Green’s Dictionary of Slang

bogan n.

also bog
[ety. unknown, the first instance appearing in a magazine issued by Xavier Coll., Melbourne in 1984; ? link to bodgie n. (4)]

1. an uncouth person; also attrib.

Xavier College (Melbourne) n.p.: The Bogan Doll[...] special features: push a button and it talks to you, e.g. [...] ‘oi, did youse look at my bird? I’ll get me nummies onto yer’.
[Aus]T. Winton Human Torpedo 93: Bogans. This was definitely [...] a bogan car. [Ibid.] 112: You know what for, ya silly moron! For hangin’ around with bogs! Fraternizin’ with the enemy!
[NZ]Eve. Post (Wellington, N.Z.) 18 June 14: It did stage too many bodgey and bogan gigs [DNZE].
[Aus]T. Winton Lockie Leonard: Scumbuster (1995) 129: There was a mob of head-bangers and bogans crowded around the music and motorbike shelves.
[UK]Guardian 13 Sept. 9/2: His off-field antics with women earned him the nickname ‘the bogan of Black Rock’ in some tabloids. For the uninitiated, a ‘bogan’ is an Australian term of abuse roughly translated as a chav.
[Aus]K.F. Bartolo in Pragmatics & Intercultural Comms 13: The stereotype of a bogan is tight black jeans [...] a mullet 12 or a shaved head and a love of beer and cars.
[Aus]L. Redhead Thrill City [ebook] I was a skanky yet up myself bogan stripper-princess [...] fully aware of my sexual power.
[UK]Guardian 21 July [Internet] Sometimes I wish I could peel back the brown and show them the bogan on the inside.
[UK]Guardian CiF 23 Feb. [Internet] Where I grew up we would call people like Trump ‘Bogans’. Essentially it refers to ignorant, inarticulate and usually bigoted people utterly lacking in any sense of class or style. An extension of the slang is CUB or Cashed Up Bogan.

2. a social misfit, a ‘nerd’.

[Aus]Sydney Morning Herald 17 Feb. 24: Neil Pickard, the NSW Minerals and Energy Minister, managed not to look embarrassed yesterday while launching his Kylie Mole Don’t be a Bogan electrical safety campaign [GAW4].
[Aus]S. Maloney Big Ask 131: ‘I look like a bogan,’ Red complained.
[NZ]McGill Reed Dict. of N.Z. Sl. 28: bogan Idiot or misfit, acting stupid or clumsy; a long-haired, heavy metal listener [...] Possibly from the Bogan River in outback New South Wales, though the phrase was applied to the less couth western suburbs of Melbourne in the 1980s, promoted by the Australian TV comic character Kylie Mole.

3. attrib. use of sense 2.

[Aus]Age (Melbourne) 18 Apr. [Internet] They blanched with an unhappy nod of bogan incomprehension.
[Aus]T. Spicer Good Girl Stripped Bare 121: ‘Let’s do the bogan shuffle, sorta stepping from side to side’.

In derivatives

anti-bogan (adj.)

antagonistic towards bogans or the bogan lifestyle; not bogan in style or manner.

[NZ]Google Groups: nz.general 16 Jan. [Internet] It’s not strange - it’s anti-bogan. Bogans wear black jeans.
Google Groups: alt.parents-teens 3 Mar. [Internet] Sounds more anti-bogan than anti-white.
[NZ]C. Scott Bogue Nation: Walking with Bogans 3: The media has become the arbiter of taste and anti-bogan sentiment sells.
Google Groups: 12 Apr. [Internet] Well, if you would vote for the anti-bogan party I could fix it all for you.
boganacious (adj.)

bogan to an extreme extent, i.e. ‘bodaciously bogan’.

Quadrant 1 July [Internet] A career criminal from what kids call a ‘boganacious’ Australian criminal family of long standing, he had little interest in any cultural references of any sort.
Slapdash Mama 19 Dec. [Internet] Then yesterday our Gracious* and Tree-lined Suburb was at the epicentre of another nutty storm that rent the kiddies daycare centre sun shades in twain [footnote] *and by Gracious I mean Bogan-acious.
boganaire (n.) [bogan + SE millionaire]

a very wealthy bogan, also attrib.

[Aus]Sydney Morn. Herald 10 Oct. [Internet] [headline] Living like a boganaire.
[UK]P. Manning [bk title] Boganaire: The Rise And Fall Of Nathan Tinkle .
R. Sussex in ABC News 4 July [Internet] [T]wo high-profile media and business personalities were involved in an episode of temporary physical aggression, which the Melbourne ‘Herald-Sun’ labelled as ‘bogan-aire’ behaviour. 5 Mar. [Internet] I’m absolutely sure we in Melbourne first coined the term ‘bogan’ and now we have ‘boganaires’ - bogans with money.
boganalian (adj.) [bogan + Australia]

in context of Australia conceived of as a land of bogans.

Blogspot: armagnac’d 26 Aug. [Internet] [T]hese are among the only places in Australia of their type: lefty to green, socially and sexually tolerant, and rife with artists and other outsiders from the general boganalian diaspora.
boganality (n.)

bogan behaviour and mentality; ‘bogan-ness’.

Google Groups: aus.bicycle 26 Apr. [Internet] I have lost count of the number of times I have been riding in the left lane on a not very busy road, and had something unprintable yelled at me by a passenger in a passing car. I don’t consider this as a threat, but just an expression of ‘boganality’.
[Aus]C. Scott Bogue Nation: Walking with Bogans 1: So, it’s ok to embrace the trappings of boganality but to ‘behave like a bogan’ has become a cultural taboo, particularly with the advent of Lord Mayor of Melbourne, Robert Doyle’s bogan witch hunt.
Boganator (n.)

a fantasy super-robot which has the characteristics of the bogan and Hollywood’s Terminator; used to identify as an uber-bogan to satirise bogan lifestyles; also attrib.

Whirlpool: Forums Archive 13 June [Internet] I am The Boganator, I’ll be back, with some VBs.
EssentialBabyAU 26 Sept. [Internet] I’m wondering where a large pouffe is situated on the boganator scale?
Big Footy 24 Aug. [Internet] Apparently Chad died on the field ... then a heroic Port Adelaide Doctor, who wishes to remain anonymous, resuscitated him using a procedure called the boganator ... I believe it was developed in Port Adelaide and involves intense rubbing of the genitals.
Deskgram [Internet] The B-1000 Boganator. Sent back in time to change the future of one lucky lady, giving her a future of endless Winny Blues [i.e. Winfield Blue cigarettes] and unlimited Midori and Sprites.
bogandom (n.)

the world of bogans; bogans collectively.

Sydney Moren. Herald 16 July [Internet] In 2006 the show made a timely return to bogandom.
[NZ]News Hub (NZ) 16 May [Internet] It’s no surprise that the centre of bogandom is considered to be in West Auckland.
R. Sussex in ABC News 4 July [Internet] Watching an episode of ‘Bogan Hunters’ will convince you of the unique and varied qualities of bogandom.
[UK]Dly Teleg. 31 May [Internet] Our refusal to sacrifice both the entire deck and thousands of dollars on pursuit of bogandom has left them gobsmacked.
boganese (n.)

the highly colloquial and slangy style of speech used by bogans.

