Green’s Dictionary of Slang

chocolate n.1

[colour; or in racial uses ? f. rhy. sl. chocolate frog = wog n.1 (1). According to Maledicta II (1978) ‘especially a woman or homosexual’; the gay use (see sense 1 cit. 1949) has extra connotation of ‘eating’ or eat v. (4)]

1. a derog. term for a black person.

[Aus]W.A. Sun. Times (Perth) 21 July 1/1: The wife of a local nouveaux riches has lately developed a strong weakness for chocolate [...] the colored sweetmeat in this instance is an attractive Cingalese cook.
[Aus]Sport (Adelaide) 15 Mar. 12/1: They Say [...] That Ranji is not dark enough to be called Nigger and is not white enough to be called Snowflake, so they have christened him Chocolates.
[Aus]I.A. Williams diary 28 Oct. 🌐 A concert party by the name of ‘Chocolates’ gave us a very fine concert this evening.
[US]Amer. Mercury Feb. 130/1: I wish I was black like you [...] No you don’t. Dey’d call you Crow, den—or Chocolate—or Smoke [DA].
[UK]J. Franklyn This Gutter Life 15: His last fight was with ‘Young Chocolate Brown,’ the big nigger from Kansas.
[US]‘Swasarnt Nerf’ et al. Gay Girl’s Guide 5: chocolate: A negro.
[US]Maledicta II:1+2 (Summer/Winter) 154: Chocolate Any black person, but especially a woman or homosexual. Used as often as an endearment as for derogatory purposes, by both blacks and whites.
[US]I.L. Allen Lang. of Ethnic Conflict 46: Color Allusions, Other than ‘Black’ and ‘Negro’: chocolate [chokker and chokko are possible variants].

2. (also chocolate brown) as used by a black person, thus not derog.

[US]Van Vechten Nigger Heaven 13: Blues, smokes, dinges, charcoals, chocolate browns, shines, and jigs.
see sense 1.
[UK](con. 1981) A. Wheatle East of Acre Lane 76: ’Pon de front line is pure undercover beastman, to blowoh. An’ you can’t tell de coconuts from de pure chocolate, man.
Harlem Spartans ‘Grip & Ride’ 🎵 She, brown brown and she cute Darlin' you can be a spartan too / Ay, chocolate throwing up K's / Got, caramels doing it too.

3. the anus, used in the context of defecation and homosexuality.

[US]B. Rodgers Queens’ Vernacular 89: anal intercourse [...] stir somebody’s chocolate (late ’60s).
[Aus]B. Moore Lex. of Cadet Lang. 285: punch a hole through the chocolate to engage in homosexual or heterosexual anal intercourse.

4. (S.Afr. black) a 20-rand note.

M. Mthethwa in Frontline July 28 n.p.: Their pockets and wallets and purses are thickly lined with stacks of ‘cabbages’ and ‘chocolates’ ten and twenty-rand banknotes.

5. as black-to-black term of address.

[US]N. Kelley ‘The Code’ in Brooklyn Noir 183: See you in a few minutes, chocolate.

In phrases

hot chocolate (n.) (also sweet chocolate)

(US) a black woman.

[US]I.L. Allen Lang. of Ethnic Conflict 46: Color Allusions, Other than ‘Black’ and ‘Negro’: hot-chocolate [fem. Also sweet-chocolate].