Green’s Dictionary of Slang

noodle n.2

1. (US black) the penis [its supposed resemblance, when flaccid, to a cooked noodle].

[US]J. Wambaugh Choirboys (1976) 203: Too much booze makes a limp noodle.
[US]J. Wambaugh Glitter Dome (1982) 267: ‘You’re not getting enough?’ ‘None! I got a limp noodle,’ he whispered.
[US]S. King Dolores Claiborne 192: You can just go fuck yourself ... if you can get your old limp noodle to stand up, that is.
[US](con. 1973) C. Stella Johnny Porno 30: Just let me know when you wanna get it wet, your limp noodle. I’ll send a broad over.

2. (US) a Chinese or East Asian person.

[US]C. Stella Eddie’s World 176: ‘The Asian broad?’ [...] ‘Thirty-six years old, not a bad looker for a noodle.’.

In compounds

noodle benders (n.)

(Aus.) short tight male bathing trunks.

[Aus]B. Moore ‘Aus. Sl.’ paper presented to Leicester U. Slang Workshop, Sept. 2012 n.p.: The speedo variety [of trunks] developed an extraordinary number of risqué or simply curious synonyms: [...] noodle benders.

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In compounds

noodle dick (n.) [dick n.1 (5)]

(US) a general term of abuse; the over-riding image is of impotence, i.e. a penis limp as a cooked noodle.

[US]C. Hiaasen Stormy Weather 140: You heard me, noodle dick.
noodle soup (n.)

(US Und.) nonsense.

[US]Phila. Eve. Bulletin 5 Oct. 40/4: Here are a few more terms and definitions from the ‘Racket’ vocabulary: [...] ‘noodle-soup,’ nonsense.

In phrases

noodle soup drinker (n.) [racial stereotyping]

(US) a Jew.

[US](con. 1910s) J.T. Farrell Young Lonigan in Studs Lonigan (1936) 77: Pretty soon a man will be afraid to wear a shamrock on St. Patrick’s day, because there are so many noodle-soup drinkers around.