Google Groups: aus.general 29 May [Internet] I mean it doesn’t even makes sense. Not even in Boganese.
Urban Dict. 22 June [Internet] Boganese: The language spoken by bogans. Examples of words most commonly used include oi, dickhead, footy, crikey, bloody, sheila, VB, and barby. Speak english man, idont speak boganese’.
[UK]Stuff 29 July [Internet] The trouble with Bogans is that the narration pedal is flat-to-the-floor, undermining the uncouth vernacular of the characters whose utterances should be so choice they shouldn’t need a heavy-handed voice-over. If you were looking for authentic boganese you may have been disappointed by this first episode with its tiny clutch of characters.
D. Aastle in Sydney Morn. Herald 4 July [Internet] Fair dinkum it’s hard to write boganese mainly because bogans don’t write. Unless we count texts such as ‘Bloody blues were robbed mate. How’s the penalty count. Spewin’.
[NZ]Kiwi Farms 20 Mar. [Internet] I can’t understand a fucking thing. Sadly I don’t speak boganese yet.
boganesque (adj.)

bogan-like; somewhat bogan.

Google Groups: aus.culture.gothic 27 Jan. [Internet] [W]e were kicked, in a shambling group, onto the street. Enabling the local predators to give us the usual strange looks and boganesque comments.
Things Bogans Like 19 Nov. [Internet] Bogan culture, too, has its own site of pilgrimage - a fountain of Boganic purity, gushing forth in plenty all that is Boganesque - that place is Queensland’s Gold Coast.
S. Threadgold Youth, Class and Everyday Struggles [ebook] Young tradesmen in Sydney with the Boganesque ‘mullet’ haircut are not being allowed to enter certain nightclubs.
boganette (n.)

a female bogan.

[NZ]Google Groups: nz.reg.wellington.general 5 Nov. [Internet] Boganette. Young, trailer-trash type female, wearing a miniskirt (black) and FMBs (F**k Me Boots).
Urban Dict. 12 Nov. [Internet] Boganette: Also known as the female bogan, and commonly reffered to as a bitch or skank, however she doesn’t have quite the qualities of a human being.
Live Journal: FremantleBiz 19 Sept. [Internet] We have a daughter finishing at her public high school this year and she has far more sense than wanting to hang out with the private-school bogans and boganettes.
Reality Ravings 23 Sept. [Internet] Four Weddings is back, and last night it was battle of the boganettes.
Weekend Herald (NZ) 27 July [Internet] Boganette: a bogan female.
U. Holgersson Class: Feminist and Cultural Perspectives [ebook] The pejorative term ‘chav’ has its counterparts in other countries: in Australia, ‘bogans’ or ‘boganettes’, and in the US, ‘white trash’.
boganfest (n.)

an event at which many bogans are present; also attrib.

[Aus]Sydney Morn. Herald 10 Feb. [Internet] Well - if this means no more crummy, el cheapo, boganfest renovation shows, and no more All Saints, then the free trade agreement has done us all a great favour.
Sea Breze 13 Nov. [Internet] Bit of a downer having all these rules, however over the last few years the party [...] has devolved into a boganfest.
The riot Act 29 Nov. [Internet] I think I might have to tear up a stretch of bitumen, introduce some MOPAR muscle to this boganfest and show them what a mans car looks and sounds like!
boganfy (v.)

to imbue with bogan-ness.

The Punch 4 Aug. [Internet] [reader comments] Really any area that has a Centerlinsk is Boganfied.
Urban Dict. 1 Oct. [Internet] boganfy: To make a person who is not a bogan, turn into a bogan. Or turn a whole group of persons into bogans. The bogans down the street started to boganfy the shopping mall.
boganhood (n.)

the state or quality of being a bogan.

Whirlpool: Forums Archive 28 Nov. [Internet] It is a well aimed attack at the heart of Aussie suburban bogan-hood Scorp and no prisoners are taken.
[UK]Dly Teleg. 19 July [Internet] It took a while - more than a year - until Clare finally proved her boganhood with a Ralph photo shoot.
D. Astle in Sydney Morn. Herald 4 July [Internet] Imagine accusing people with the names of Rebel and Sue, claiming they’re faux bogans when nobody can demarcate where boganhood starts and ends, and what precisely lies between.
boganic (adj.)

bogan in nature, bogan-like.

[Aus]T. Winton Lockie Leonard: Scumbuster 41: Egg looked particularly boganic today.
Google Groups: 4 July [Internet] The PBL conglomerate [...] has evolved into a big and thriving gambling operation with a media empire attached. It is the company which promotes the boganic The Footy Show.
E.C. McSween et al. Boganomics [ebook] That way, whenever a bogan chariot rolled into town, the locals could examine its particular boganic customisations in much the manner of two newly acquainted dogs jamming their snouts into each other’s arseholes at the park.
boganify (v.)

to imbue with bogan-ness; to stereotype as a bogan.

Old 17 Mar. [Internet] Just please dont ‘boganify’ it!
Urban Dict. 5 Aug. [Internet] Boganify: The act of changing a perfectly nice, even attractive item into a trashy bogan style item with a few simple additions such as skulls, stupid stickers, bad flame jobs and or the liberal spraying of Matt Black paint.
Facebook: Stockmans Sheepskin Factory 1 Apr. [Internet] They are the ones who will do the school run, duck down to the shops and take the bins out while wearing their favourite uggs. Boldly daring others to ‘boganify’ them for their choice of footwear.
boganification (n.)

the process of rendering a place or person characteristic of a bogan mentality or style.

Google Groups: alt.slack 12 Dec. [Internet] [I]n the past i have laid claim to inventing the words ‘Boganisation’, ‘Boganification’ and ‘Bogan Chic’.
The Enthusiast 22 Dec. [Internet] Or is it merely a boganification of names, and within years we will see scores of young sportsmen with names like the aptly-dubbed Chase Stanley, born in 1989?
The Drum 8 Oct. [Internet] In my uninformed view, Australia seems to be getting dumber and ‘boganification’ is spreading, almost championed by some of our mind numbing TV shows and other media.
boganise (v.)

to imbue with bogan-ness, e.g. in customizing an automobile, thus boganised.

Google Groups: 5 June [Internet] I’ve had my eye open for a Landau for years, but the examples that come on the market over here are either restored or ‘Boganised’ and asking ~$10,000+!
Google Groups: 28 Nov. [Internet] Bogans are boganising - Friday night.
Google Groups: 11 Apr. [Internet] [W]ith the idiotic gear ratio’s to power curve on these types of cars in stock and even boganised modified configurations it will possibly still just billow and hollow.
The Punch 10 Feb. [Internet] [reader comments] Your Boganised Interpretation of the Birth of our Bogan Christ gave me a giggle.
Ausdance Queensland 16 May [Internet] Hey Scenester! is a flash back to Brisbane alternative, and indie clubs in the early-mid 1990’s – before Fortitude Valley had become a boganised tourist attraction and district of megaclubs.
Google Groups: 14 Feb. [Internet] I’d like to think that this first class piece is the vanguard of some pressure on Nein to change their strategy of boganising the country but won’t hold my breath.
boganisation (n.)

imbuing with bogan values and styles.

