Green’s Dictionary of Slang

dick n.1

[generic use of proper name]

1. [mid-16C+] a man, a fellow.

2. [mid-17C; 1960s+] a victim or weakling; a simpleton.

3. [mid-17C–early 18C] a man as a sexual partner.

4. [mid-17C-early 18C] the given name used generically for a countryman.

5. [mid-19C+] the penis [see Williams I:382 for discussion of possible 16C uses].

6. [1910s+] nothing, e.g. we ain’t got dick; not worth dick; also occas. attrib. [fig. use of sense 5, as with fuck n. (2a)/shit n. (3g)].

7. [1930s–40s; 1980s+] (US black) a term of address between males.

8. [1950s+] sexual intercourse.

9. [1960s+] (US teen) an unattractive man, esp. one who has an overly high self-image.

10. [1960s+] a fool, an idiot, any offensive male.

11. [1990s+] in fig. use, courage, ‘guts’, virility, ambition.

In derivatives

dickish (adj.)

[2010s] stupid.

dickless (adj.)

see separate entry.

In compounds

dick-beater (n.) [i.e. beat = to masturbate]

[2010s] a hand.

dick-bitch (n.) [bitch n.1 (1a)]

[2000s] (US black) an over-emotional man, esp. as regards women.

dickbrain (n.) [sfx -brain]

[1970s+] (US) a fool; thus a general derog. term.

dick-breath (n.)

[1970s+] (US, also cock-breath, cunt-breath) an unpleasant person.

dick-chewer (n.)

[1970s] (US) a fellator.

dick curd (n.)

[2000s] (US black) one who enjoys storing up rivalry between others.

dick daks (n.) [daks n.]

[2010s] (Aus.) tight short male bathing trunks.

dick-do (n.)

[2000s] (US) a large, drooping stomach.

dick drink (n.)

[1980s+] (US gay) semen.

dick-eating (adj.)

[1990s+] (US) a general insult, lit. ‘fellating’; thus as n. dick-eater.

dickface (n.) (also dick features) [-features sfx]

[1970s+] (orig. US campus) a general term of derision.

dick-fingered (adj.)

[1980s+] (US) maladroit.

dick-fuck (n.)

[1990s+] (Aus.) a general term of abuse.

dick game (n.) [game n. (12)]

[2010s] (US black) sexual ability and technique.


see separate entries.

dick-hound (n.) [-hound sfx]

1. [1980s+] (US black) a promiscuous woman.

2. [2000s] (US gay) a promiscuous male homosexual.


see separate entries.

dick mac (n.) [SE mac(intosh)]

[1970s–80s] (UK black) a condom.

dick move (n.)

[2010s] (US) a thoughtless, cruel action.

dick-nailer (n.) [nail v. (14)]

[19C+] (US) something outstanding, exceptional of its type.

dicknose (n.)

[1970s+] (orig. US) a general term of derision.

dick peddler (n.) (also prick peddler) [prick n. (1)]

[1940s+] a male prostitute who takes only active roles with his clients.

dick sack (n.) [2000s] (US)

1. a contraceptive sheath.

2. the scrotum.

dickshaft (n.)

[1990s+] a general derog. description.

dick shit (n.)

[1980s+] (orig. US) absolutely nothing; always used with a qualifying negative v., e.g. you don’t know dick shit about... etc.

dick-shriveler (n.)

[1980s+] (US) an unpleasant person.

dick-skinners (n.)

[1980s] (US) hands.

dicksplash (n.)

[1990s+] a semen stain; thus, an incompetent, unpleasant, unpopular person.

dickstring (n.) [SE string, i.e. lit. the frenum]

1. [1960s+] (US black) the notional governor of a man’s ability to attain an erection.

2. [2000s] (US) a general insult.


see separate entries.


see separate entries.

dick thang (n.) [joc. pron. of SE thing; lit. ‘a penis thing’]

[1990s+] (US campus) something characteristically associated with men.

dick thing (n.)

