Green’s Dictionary of Slang

buggery n.

[fig. use of SE buggery]

[1920s+] (Aus.) a difficult time, problems.

In phrases

all to buggery (adj.)

[20C+] unsatisfactory, mixed up, useless [SE buggery + bugger up v.].

as buggery (adv.)

[late 19C+] a general intensifier, e.g. hot as buggery.

gone to buggery (adj.)

[1910s+] of a person, completely defeated; of an object, wrecked beyond repair.

like buggery (adv.) (also like a bugger)

[1920s+] a general intensifier, usu. negative.

out to buggery (adj.)

[1960s+] (Aus.) far away or far off the mark.

play buggery (v.)

[1970s] to make a great deal of fuss.

play buggery with (v.)

[20C+] to play havoc with.

to buggery (adv.)

1. [20C+] (also to beggary, to boogery, to buggary) a synon. for to hell under hell n.

2. [1950s+] (also to boogery) to the limit, to extremes.

In exclamations

go to buggery! (also go to jiggery!)

[late 19C+] a general excl. of dismissal.