Google Groups: alt.slack 12 Dec. [Internet] [I]n the past i have laid claim to inventing the words ‘Boganisation’, ‘Boganification’ and ‘Bogan Chic’.
The Punch 4 Aug. [Internet] [reader comments] My parents were so worried about us kids going to high school in Redcliffe, that they moved us to Bauple [...] to avoid our imminent boganisation.
[Aus]Sydney Morn. Herald 28 June [Internet] Each year there is increasing disquiet about the ‘boganisation’ of Australia Day and Anzac Day, with their hyper, ‘inappropriate’ displays of nationalism.
boganish (adj.)

casual, unfocussed.

[UK]‘Kylie Mole’ [Maryanne Fahey] My Diary 6: boganish.
[Aus]Canberra Times 29 Sept. 5/6: Kylie was one of the more cultivated voices of Australia in the 1980s. She reminded us that it was hard to be trendy knowing you had bogan undies on and it was rooly boganish to say pash any more .
[NZ]Google Groups: nz.soc.queer 29 Aug. [Internet] Um, she has a slight bogan-ish air about her in a Stevie Nicks kind of way, but no...see my other post here about what I mean by bogan.
[Aus]K.F. Bartolo in Pragmatics & Intercultural Comms 19: What is boganish? Boganish? Mm: when people just slop around and they don’t really care.
C. Lachmund Drive 40: Brad, vain and shallow tosser that he is, began, of course, by relaying his total revulsion at having to be seen out with someone as unbelievably fat (and boganish) as Fatty.
boganism (n.)

bogan behaviour, the bogan aesthetic.

Google Groups: 6 May [Internet] [M]y vote would definitely go to Adelaide for consistent Boganism.
Google Groups: aus.culture.gothic 4 June [Internet] We called ’em westies where I came from as well (Canberra), even though Canberra itself didnt have that same geographical ‘boganism’. [Internet] In fact, since the introduction of an ad campaign implying that hoons drive like idiots to compensate for their microscopic penises, hooning and boganism on the road has dropped significantly.
[Aus]Sydney Morn. Herald 28 June [Internet] Yet while Dame Edna has been lampooning our boganisms since the 1950s - something taken up with great vigour by Barry McKenzie, Kylie Mole and Eric Bana’s ‘Poida’ in the ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s - there’s an increasingly harder edge to it.
D. Astle in Sydney Morn. Herald 4 July [Internet] As mum of actor Rebel Wilson, Bownds defended her daughter’s bogan cachet. Her statement was in light of Bauer Media suggesting the comedian’s boganism was spin. ‘I accept I’m a bogan,’ declared Bownds. ‘I live and teach in the western suburbs of Sydney’.
boganista (n.) [bogan + fashionista]

a ‘fashionable’ and/or glamorous female bogan; also attrib.

Blogspot: Crown Princess Mary of Denmark 2 Oct. [Internet] So it seems the Danish court will in a short time announce the upcoming second official visit of La Boganista, her drunk husband and their fat-headed bub to coincide with New Years 2008.
Urban Dict. 16 July [Internet] boganista: Glamourous [sic] bogan. Slightly more upmarket version of a bogan who tries a little bit too hard to deny the inner bogan. Makes your average bogan look good by trying to cover their bogan tendencies with a little bit of glamour.
Things Bogans Like 5 Jan. [Internet] I went to high school with this girl, we always knew she’d be destined for greatness in the boganista world! She was so bogan that even all the bogan guys refused to go near her for fear of getting more bogan taint on them!
Nova 969 19 Dec. [Internet] She’s the ‘boganista’ from Australia’s Next Top Model who became infamous for her slender frame.
boganistan (n.)

a notional place that is primarily inhabited by those who qualify as bogans.

Big Footy 24 Nov. [Internet] It is a little scarey fronting up to Boganistan.
Google Groups: soc.culture.indian 15 Mar. [Internet] Then apartheid Australia should be renamed as Boganistan for the dickheads.
[Aus]Ozwords Words from Our Word Box 14 31 Mar. [Internet] boganistan – a mythical place inhabited by bogans; Australia as a home of bogans. The word is modelled on Afghanistan, and is likely to have originated as a Twitter hashtag (#boganistan) in 2011.
boganistic (adj.)

bogan in nature, bogan-like; thus boganistical, boganistically.

Sounds Like Chicken 28 July [Internet] [I] was thinking the whole show revolves around Simons boganistic culture.
The Riot Act 3 June [Internet] The price you pay is a consequence of a goodly number of your fellow citizens jumping boganistically onto the gravy train peddled by bottom dwelling lawyer scum.
Urban Dict. 7 June [Internet] Boganistic: the description of a word or action, done by a person of bogan character; boganistic is a bogan characteristic. saying Torlet instead of toilet is boganistic, as is pronouncing th as an F eg, Fursday instead of Thurday.
Google Groups: 31 Jan. [Internet] Springy, it’s obvious you harbour some insane fantasy about being seduced by Boganella and thereby being cured of your gayness by the overwhelming strength of her boganistic personality. 1 Sept. [Internet] [I]t seems like we are paying the price for rampant boganistical theft.
Die, Fluffy Wuffy, Die! 12 Apr. [Internet] Mate, if Pauline Hanson’s accent is so, er, boganistically‘incomprehensible’ to your oh so delicate ear, then how the fark do you actually know that what she’s saying is genuinely ‘racist’?
Google Groups: 6 Apr. [Internet] I’ve never known anyone as boganistic as you, thank God!
boganite (n.)

var. on bogan .

The Punch 4 Aug. [Internet] [reader comments] And in Brisbane - definitely Ipswich and surrounds, and just about any Logan suburb is a good place to find the boganites.
Google Groups: 28 Nov. [Internet] Ah, a boganite. Fucked a dog lately or prefer a liberal smear fo vegemite on your dick and nuts for boocky the licky Australian terrier??
boganitis (n.)

a mythical ‘disease’ whereby the bogan aesthetic is communicable to the unwary.

Big Footy 12 Jan. [Internet] [T]he three [players] I mentioned had undoubted talent, but one had a serious case of boganitis, another a serious case of preferring not to train unless he felt like it and the other was just plain hot and cold.
[NZ]N.Z. Herald 3 Aug. [Internet] boganitis: A disease, the symptoms of which include increased swearing, a fondness for canned beer, a lack of shaving and the wearing of singlets.
Melbourne Metblogs 10 June [Internet] You have to feel sorry for Werribee. Not only does it suffer from Boganitis but is also infamous for its sewage farm.
Google Groups: 8 Oct. [Internet] Excellent news! I’d not like to be infected with your Advanced Boganitis.
boganity (n.)

the state of being a bogan; bogan-ness.

Google Groups: aus.culture.gothic 18 Mar. [Internet] Oh 1970s Australia, great beast of the banal, mighty bastion of boganity.
Woroni (Canberra) 1 Aug. 31/3: One great example of über-boganity has to be the orange t-shirted leg-humper.
Things Bogans Like 23 Mar. [Internet] The Packer empire forked out $94 million in 2007 to acquire Zoo Weekly and tap into this pulsating new vein of boganity.
D. Astle in Sydney Morn. Herald 4 July [Internet] For my money, these subspecies spark more questions than insights, as I reckon there’s a streak of boganity in all of us, from our inbuilt suspicion of authority to our secret love of Warney [i.e. cricketer Shane Warne] or paintball.
Boganland (n.)

Australia; any area with a high population density of bogans.

