Green’s Dictionary of Slang

skinny n.3

[? play on SE skin, i.e. ‘the naked truth’, ‘the bare facts’]

1. information; often as inside skinny, hot skinny.

[US](con. 1950) E. Frankel Band of Brothers 17: ‘What’s the skinny?’ Monk Nelson asked Firesteen.
[US]H. Rhodes Chosen Few (1966) 163: I’ve heard about it, but not much. What’s the skinny?
[US]Current Sl. II:2 18: Hot skinny, n. The truth, the ‘straight word,’ the ‘true poop.’.
[US]Atlantic Monthly May 45: It was clear to everyone that he had inside information, ‘inside skinny’.
[US]National Rev. 14 Sept. 1007: To get the real inside skinny we shall have to wait until you-know-who’s memoirs tell us what the butler really saw.
[US](con. 1940s) C. Bram Hold Tight (1990) 107: Working in the chartroom I get the real skinny.
[US]A. Heckerling Clueless [film script] These guys here have got the skinny on the happenin’ after hours.
[UK](con. 1980) N. ‘Razor’ Smith A Few Kind Words and a Loaded Gun 220: Turkey-Neck Steve was lying low, having heard the skinny that I was out and looking to open him up.
[US]Simon & Burns ‘Cradle of Civilization’ Generation Kill ep. 2 [TV script] What’s the skinny on who we’re fighting in the city?
[US](con. 1954) ‘Jack Tunney’ Tomato Can Comeback [ebook] I got the skinny from Kilbane and was able to scoop the Daily News on the Braxton rematch.

2. the truth.

[US](con. 1968) Bunch & Cole Reckoning for Kings (1989) 278: Damn sure G-2 won’t give us the real skinny.

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