Green’s Dictionary of Slang

goat n.1

[the trad. characteristics of the animal, i.e. lechery, stubbornness etc.]

1. [late 16C+] a womanizer, a lecher; usu. as old goat.

2. [17C; late 19C+] a dupe, a fool.

3. [1910s+] (US) an offensive (old) man, occas. woman.

4. [mid-19C; 1940s] the buttocks.

5. [late 19C] (US Und.) a Catholic priest.

6. [1900s–60s] (US) a racehorse.

7. [1910s] (US) temper [backform. f. get someone’s goat ].

8. [1910s] (US) a slow or worthless horse.

9. [1960s] (US campus) a student being initiated into a fraternity, a fraternity pledge; thus goat room, the room used for initiation.

10. [1960s+] (US) a Pontiac GTO automobile [pron./reversal of GTO; note hotrod jargon goat, an old racing car, generally used when speaking of a driver ‘herding his goat’].

11. [1970s] (US teen) an attractive boy.

12. [1980s] a caddy.

In derivatives

goatish (adj.)

[17C] lecherous.

SE in slang uses

In compounds

goat-and-galah (adj.) (also goat-or-galah) [the food on offer is restricted to goat and galah]

[1900s–50s] (Aus.) used of a small hotel, town or other place to indicate the lack of amenities.

goat breath (n.)

[1980s] (US campus) a derog. term of contempt.


see separate entries.

goat-fucker (n.)

[2010s] a peasant.

goat-hair (n.)

[1900s–60s] (US black) homemade or bootleg liquor.

goatmilker (n.) [note SE goatmilker, goatsucker, a name given to the bird Caprimulgus europæus, f. a belief that it sucks the udders of goats] [mid-19C]

1. the vagina.

2. a prostitute.

goat-mouth (n.)

[20C+] (W.I.) the ability that certain individuals supposedly possess to cause problems or frustrate the efforts of others; thus put goat-mouth on, to cause such problems; goat-mouth bite you? a question asked of one who seems unhappy or worried.

goat roper (n.) [their stereotypical occupation]

[20C+] (US) a peasant, a rural person, an unsophisticated person.

goat’s genolickers (n.) [var. on dog’s ballocks n.]

[1940s–50s] (Irish) the real thing, the ultimate example.

Goatshire (n.) (also Goatlandshire)

[early 18C] Wales.

goat’s jig (n.) [the perceived sexuality of the goat]

[late 17C–19C] sexual intercourse; thus dance the goat’s jig.

goat skin (n.)

[1970s] (US gay) a long foreskin.

In phrases

get someone’s goat (v.) [SE get, to irritate, to annoy + SE goat; ? the goat’s propensity to butt when in a bad temper] [20C+]

1. (also burn someone’s goat, get on someone’s goat, get someone’s nannygoat, goat) to annoy someone; thus goat-getting, deliberate provocation to gain a psychological advantage; goat-getter, a malicious teaser.

2. to impress, to move emotionally.

3. to render nervous.

in goat heaven and kiddie kingdom (adj.)

[20C+] (W.I., Bdos) in a state of absolute bliss.

look goats and monkeys at (v.) [the trad. propensities of these two animals]

[mid-18C–19C] to gaze lecherously at, to leer.

lose one’s goat (v.) (also lose one’s angora)

1. [1910s] (US) to lose one’s temper.

2. [1910s] to lose one’s courage, one’s ability to fight.

no goat’s toe

[20C+] (Ulster) used of one who is sensible, ‘nobody’s fool’.

play the goat (v.)

1. [late 19C–1920s] (also play the silly goat) to lead a degenerate, dissipated life.

2. [1910s] to mess around, to act ineffectually.

take the goat’s tail (v.)

[1940s] (Aus.) to surpass, to win.