Google Groups: iinet.general 3 Oct. [Internet] Just what is the sliding scale of redneck insults these days, it’s been so long since I visited bogan land?
Google Groups: 19 Feb. [Internet] World exclusive? I doubt the world outside of BoganLand gives the vaguest shit.
[NZ]Bluelight 14 May [Internet] a bogan (in my country, new zealand, australia’s neighbour) tends to be a rough diamond type who owns old cars, has long hair or a mullet even, wears black faded jeans and is into heavy metal. usually these individuals live in west auckland over here - west auckland is bogan land.
Google Groups: 8 Sept. [Internet] Let’s just change the name of the country to ‘Boganland’ and be done with it.
S. Threadgold Youth, Class and Everyday Struggles [ebook] MP Alex Douglas dubs Tasmania ‘Boganland’ in email.
boganless (adj.)

free of bogans.

Yelp: The Principal Brewing Company 1 Jan. [Internet] Surprisingly Boganless? (only one mullet spotted the whole time we were there.
Whirlpool: Forums Archive 18 Aug. [Internet] A boganless suburb in Australia will be a challenge, as bogan is now considered the Australian middle class.
boganmobile (n.)

any vehicle favoured by bogans, especially a customized classic Australian car.

Performance Forums 15 Oct. [Internet] [W]hy is it that when ever some older australian car has some grunt, its a bogan mobile?
Whirlpool: Forums Archive 19 May [Internet] Should I either: a) Buy a Boganmobile Holden/Ford Ute b) Buy a Coupe.
Facebook: FullBOOST 29 Dec. [Internet] Is the HSV GTS R the last great Boganmobile or the Fastest Final HSV?
boganness (n.)

the state of being a bogan.

Woroni (Canbera) 1 Aug. 31/3: There’s no way of recounting all the marvellous bogan-ness that manifested and instantiated itself in that room, but it’s worth pointing out a few.
Cablog: Bogan Style 25 Oct. [Internet] A recent query on my throwaway line, ‘unreconstructured bogan’ got me thinking about degrees of boganess.
[Aus]Sydney Morn. Herald 28 June [Internet] With ugg boots selling for £150 ($250) on London’s high streets [...] you could be forgiven for thinking that bogans have arrived. But such accolades belie our deep-seated fear and loathing of boganness. No matter how many uggs are sold, bogans remain Australia’s cultural punching bag of choice.
boganing (n.)

behaving like a bogan.

HarrangueMan blog 27 Mar. [Internet] I am the oft victim of Drive-By-Boganing or DBB. A DBB is where you, the innocent pedestrian, ambling along freely in the wide, wide, world [...] have a car-load of fuckwits roar past who, through the open windows of their mighty iron-steed, cast forth vitriol and abuse at said walker.
Ideal Husband 13 Oct. [Internet] Living in the Top End of Australia does not only expose you to a lot of drinking, fishing and boganing, but also brings home the simple fact of REMOTENESS - supplier wise!
boganocracy (n.)

bogans as a political force or ruling power .

Crikey 31 Oct. [Internet] How it got through the planning process is anybody’s guess, but in Tasmania anything is possible if you know the right people, and it's not like mainlanders should interfere in the murky dealings of the boganocracy, is it?
[Aus]Sydney Morn. Herald 6 Aug. 14/4: [W]e are witnessing the dawn of the boganocracy, an era in which a few outer suburban seats, dominated by selfish, narrow-minded, grasping voters whose national vision goes no further than the letters ‘m’ and ‘e’ [...] will determine who holds government .
boganology (n.)

often joc. the academic study of bogans or boganness; thus adj. boganological, boganologist. 30 Mar. [Internet] [T]here is much opposition to the study of boganology from well dressed boring winedrinkers who couldnt change their own tyre, let alone get an esky sideways on metal.
Ultimatecarvery’s Blog 8 Dec. [Internet] [T]he photo competition allows budding boganologists to capture and exhibit pictures that make even the biggest stubby wearing bogan well up a little.
Things Bogans Like 26 July [Internet] Kudos to TBL for withstanding enough MasterChef to be able to write today’s article. I know that they only watched it for the purposes of boganological research but still I am sure that [...] it must have been emotionally gruelling.
Noted 5 Sept. [Internet] Even worse, Bogan is written by a self-described ‘boganologist’ whose doctoral thesis was on boganism.
[Aus]Courier-Mail (Brisbane) 1 Feb. [Internet] A Darwin boffin of Boganology is looking for people to help her study bogan linguistics so she can complete her PhD thesis - and shine a light on Australia’s greatest group of people.
Whale Oil 24 July [Internet] A dead set bogan expert, a PhD in boganology no less, disagrees with Chris Trotter over Labour targeting bogans for support.
boganophile (n.)

one who loves bogans; thus boganophilia.

Google Groups: 29 Nov. [Internet] Doesn’t change the fact you are a boganophile, old chum.
Google Groups: 31 Jan. [Internet] So you don’t deny your boganophilia, only your homosexuality? Well, that’s a start, I suppose.
boganophobe (n.) (also boganophobic)

one who is (irrationally) hostile towards bogans; thus boganophobia, n. hostility towards bogans, boganophobic adj. hostile towards bogans.

Bilegrip 19 Mar. [Internet] I have just been diagnosed with a hitherto obscure syndrome ... boganophobia.
Whirlpool: Forums Archive 10 Dec. [Internet] I want your house as long as you are not a bogan. I am boganophobic and not ashamed of it.
JoNova 14 Nov. [Internet] [T]he intellectual elites [...] they consider themselves to be Global Citizens before they are Australian citizens. They suffer from Boganophobia or a fear of the average Australian who considers being a citizen of a proud and independent nation as important.
OzPolitic Forum 15 Sept. [Internet] So these muslims have an irrational fear of violence, perhaps they are Boganophobic.
OzPolitic Forum 20 June [Internet] Pecca banging on about whitey again the old snotty boganophobe.
Catallaxy Files 16 Feb. [Internet] Waleed’s out of the closet as a boganophobic. Oh the ironing!
boganopolis (n.)

any place with a high population density of bogans.

The Punch 4 Aug. [Internet] [reader comments] Any talk of boganopolises has to include the delightful Perth retreat of Forrestfield. Forry, as it’s affectionately known [...] All who pass through will immediately recognise that ‘This be Commodore Country’, where Holden’s ripest fruits sit three abreast on every verge.
CMM Fans 5 Aug. [Internet] Windale [...] Gimme a break, that place should be renamed Boganopolis.
Media Watch 25 Sept. [Internet] [T]he inhabitants of Boganopolis [...] have been brainwashed to love and admire the rich.
boganosity (n.) (also boganocity)

the bogan aesthetic; the essence of bogan behaviour.

Google Groups: 9 Mar. [Internet] There is nothing ‘semi’ about Krawler boganosity.
Urban Dict. 4 Nov. [Internet] Boganocity: A word used to describe one who lives or acts in a state of utter boganess. I was at the pub last night and Darleene was flashing her tits again. She is the height of boganocity. 26 Jan. [Internet] Yet sport remains such a central focus to the country that it just continues to increase the Boganosity levels.
ABC News 4 June [Internet] Crucially, it should be noted that if socio-economic status were ever a reliable indicator of boganosity, this is no longer the case.
boganry (n.)

bogan behaviour, the bogan lifestyle.