[1990s+] (US campus) something that concerns men and/or masculinity.

dickwad (n.) [-wad sfx/wad n.3 ; lit. an ejaculation] [1980s+] (orig. US campus)

1. a fool, an idiot, an unpleasant person.

2. attrib. use of sense 1.

dickweasel (n.)

[2010s] a general derog. description.

dickweed (n.) (US)

1. [1980s+] a fool; also attrib.

2. [1990s+] (also dick wheat) the pubic hair.

dickwhacker (n.)

[2000s] (N.Z.) a fool, lit. a masturbator.

dick-whupped (adj.) (also d-whupped)

[1990s+] (US black) of a woman, so besotted with her lover that she allows herself to be exploited and generally treated badly.

dickwipe (n.)

[1990s+] (US) a general term of abuse.

dickwit (n.) (also dick-knob)

[1990s+] (Aus. teen) a general insult.

In phrases

all ribs and dick like a robber’s dog [1990s+] (Aus.)

1. very thin.

2. in fig. use, nothing.

buy the dick (v.)

[1960s–70s] (US) to get into trouble; to die.

caught holding one’s dick

[20C+] (US) to be caught in an embarrassing or generally disadvantageous situation.

dick-in-the-wind (n.)

[2000s] an unproductive person.

dip one’s dick (v.)

(of a man) to have sexual intercourse.

eat a dick

[1990s+] (US black teen) a general phr. of dislike or dismissal.

get one’s dick wet (v.)

[2000s+] (US) of a man, to have sexual intercourse.

give some dick (v.)

[1960s+] to accede to sexual advances.

go big dick with (v.)

[2000s] (US black) to challenge aggressively.

grab one’s dick (v.) (also grab one’s balls)

[1980s+] (US black) to boast, to brag.

have a woman on one’s dick (v.)

[1980s+] (US) of a man, to be sexually successful.

have one’s dick in the dirt (v.)

[2000s] (US) to be in serious trouble.

keep one’s dick in one’s pants (v.) (also keep it in one’s pants)

[1980s+] to act calmly, in sexual contexts or otherwise; often as imper. keep your dick in your pants!

knock someone’s dick in the dirt (v.) (also put someone’s dick in the dirt) [1970s+] (US)

1. to knock down; to kill; also fig.

2. to astound.

3. to defeat, to punish.

4. (US gay) to share good marijuana with a friend.

5. to render (temporarily) impotent.

knock the dick off (v.)

[1970s] to defeat comprehensively, to beat up.

led by (the head of) one’s dick

[1990s+] (orig. US black) of a man, blinded by sexual desire.

on someone’s dick [1980s+] (US black)

1. keen on, supporting.

2. oppressing, nagging, harassing; thus opposite off someone’s dick.

on the dick

[1990s+] (US black) of a woman, to be ready for sexual activity.

pull one’s dick (v.) [1960s+] (Aus./US)

1. lit. to masturbate; thus dick-pulling n., masturbation; also in fig. use, to talk nonsense; in tr. sense, to tease, to deceive.

2. to waste time, to act pointlessly.

pull someone’s dick (v.) [1960s+] (Aus./US)

to tease, to deceive.

step on one’s dick (v.) (also step on one’s foreskin, ...prick, step over one’s whang) [prick n. (1)/whang n.1 (4)]

[1950s+] to make a fool of oneself; to blunder badly.

strictly dickly (adj.)

1. [1990s+] (US) of a woman, wholly heterosexual.

2. [2000s+] of a gay man or woman, wholly homosexual.

suck dick (v.) (also suck-a-butt)

[1920s+] to perform fellatio.

suck someone’s dick (v.) (also kiss someone’s dick, suck someone’s can)

[1930s+] (orig. US) to flatter, to toady to, to congratulate effusively.

take the hard out of the dick (v.) [lit. to detumesce someone’s erection]

[1960s] (US black) to take an unfair share (of profits).

think one has sugar on one’s dick (v.)

[1960s] (US) to have a high (but unjustifiable) view of one’s own physical attractiveness.

In exclamations

my dick!

[1970s+] (US) an excl. of disdain, disbelief.