Green’s Dictionary of Slang

creep n.

[fig. uses of SE]

1. [1910s+] a stealthy robber, a sneak thief, esp. one who works in a brothel.

2. [1910s+] (also creep game) the profession of sneak-thieving, esp. when pursued in a brothel.

3. [1920s+] an unpleasant person, with poss. implication of some physical peculiarity or of criminality [orig. dial.].

4. [1930s+] departure, esp. surreptitious.

5. [1960s] (US black) a clandestine meeting.

6. [1960s] (drugs) an addict who begs or barters services for their narcotics rather than resorting to crime to obtain the funds to buy them.

7. [late 19C; 1970s] a spree.

8. stealthiness; the ability to be unnoticed.

9. see creep joint n. (1)

In derivatives

creepazoid (n.) (also creepaloid) [quasi SE sfx -azoid/-aloid]

[1970s+] (US) an unpleasant person.

creepola (n.) [-ola sfx]

[1980s] (US) anything or anyone unpleasant.

creepsville (n.)

see separate entry .

In compounds

creep game (n.)

see sense 2 above .

creepshot (n.)

[2010s] a voyeuristic picture of an unsuspecting woman or girl, which is then disseminated on the Internet.


see separate entries .

In phrases

at/on the creep

[1930s+] working as a sneak-thief.

do a creep (v.)

[1950s] to move quietly, surreptitiously.

on the creep (adv.)

[late 19C] cheaply; in a second-rate manner.