Green’s Dictionary of Slang

copper adj.

SE in slang uses

In compounds

copper captain (n.) [his ‘brass’ or cheek in posing in this way]

[mid–late 19C] a fraudulent, ‘self-promoted’ officer.

copper nob (n.) (also copper-knob, copper-nut) [nob n.1 (1)]

[late 19C+] a red-headed person.

copper-plated (adj.) (also copper-plate) [var. on SE gold-plated]

[late 19C–1920s] (US) absolute, certain, definite.

copper show (n.)

[1900s–10s] (Aus.) a copper mine.

coppertail (n.) (also coppertop) [the inferiority of copper compared with silver]

[late 19C–1950s] (Aus.) an unimportant person, a person of little social standing; thus a democrat rather than an aristocrat; thus copper-tailed adj.

coppertop (n.)

1. [late 19C+] a red-headed person; thus copper-topped adj.

2. see coppertail