)

[1950s+] to cost a great deal.

have the bomb (v.)

[1970s+] (Aus.) of individuals, to fail, to be rejected; of machinery to break down (irrevocably).

go a bomb (v.)

[1960s+] to be very keen on, enthusiastic for.

like a bomb (adv.)

1. [1950s+] very successfully.

2. [1950s+] (orig. US) very fast.

make a bomb (v.)

[1950s+] to make a great deal of money.

on the bomb (adj.)

[1910s] (US) in fine condition.

SE in slang uses

In derivatives

In compounds

bombhead (n.)

see separate entry.

bomb-proof (adj.) [SE]

[mid-19C+] (orig. US milit.) untouchable, absolutely secure and safe.

bombshell (n.)

see separate entry.

In exclamations

bombs away!

[1970s] (Aus.) used to announce an act of defecation.