Google Groups: 9 Nov. [Internet] Meh... I gotta bike, and I’m getting a new one. Anything to escape the dredge-based boganry of Essendon... or should I say, ‘Esseden’.
Things Bogans Like 5 Nov. [Internet] i wonder ‘master of boganry’ when you and your ‘partner’ adopt will they chuck in a name for you as a bonus.
2015The Crankset 29 Jan. [Internet] What better time to sit on a turbo trainer in your own house in front of two fans and a laptop while outside all is stifling heat, blind patriotism, drunkenness and boganry?
League Unlimited 6 Jan. [Internet] Personally I’d suggest Australians are, on the whole, woeful tourists and anywhere with a high percentage of them is going to descend into boganry eventually.
Boganville (n.) (also Bogansville)

a major agglomeration of bogans, sometimes applied to an entire town or city.

Google Groups: 25 July [Internet] Midland AKA Boganville, nice place to drive through (with your car doors locked).
[NZ]Google Groups: nz.soc 6 Oct. [Internet] Just the other day I mispronounced ‘Henderson’ as ‘Boganville’.
[Aus]Age (Melbourne) 16 July [Internet] [headline] Bogansville: meet the new in-crowd.
C. Tsiolkas Slap 429: It was a tacky pokies pub in the middle of nowhere, boganville.
The Punch 6 Aug. [Internet] [reader comments] Nowra would have to be on the list for bogansville, most of the time a quiet town except for pension day when the town comes alive, single mums pushing prams, groups from Wreck Bay, East Nowra and Bomaderry come to town by the bus load all carrying their goony and setting up in the mall outside the NAB for a big day of swearing and drinking.
Google Groups: 28 Nov. [Internet] As an ex pat Kiwi I have only been to Australia once. Immense waste of time, don’t know what my fellow countrymen see in the place. Bogansville.
Madrigal Communications: Living east of Boganville? 19 June [Internet] When I drive my children to school in the 4WD unshaven and wearing my tracksuit pants and ugg boots, listening to the Best of Cold Chisel, I think of myself as a relaxed and casual suburbanite a long way from being a bogan. But really, most of us live only a little to the east of Boganville.
Facebook 21 Aug. [Internet] Glenn calls both our eastern train lines the Boganville Express.
Boganvillea (n.) (also Boganvillia, Boganvilia Street) [pun on Bougainvillea, a common garden creeper]

a var. of previous, a major agglomeration of bogans, sometimes applied to an entire town or city, thus boganvillian.

Urban Dict. 14 Oct. [Internet] boganvillia: a town or city completely overrun by bogans.
Urban Dict. 23 Apr. [Internet] Boganvilia st: The boganvilia is a native Australian flower. Boganvilia street is a euphamism [sic] for a place where a lot of bogans live. I moved house and now all i see is dickheads in blue wife-beaters and footy shorts and ug boots pushing their toddlers round in shopping trolleys - its like living in boganvilia street.
The Punch 6 Aug. [Internet] [reader comments] I wasn’t looking for the Utopian ‘Bogan-villea’ but rather the ultimate reply.
Google Groups: 8 Sept. [Internet] I know several ex-pats in Rome who hope never to return to Australia (‘Boganvillia’, ‘that penile colony’).
ABC Radio National 30 Sept. [Internet] Oh no, if only the poor old proles out in Greater Boganvillia knew about this stuff, and how accessible and relevant and fun it could be [...] then they'd come stampeding in [...] slavering for the stuff!
Facebook 21 Aug. [Internet] Glenn calls both our eastern train lines the Boganville Express. Lilydale line Boganvillians are a whole different species of bogan to the Belgrave line Boganvillians though.
bogany (adj.)

bogan in nature; typical of a bogan.

Google Groups: 28 Aug.I don’t get excited about all that bogany westy burn-outy look-at-me stuff [Internet] .
HarrangueMan blog 27 Mar. [Internet] Two guys and two girls in a white Toyota dual-cab ute. So in other-words an el-primo bogan chariot brimming with bogany contents.
Three Thousand 31 Oct. [Internet] Robert Hunter – who, to quote a talking head from the new documentary about his life, ‘looked like some bogany tradie dude who’d fallen into the wrong pub’.
brogan (n.) [bro + bogan]

a fellow bogan; a bogan who is a brother or a ‘bro’; a sibling who is a bogan.

Urban Dict. 31 jan. [Internet] Brogan: If you have a Brother/Step Brother/Half-Brother, that is a bogan (australian term) [...] Oh hey freddie, what are you doing today? / I'm going to my brothers house. / Oh cool, where does he live again? / He lives in Brunswick. / Oh Wow he must be your Brogan Then. / Yeah something like that.
Things Bogans Like 2 June [Internet] [comment] I see a lot of white girls with Islanders/Maoris in my suburb. [reply] Are they brogans?
[NZ]Sun Live (NZ) [Internet] Brogan: Supposedly an Irish surname-now-a-first-name, it’s also perfect marriage or ‘bro’ and ‘bogan’. In fact, don’t be surprised if you start hearing ‘what’s up my brogan, chuck us a Woody’s?’ the next time you visit your local speedway.
fauxgan (n.) [Fr. faux, false/fake + bogan]

a phony bogan, usu. middle or upper-middle class; one who merely pretends to the type.

[UK]Dly Teleg. 30 May [Internet] [T]he more I see of Clare, the more I doubt her bogan authenticity. For a start, she’s called Clare. And she said ‘you’re welcome’ to the cameraman instead of ‘sweet’ or ‘no wuckas’. She’s a fauxgan. If she’s a real bogan she’ll do a shoot for Ralph or Zoo.
C. Scott Bogue Nation: Walking with Bogans 2: However, boganality has also made that bold leap onto the catwalk over the last decade, with Bogan Chic gracing our pavements [...] and the now erstwhile trendy mullet, sported, predominately by private school boys playing out their bogan fantasies. These people are now known as Fauxgans (wealthy middle class people posing as bogans) .
[UK]Dly Teleg. 7 Oct. [Internet] The Fauxgan really wants to act and sound like a Bogan, so they can be considered by their peers to be much more authentically ‘Aussie’. [...] They will drop phrases such as ‘you little ripper’, but they are hardly the Honey Badger or Alf from Home And Away.

In compounds

bogan army (n.)

a large gathering or group of bogans, e,.g. as football fans; bogans as a social unit.

Big Footy 9 July [Internet] So the Pies [i.e. Collingwood Magpies] appeal to the lowest common denominator, good for them. The black and white bogan army marches on.
Red and White Online 24 June [Internet] All I ask for is that our fans outnumber the Bogan Army. I have been to every home game against the Bogans for the last few years [...] It was bloody embarrasing to be outnumbered by opposition fans in our own city.
Macro Business 6 Dec. [Internet] ‘Live within your budget and stop taking overseas holidays, urges Her Roy Hill Highness, Gina Rinehart, in her latest column for Australian Resources and Investment magazine.’ I can already hear the bogan army rise up in revolt.
Twitter: The Herald Sun 1 Oct. [Internet] Perfect opportunity to deport Pauline [Hanson] & her bogan army to Austria.
bogan band (n.)

any music group, especially hard rock or Oz rock, traditionally favoured by bogans.

