Green’s Dictionary of Slang

kiss v.

1. in sexual contexts.

(a) [16C–mid-19C] to have sexual intercourse [note Fr. baiser, lit. to kiss, in sl. to have sexual intercourse].

(b) [19C–1960s] (also kiss it) to fellate or perform cunnilingus.

2. [1910s+] (US) to hit or strike hard.

3. [1970s+] (US teen) to reject, to do without etc. [abbr. kiss off v./SE kiss goodbye].

4. [1990s+] to approach, to draw near, e.g. of a birthday or date.

In phrases

kiss oneself goodbye (v.)

1. [1900s] (US) to give up hope, to surrender.

2. [1980s+] to commit suicide.

kiss someone’s arse/ass (v.)

see separate entry .

kiss someone’s ring (v.) (also kiss someone’s toe) [SE kiss the ring, to pay homage, but note ring n. (1b) thus var. on kiss someone’s arse v.]

[19C+] to fawn, to act the sycophant, to toady.

kiss the babe (v.) (also kiss the baby)

[mid-19C–1950s] (orig. US) to take a drink.

kiss the baby (v.) [the imminent kissing goodbye of one’s child]

[1990s+] (US Und.) to face a certain term of imprisonment.

kiss the Clink (v.) (also kiss the Counter, Kiss Newgate) [clink n.1 (1)/SE counter/Newgate, a prison attached to a city court]

[mid-16C–18C] to be confined in either of these prisons.

kiss the cross (v.) [SE cross, a blow in boxing + pun on religious use]

[1920s+] (Aus.) to be knocked out.

kiss the dog (v.)

[1930s–50s] (US Und.) of a pickpocket, to steal from a person while face-to-face.

kiss the dust (v.) [orig. mid-18C boxing kiss the dust, to be knocked down]

[20C+] (orig. US) to die.

kiss the maid (v.) [SE maiden, a form of early guillotine used at Edinburgh in late 16C; occas. applied to the Halifax gibbet]

[late 17C–18C] to be executed on a primitive form of the guillotine.

kiss the parson’s wife (v.) [the belief that those who wish for such luck must ‘kiss the parson’s wife’]

[late 18C–early 19C] to be lucky in the choosing of or betting on horses.

kiss the worm (v.) [worm n.]

[1940s+] to fellate.

In exclamations

kiss it where the sun don’t shine! (also kiss me where the sun don’t shine! kiss a fat lady in the ass!)

[1940s+] (orig. US) a general excl. of derision or dismissal.

kiss me neck!

[1940s+] (W.I. Rasta) a common excl. of surprise.

kiss my arse/ass!

see separate entry.

kiss my foot!

[mid-19C; 1940s+] (US/Aus.) a general statement of contempt or dismissal; thus phr. not so much as a kiss-me-foot, without even the most minimal attention or interest.

kiss my tail! [tail n. (1); var. on kiss my arse!]

[late 16C–late 19C] a general statement of contempt or dismissal.

kiss my tuna! [tuna n.; var. on kiss my arse!; the implication is that the oral sex that is invited is de facto distasteful]

[1980s+] (US teen) an all-purpose excl. of rejection.

SE in slang uses

In compounds

kissing trap (n.) [trap n.1 (5)]

[mid–late 19C] (orig. boxing ) the mouth.

In phrases

kiss goodbye (v.)

[20C+] to reject, to do without, ‘say goodbye’ to.

kiss mary (v.) [Mary n. (3)]

[1960s] to smoke marijuana.

kiss teeth (v.) (also kiss teet, suck teeth)

[1920s+] (orig. W.I. Rasta) to make a hissing noise of disapproval, dislike, vexation or disappointment; also as n.

In exclamations

kiss kiss! [the kisses offered on saying goodbye]

[1990s+] (US campus) goodbye.