Big Footy 28 Sept. [Internet] I don’t agree with some people saying Rush or Lez Zeppelin are bogan bands, to me they aren’t. If someone says a band is a bogan band it doesnt mean the band has no talent or is a terrible band it merely means the majority of people who like it fall into the above categories you listed.
Newcastle Herald 29 Dec. [Internet] Chisel are often unfairly maligned as a ‘bogan’ band. This leads to many people and critics overlooking just what talented performers they truly are.
bogan boy (n.)

a young male bogan; a demeaning ad hoc nickname for someone behaving like a bogan.

Google Groups: 7 June [Internet] Where I come from, bogan-boy, ‘Tamie’ is an accepted variation of ‘Tammy’ and is far more common!
Google Groups: aus.culture.gothic 14 Feb. [Internet] [T]hese horrible bogan boys stood, literally in front of us, sculling beer and shouting "yeah baby" and other such crap as we danced.
Google Groups: nz.reg.southland.general 18 Mar. [Internet] That’s rich coming from a Westie. How many toes you got today, bogan boy?
Google Groups: 5 Feb. [Internet] Clearly, bogan boy, you are a bogan. Stop pissing and moaning and go away.
bogan brew (n.)

any type of beer favoured by bogans, especially traditional Australian mass-produced lagers.

[Aus]Sydney Morn. Herald 17 Feb. [Internet] By hanging on to a blue-collar image for VB for too long, Foster’s stereotyped the beer as a bogan brew.
Urban Dict. 15 Aug. [Internet] Bogan Brew: Essentially beer that can be found in a typical bogans fridge. Eg; VB, Fosters, Hahns, Carlton Draught. Etc. Dad: Oi cunt, pass us some bogan brew.
O. Munnik Tour de Bogan 14 Dec. [Internet] So, we challenge you to crack open a few Bogan brews and start planning your adventure.
bogan central (n.)

a place with a high population density of bogans.

Google Groups: alt.gothic 13 May [Internet] If you want to see bogan central take a trip to Cranbourne and Frankston we have them in droves!!!
[NZ]Google Groups: nz.reg.hamilton.general 18 Jan. [Internet] And it’s not just Bogan central either, they have something to suit every tastes and a waiter who remembers everyone’s name, order and drink, even when you can’t.
The Punch 4 Aug. [Internet] [reader comments] Common everyone, what about Woodridge (QLD) or Woodvegas as they call it. It would have to be bogan central of south east QLD. Compulsory dress is: summer short sleeve shirt with the ciggies roll up in the sleeve, oily mullet, stone washed jeans and thongs and winter short sleeve shirt with long flanny shirt over the top with ciggies in top pocket, oily mullet, stone washed jeans and any high running shoe with the jeans tucked into the top.
[Aus]W. Hames I Made Lattes for a Love God [ebook] Bogan Central. In a movie? What gives with that?
bogan champagne (n.)

one of a variety of drinks, typically inexpensive and sugary, favoured by bogans.

Urban Dict. 13 Aug. [Internet] bogan champagne: bourbon and cola mix drunk exclusively in cans or small bottles by bogans.
Riot Act 23 July [Internet] The fact it was specified as a Woodstock bourbon & coke was the icing on the cake. [comment] Aaaaah ... Bogan champagne!
Catallaxy Files 14 May [Internet] Ah, Fanta, Bogan Champagne.
Executive Style 20 Apr. [Internet] A way of making sparkling wine by completing fermentation in the bottle and thereby trapping the CO2 inside the bottle that releases on opening to make a ‘bogan champagne’.
bogan chariot (n.)

any vehicle make or type stereotyped as being driven by bogans.

Urban Dict. 30 Mar. [Internet] Bogan chariot: Cars which are highly desirable in Australian working class suburbs. Usually a hotted-up Holden Commodore or Ford Falcon. Wayne thinks his GT Falcon is the duck’s guts, but it’s such a bogan chariot.
Things Bogans Like 9 Feb. [Internet] I haven’t copped much abuse out on the bike, but the times I have it is always from people driving Commodores (especially VR/VS models), Falcons and Hiluxes - all Bogan chariots.
HarrangueMan blog 27 Mar. [Internet] Two guys and two girls in a white Toyota dual-cab ute. So in other-words an el-primo bogan chariot brimming with bogany contents.
S. Kirkland Borrowed Time [ebook] They turned around and winked at the big man. ‘Your place or mine?’ asked Louise, once outside about to hop in Terry’s bogan chariot.
Western Suburbs Wkly (Perth) 15 Aug. [Internet] He tells Sophie he’s going to take her on a bogan chariot aka a jetski.
bogan chic (n.)

bogan style or fashion of choice.

[Aus]Age (Melbourne) 16 July [Internet] And when Lara Flynn Boyle announced last month that she was desperate to buy some knee high ugg boots while she was in Australia, you knew bogan chic was coming back.
Google Groups: 11 Dec. [Internet] What we consider as westie trash fashion, the fashionistas of New York don’t. I was watching E News Live the other night and the girl who is starring with Paris Hilton in some new show was wearing them. I couldn’t stop laughing. [reply] Eeeuwww. How embarrassing. Bogan chic.
[NZ]The nand Herald 3 Aug. [Internet] bogan-chic: The wearing of traditionally bogan fashions by middle-class children, typically tight stone-washed jeans, heavy metal T-shirts and neo-mullet haircuts.
[Aus]C. Scott Bogue Nation: Walking with Bogans 2 [Internet] However, boganality has also made that bold leap onto the catwalk over the last decade, with Bogan Chic gracing our pavements with retro-UGG boots, skinny jeans and the now erstwhile trendy mullet, sported, predominately by private school boys playing out their bogan fantasies.
bogan chick (n.)

a female bogan.

[Aus]E. Dando Snail 23: [H]e combs suburban nightclubs for bogan chicks - acid-wash jeans, big white boots - and he always goes to their place.
[NZ]Google Groups: nz.general 25 Jan. [Internet] Naah, Chloe’s not a bogan. She’s a bogan chick.
Google Groups: alt.gothic 16 Sept. [Internet] The bogan chicks are named Sharon or Narelle, you might not remember then [sic] from high school, as they dropped out in year ten because they were pregnant or had scored a job at the local supermarket.
[Aus]Age (Melbourne) 16 July [Internet] Campbell, 25, did not grow up as a bogan chick.
G. Hoey Work! Work!! Work!!! Then You Die 29: One bogan-chick went on a screaming rage at me one time over little more than nothing.
bogan city (n.)

a city or town with a high population density of bogans; a fig. ‘city of bogans’.

Google Groups: alt.religion.kibolog 28 Mar. [Internet] Here in bogan-city, there’s a tiny little shop [...] and it serves coffee and caffinated things.
Google Groups: 16 June [Internet] Neighbours is just telling the rest of the country what we down here in the southwest already know. Colac IS a bogan city!
Big Footy 8 Jan. [Internet] House across the street was bogan city. Most nights of the week the entire clan would be sitting in the double garage with door rolled up, sucking down beers, with loud music going to the wee hours.
G. Hoey Perth & the Big Sleep 30: Because basically Perth is still an undeniably bogan city underneath the feigned/assumed cosmopolitanism .
PressReader: Dubbo Photo News 10 Jan. 30: No longer a ‘bogan’ city, it’s become one of Australia’s top five hangouts for hipsters and creative types .
Bogan Day (n.)

1. a fictional day on which boganism is celebrated.

Google Groups: alt.religion.kibology 28 June [Internet] Bogan Day! Brilliant! I’ll be sure to wear my RED FLANNEL SHIRT while downing a BUNDY OR THREE after work, before going out for a few CONES in the TORANA.
Google Groups: 7 Oct. [Internet] But "*every* Dawg has his day." [...] Considering where he lives it should be bogan day.
C. Gibson Jrnl Aus. Studies 37 (1) 17: Proprietors of the local newsagent reacted to this comment and in turn announced the inaugural Bogan Day to be held in the following week, where residents were encouraged to wear pyjamas all day in public.

2. Australia Day (26th January).

Google Groups: aus.bicycle 30 Jan. [Internet] Don’t get me started on this years Bogan Day weekend... I’ve never seen so many bogans out in force.
bogan dust (n.)

1. (also the bogans) any narcotic or recreational drug that comes in powder form, esp. methamphetamine (rather than the more expensive cocaine).

Urban Dict. 12 June [Internet] bogan dust: Speed, whizz, goey. So named for it’s prevalence amongst the bogan (aka westie) community. Man I haven’t slept for days, been all hopped up on bogan dust.
Beastie Boys Message Board 28 Oct. [Internet] For me, it’s not the high that’s appealing with coke, it’s more what is says about your socio-economic status. It’s a bit expensive here [i.e. Australia], and you could easily get some speed for much cheaper, but coke says something different about you. Speed is called bogan dust for a reason.
[NZ]N.Z. Herald 3 Aug. [Internet] bogan dust: methamphetamine.
D. Blake SlidePlayer [Internet] Met this guy the other day in E.D. ... Off his tits on bogan dust, came in for psychiatric help cos he is ‘like a total pervert’ when on the bogans. Said that he spent two hours in the toilets at B.P. ‘wanking off’.

2. small pieces of broken glass that accumulate on the side of a road or highway [the assumption being that these are from broken bottles tossed out of vehicles].

V8 Central 24 Mar. [Internet] No there was a little fairy bogan in there throwing out puffs of fairy bogan dust.
Bicycles Network Australia 18 Aug. [Internet] Nice place to ride without the risk of bogan dust everywhere.

3. (also BD) instant coffee.

[Aus]Australian 23 June [Internet] My inner-city, latte-sipping offspring inform me that the instant coffee I favour is commonly known as bogan dust.
Essential Kids 11 Mar. [Internet] At home we used to do aeropress and now we do pour over. I quite like instant (once called bogan dust on EB by some comedic genius).
Pictame Online Instagram Posts Viewer 22 Oct. [Internet] [caption] Ginger nuts & what we affectionately term BD (Bogan dust).
bogan girl (n.)

a female bogan.

Google Groups: aus.culture.gothic 24 Sept. [Internet] yeah Im lucky ihavent had any encounters with bogan girls...well none close enough for them to strike.
Google Groups: 15 Apr. [Internet] She reminds me of the 14 year old bogan girls I went to school with whose only recourse to [...] anything at all they didn’t like was to get up in your face, swear at you, pull your hair and be threatening.
Things Bogans Like 2 June [Internet] The bogan girls respect how well a man can beat the shit out of someone and how well they can do a death stare and how much money they inherited [...] or how much they love themselves because they’re a bogan.
bogan heaven (n.)

any place especially loved by bogans.

Woroni (Canberra) 1 Aug. 3/2: This was bogan heaven all under die one roof, wall to wall. From one side of the room a picture of HM our Sovereign Overlord studying her Or-stralian subjects from one of the room’s seasick-blue/lime walls.
The Punch 4 Aug. [Internet] I would have presumed that pretty much all of Queensland was Bogan Heaven (well at least that’s the consensus off all those who travel and aren’t from there).
bogan juice (n.)

any drink favoured by bogans, e.g. bourbon whiskey and coca-cola.

Google Groups: 13 Dec. [Internet] [W]e’d probably wind up, in a few months time, with a mysterious new imported drink called ‘bogan juice’.
Just Commodores: Forums 22 Dec. [Internet] Bourbon and coke (‘bogan juice’) also commands a noteworthy position in the bogan’s life.
Overclockers: Forums 22 Dec. [Internet] JD [i.e. Jack Daniels bourbon]] is bogan juice.
Big Footy 20 Oct. [Internet] How many people that drink Farmers Union Iced Coffee consider themselves bogans? Serious question. Their marketing strategy is overtly targeting bogans, it is commonly refered to as Bogan Juice and seems to have a big following amongst tradies (not that that makes them bogans neccessarily).
Ale of a Time 29 Jan. [Internet] Damo, agrees that it’s [i.e. pale ale] fallen to the level of ‘bogan juice’.
bogan magnet (n.)

a place or event that attracts bogans.

Ford Forums 9 Jan. [Internet] Of course not everyone there would a bogan... but you have to admit events such as these would be a bogan magnet and therefore you are likely to have a lot of bogans at said event.
[Aus]Sydney Morning Herald 28 June [Internet] Lord Mayor Robert Doyle picked up the theme when announcing his desire to ban ‘bogans’ and their violence from the centre of the city, as part of a wider campaign to prevent Melbourne from become a ‘bogan magnet’.
Aus. Frequent Flyer 30 Mar. [Internet] My other concern is, is Phuket really a Bogan magnet?
bogan name (n.)

a given name considered indicative of the parents' bogan lifestyle; typically with unconventional spelling, and often a surname used as a first name.

Google Groups: 27 June [Internet] I’d expect someone with a bogan name like ‘Shannon Noll’ would have done a cover of KheSanh (excuse the spelling!) wearing a frayed, sleeveless check flanellette vest by now.
Just Commodores: Forums 28 Sept. [Internet] Bogans often choose names for their offspring that they see as ‘cool’ and ‘trendy’ like ‘Montana’, ‘Sienna’, &‘Dakota’ or taking normal names like ‘Belinda’ and choosing new lettering ie; ‘Bilynda’ or even worse a re-spelled Bogan name ie; ‘Dhakota’. Names like Chardonnay, Mercedes, Jade or Mercedes-Taylor etc, are also common.
Things Bogans Like 26 Aug. [Internet] Came across a great bogan name today...’Jessiikarh’.
bogan slogan (n.)

an expression, aphorism, motto, or the like, expressing bogan sentiments or attitudes, often found as a tattoo.

Google Groups: 16 Oct. [Internet] If you really had any train of thought, you would know exactly what I plan on listening to, no guessing or Bogan slogan is required for this small fact.
Urban Dict. 24 Nov. [Internet] bogan slogan: Script tattoo, favoured by bogans, featuring some ‘meaningful’ phrase. Extra points for an unintentional spelling mistake or mistranslation from another language. Saw this chick on the train with a great bogan slogan ‘Sieze the Day’.
Wonderful Comics of Ben Hutchings 11 May [Internet] It’s a little bogan slogan, but whatever, Trevor.
ex-bogan (n.)

a person who used to be a bogan; one who eschews their former bogan identity.

Google Groups: alt.gothic 16 Sept. [Internet] Can an ex-bogan reform? I still kick myself occasionally for buying the load of tosh about heavy metal being ‘Thinking person’s music’. How could I have been so incredibly stupid?
Google Groups: melb.general 7 Apr. [Internet] Just for the record I am an ex-bogan from the Broady line in the early 80’s when things were the worst.
Things Bogans Like 17 Dec. [Internet] Sure, we get some bogan students, but we also get a lot of internationals and ex-bogans who want to become productive members of society.
OzPoliticForum 7 Nov. [Internet] [T]hey have a cult following amongst ex bogans who cant come to grips with the fact that they arent 17 years old anymore.
inner bogan (n.)

a bogan personality that resides within all Australians whether externally noticeable or not.

[Aus]Age (Melbourne) 16 July [Internet] Although the moccasin-shod suburban hero has been off the cultural radar for the past decade [...] the bogan is BIT - back in town - and this time, people are embracing their inner bogan.
[Aus]Herald Sun (Melbourne) 3 Jan. [Internet] I’ve been suppressing my inner bogan. I haven’t let her out for a run since leaving my family home of Colac, where free-spirited, footy-loving country bogans walk proud without fear.
[UK]Dly Teleg. 31 May [Internet] Shopping with the kids reveals their inner bogan when they start asking for a spa with disco lights and can holders.
non-bogan (n.)

one who does not espouse bogan values.

Bluelight 14 May [Internet] Said by one bogan male in the Penrith area to a passing bogan female (heavy ocker accent): ‘Oi slutface, hoik ya pissflaps ovah here an’ I might jus chuck a fuck in ‘em.’ She responded by going over to him, straddling his lap and sticking her tounge in his mouth. My freind tried the same line on his girlfreind and she slapped him. Which goes to show how lame non-bogans are [sic].
St Eutychus 9 Feb. [Internet] Do non-bogans ever become bogans for love, does anybody catch a wiff of sweaty mullet and think ‘that’s the hair style for me’.
Ciao Mag. 3 Mar. [Internet] Ah well, we all make mistakes. My apologies to any non-bogans I needlessly alarmed.

In phrases

bogan it up (v.)

to behave or act as a bogan.

PerformanceForums 18 Sept. [Internet] I see two problems with the ignis idea.. 1) it’s not RWD so you can’t take it to a khana and bogan it up like jem :D 2) it’s about the size of a sardine can, and is made of similar stuff.
[Aus]Sydney Morn. Herald 29 Dec. [Internet] ‘If you’re coming in to create trouble don’t bother, bogan it up at home, don’t come into the City of Melbourne,’.
C. Scott Bogue Nation: Walking with Bogans [Internet] After Brumby had made his Orphean trip into the violent underworld of Melbourne, accompanied by armed guards, the Lord Mayor of Melbourne Robert Doyle took up the mantle declaring that ‘bogans’ should not come to the CBD to celebrate New Year’s Eve and if they wanted to behave badly they should ‘bogan it up at home’.
F. Scott-Norman (ed.) Bully for Them [ebook] There’s a bit of bogan in me that I can switch on if I need to. I can bogan it up.
bogan-spot (v.) (also bogan-watch)

to spend one’s leisure time watching bogans, thus bogan-spotting.

[NZ]Google Groups: nz.general 22 Jan. [Internet] Good places to bogan-spot are sports clubs (the ones with licenses to sell alcohol), dirt track auto races and, of course, favoured wallows (aka pubs).
Peter Black's Freedom to Differ 10 Oct. [Internet] Perhaps an Australian cultural magazine could engage in bogan-spotting?
Urban Dict. 7 Apr. [Internet] bogan watching: The practice of going to a well known area where bogans congregate, or a typically bogan suburb, to observe the latest in bogan dramas (that is, women with cigarette voices screeching at their rat-tailed kids, and men in flannellette shirts swearing, drinking VB and saying lewd things to innocent passerbys) and developments in boganwear (like the slow decline of the mullet, to be replaced with the rat’s tail).
The Punch 4 Aug. [Internet] [reader comment] [M]y favourite southern places to Bogan-watch are - Glenorchy (Norky), Chigwell (Chiggers, as mentioned), Gagebrook, (Gagey) and Risdonvale (it ain’t called ‘Risdon Prison’ for nothing).
The Drum: Opinion 21 Jan. [Internet] When I was a teenager, we used to go bogan-spotting at shopping centres, but I've never shopped at one.
bogan up (n.)

1. vtr. to customize or decorate a vehicle in a manner that appeals to bogans.

Google Groups: 3 Sept. [Internet] old 1 tonner’s are the latest trend round here, all boganed and bodged up.
Google Groups: aus.bicycle 26 Mar. [Internet] In W[estern] A[ustralia] the best way to bogan up you ute is to stick four HUGE spotties across the roof, whack on a VHF antenna, and slap on a Bundy Rum, Ocean Beach Hotel, or RMW sticker (or to reach Grand Bogan status, all of the above).
Westpix 25 Jan. [Internet] [teacher] ‘Australia Day. History. Anybody?’ [student] ‘A day to bogan up your car with flags’.

2. vi. to adopt the persona and/or dress of a bogan.

Baulkham HillsNetball Club 25 Mar. [Internet] Dust off your mullet, flannie and ripped jeans - it is time to bogan up!
bogan-watch (v.)

seebogan spot .

cashed-up bogan (n.) (also CUB)

(Aus.) a uncultured but well-off individual who spends money on bad taste, trashy, gaudy merchandise.

Performance Forums 15 Oct. [Internet] VL’s [i.e. Holden Commodore VL] are for the slightly more cashed up bogans.
Google Groups: 12 June [Internet] As for Wankers being the buyers, I suppose they could ‘could’ be CUB’s. CUB - New term Means Cashed Up Bogans.
The Punch 4 Aug. [Internet] [reader comments] I can’t believe Muswellbrook didn't make it on the list. Maybe this is because it is full of CUBS (Cashed Up Bogans) rather than the bog standard bogan.
E.C. McSween et al. Things Bogans Like: [ebook] The unscripted show followed a family of newly cashed-up bogans who spent and bickered their way through six months of existence.
[UK]BBC World Service 3 Mar. [Internet] We call them ‘cashed-up bogans’.
Brisbane Times 23 May [Internet] ‘Although now I’d probably be a cashed-up bogan,’ she admitted. To which Justice John Dixon quipped from the bench ‘that’s called a CUB’.
de-bogan (v.)

to purge oneself or another of bogan style or influence.

Essential Kids 15 July [Internet] I can’t believe that you are moving away from our partly de-boganed area.
Big Footy 29 Apr. [Internet] He needs to be de-Boganed. Perhaps a Swiss finishing school over the next summer break.
[Aus]Age (Melbourne) 3 June [Internet] Warnie [e.g. Shane Warne] has ditched the earring, so credit goes to [Elizabeth] Hurley for de-boganing her man.
Trip Advisor 6 Oct. [Internet] This is not this resort’s fault but people should put their thinking caps on about making the area more world class – in terms of getting about (and ‘de-boganing’ the place).
Auszooker’s 14 Aug. [Internet] I’m currently in the process of ‘de-boganing’ the new tow pig, and after peeling off my weight in fully sick Fusion and Alpine Star stickers, it was time for the K&N filter (and accompanying twenty-seven K&N stickers) to get in the bin.
out-bogan (v.)

to outdo another bogan in one’s own boganness.

Google Groups: 8 Nov. [Internet] Once I lay the boot in and out-bogan the bogans, they don’t bother me in our Volvo.
The Punch 4 Aug. [Internet] [reader comments] I have a stubby cooler from the Bogan Gate Hotel. It out-boganed the one from Humpty Doo.